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Officers of the Town of Athens

The town records from 1811, the date of incorporation, to 1825, are lost. In 1825, James Gillmore was president of the town council, and Joseph B. Miles recorder. At an election held in the town of Athens, March 6, 1826, the number of votes cast was forty-three, and the following persons were elected members of the town council, viz.: Thomas Brice, by thirty-four votes; Columbus Bierce, by thirty-four votes; Ebenezer Currier, by thirty-one votes; John Brown 2d, by forty-three votes; and Joseph B. Miles, by twentythree votes. The following town officers were elected: Samuel Knowles, marshal; Eben Foster, supervisor; A. G. Brown, treasurer; Calvary Morris, collector; John Gillmore, assessor. The council elected Ebenezer Currier, president, and Joseph B. Miles, recorder. March 5, 1827.-Charles Shipman, Columbus Bierce, John Brown 2d, Thomas Brice, and Isaac Taylor, were elected councilmen; William W. Bierce, marshal; John Gillmore, assessor; James J. Fuller, collector; A. G. Brown, treasurer; Eben Foster, supervisor. The council elected Columbus Bierce, president, and John Brown 2d, recorder, for the ensuing year. March 10, 1828.- an election was held, pursuant to an act of the legislature, passed January 24, 1828, entitled “an act to incorporate the town of Athens, in the county of Athens.” Nine councilmen were chosen, whose term of office was afterward decided by lot, as follows, viz : Joseph Dana, Thomas Brice, and Jeremiah Olney, to serve three...

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Alexander Town Officers 1828-1868

The early records of the township were destroyed by fire in the house of John McKee in 1827 or 1828, but as nearly as can be ascertained the first trustees were Caleb Merritt, John Brooks, and Thomas Sharp, and Caleb Merritt the first justice of the peace. Trustees 1829-1868. 1829 Ziba Lindley, Sen., Samuel McKee, Nicholas Misner. 1830 Ziba Lindley, Sen., Samuel McKee, Elias N. Nichols. 1831 Ziba Lindley, Jun., Samuel McKee, Elias N. Nichols. 1832 Samuel Earhart, Asa Stearns, Benjamin Parks, Jun. 1833 Samuel Earhart, John V. Brown, Benjamin Parks, Jun. 1834 Ziba Lindley, Jun., Jesse M. Mahon, Benjamin Parks, Jun. 1835 Ziba Lindley, Jun., John Brooks, Samuel Earhart. 1836 Daniel Dudley, Ami Conde, Archelaus T. Clark. 1837 Samuel Earhart, John Brooks, Jun., Archelaus Stanley. 1838 Win. B. Reynolds, John Brooks, Jun., Franklin Burnham. 1839 Wm. B. Reynolds, John Brooks, Jun., Franklin Burnham. 1840 John Rickey, Peter Morse, John W. Drake. 1841 Franklin Burnham, John Grey, A. Love. 1842 Franklin Burnham, J. H. Brooks, A. Love. 1843 J. W. Drake, Ziba Lindley, Jun., A. Love. 1844 J. W. Drake, Ziba Lindley, Jun., A. Burtnett. 1845 J. W. Drake, Moses Patterson, A. Burtnett. 1846 George Bean, Daniel Teters, A. Burtnett. 1847 George Bean, John H. Brooks, Abram McVey. 1848 Archelaus Stanley, John H. Brooks, Abram McVey. 1849 James S. Hawk, A. G. Henderson, William Wood. 1850 John Rickey, Joseph...

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