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1900-1961 Little Sioux, Iowa High School Graduates

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Class of 1900 Florence Guyton Leona Hope E. Earl Lanyon James W. Murray J. William Reynolds Alta R. Weymour Class of 1901 Clara Croasdale Smith Bessie DeWitt Blanche Driggs Williams Philena Gibson Baker James Adolph Murray Nettie Reeves Murray Irvin E. Terry Marabelle Terry Starlin Class of 1902 Bessie Alton Basil Bassett Lucie Bonney Fleming Charlie Chaffie Olson Effie Clinkenbeard Anderson Renna Fensler Strauss Ruth Huff White Musa McAdon Long Dora Murray Terry Della Reynolds Louis Steward Cozad George B. West Class of 1903 Kate Bassett D. F. Blakeman Della Dickey Amy Gladson Sarver Grace Champney Soukup Class of 1904 No class Class of 1905 Charles A. Terry Class of 1906 Eva Farber Burbank Herman Olmstead Catherine Setchell Class of 1907 Hattie Baker Linton Leola Caldwell Martin Blanche Crabb Irvin E. Hope Mary Kidder Kate Murray Class of 1908 Tillie Anderson Bean Bessie Baker Koeppen Tom E. Murray Eva Setchell Warren Class of 1909 Grace Martenson Armstrong Zella McWilliams Lawrence Ross Commercial Class of 1909 Eva Farber Burbank John Kidder Perrea McAdon Tommy E. Murray Lawrence Ross Catherine Setchell Harold Walker Class of 1910 Grace Bassett Holt Lillian Frye Brown Callie Gamet Bremer Fern Howard Class of 1911 Allie Gamet Blanche Gibson Virginia Kidder Stevenson Roy Lytle Jennie McAdon Gieth John Walker Class of 1912 Jess...

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1924 Bloomfield Seminary Student List

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now In the fall of 1847, John Harpole Carr was appointed him to superintend the construction of buildings known afterward as “Bloomfield Academy,” in the Choctaw Nation. He was afterward appointed superintendent of the school. This establishment of the first missionary boarding school for girls among the Chickasaws. The Board contributed one third and the Nation two thirds of all the money used for the current expenses of the school. There never was any average attendance calculated for we always kept our number filled, whether it was twenty-five, thirty-five, forty-five or sixty. Whenever there was a vacancy through sickness or any other cause for any length of time, another was waiting to step in. The trustees were the superintendent of missions, the Rev. John Harrell on behalf of the Church, and two¬†Chickasaws on behalf of the Nation. Following the firing on Fort Sumpter, the whole South was in arms, and many of the fathers of our girls enlisted. Their first act was to take their daughters home. So, in May of that scholastic year, Bloomfield Academy, as it had been, was no more. (Chronicles of Oklahoma) 1924 Bloomfield Seminary Student List NameTribePost Office Alberson, Agnes Chickasaw Stonewall, Oklahoma Allison, Vadare Chickasaw Stonewall, Oklahoma Atkins, Hattie Chickasaw Franks, Oklahoma Boheer, Dorothy Chickasaw Pittsburg, Oklahoma Boheer, Ursula Chickasaw Pittsburg,...

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