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Native Americans in the Revolutionary War

At the commencement of the American struggle for independence, the Native Americans in the Revolutionary War stood in a peculiar position. Their friendship became a matter of importance to both parties. To secure this, the English took particular care, and had many advantages, of which the colonists were deprived. The expulsion of the French from Canada had given the Indians a high opinion of the valor and power of British forces. They also had the means of supplying the wants of the Indians by presents of articles, which could only be obtained from Europe, and which the American Congress...

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1757, June 27, New Windsor So. Carolina

Sir This Serves to advise you of a piece of very Material intelligence I received from two head men of the Lower Creek Nation Relative to Some Schemes in agitation among the Head Men of the Cherokees, to cut off the Garrifon of Fort Loudoun, and to knock all the white people in the head. They Demanded afsistance from the Creeks, and a place of Safety for their Wives and Children in café of a Repulse, the first the Creeks say they have Denyed the Laft they have granted. Their Scheme they intend to manage in the following manner. They have concerted with the Notiwagas, that they shall come in a Hoftile manner against their Nation, upon which they inted to Sham fear Run to the fort for Shelter, & Defire the Commander to allow them to Joyn the Troops against the Enem; that as Soon as they have gott a Sufficient Number of Warriors into the Fort as they imagine will answer, they are to knock the Garrifon in the Head, Sally out and Joun the Nottiwagas burn the Fort, & proceed to Drive all the Reft of the white people entierely from their Nation. Which Scheme they propose putting in Practice this Summer, in the mean time they inted to behave with the utmoft Civility & Moderation to the English, and to ingratiate themselves with the Officers...

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