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History of Education at Prairie du Rocher Illinois

Since they were rather uniform in pattern, it will doubtless yield a clearer picture if the common points of the pioneer schools are given rather than giving short references to each one. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL...

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Public Schools of Baker County Oregon

It is much to be regretted that all records of matters pertaining to public schools during the first years of the settlement of the county, have been lost. All that can be done now is to record such matters as may be remembered by those who were engaged in school affairs in those days, as teachers or otherwise. As stated elsewhere, Mrs. Packwood taught the first school in the county, at Auburn, in the fall of 1862. Soon after her arrival she engaged in the work of raising money for the purpose of building a schoolhouse, and in a short time obtained sufficient sum, the house was built and school commenced with about fifty pupils in attendance. The children came with such books as they had brought with them across the plains, McGuffey’s readers, Sander’s readers, etc., making it necessary to have more classes than would be required in a school of ten times the number of pupils if provided with a uniform series of text books. W. H. Packwood was the first county school superintendent and issued the first teacher’s certificate to Mrs. Stafford, at Auburn. Mrs. Packwood’s was a subscription school, so Mrs. Stafford taught the first public school in the county. Mr. Packwood divided the territory of the county, then including Grande Ronde Valley, into five districts and gave certificates to four teachers in the first...

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Ida County, Iowa, Rural Teachers

A directory of rural teacher listings for Ida County, Iowa, covering the years of 1906-1956. Covers the towns of: Battle, Blaine, Corwin, Douglas, Galva, Garfield, Grant, Griggs, Hayes, Logan, and Maple townships. Battle Township Rural Teachers Blaine Township Rural Teachers Corwin Township Rural Teachers Douglas Township Rural Teachers Galva Township Rural Teachers Garfield Township Rural Teachers Grant Township Rural Teachers Griggs Township Rural Teachers Hayes Township Rural Teachers Logan Township Rural Teachers Maple Township Rural Teachers Silver Creek Township Rural...

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Trustees Of Pulaski Academy

In the early days, each county had an academy to which the State would furnish small annual appropriations. The first commissioners of Pulaski Academy were: Furney F. Gatlin Nelson Clayton Hardy Vickers William Hathorn Robert Thompson. These were named as such in Act of the Legislature, approved December 25, 1822. In 1830, by another Act of the Legislature, the following were “added to the commissioners of the Pulaski County Academy.” Robert N. Taylor Jacob Watson John Rawls William L....

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Pulaski County Academy’s Records

Pulaski County Academy’s Records Mt. Horeb Grand Valley Academy was organized 1808. The date of 1st record is 1840 (Acts 1840, p. 13; Cobb p. 1194, 12/19/1840). 1821 Pulaski County Academy. 1832 Pulaski Walnut Branch Academy. 1840 Pulaski Mt. Horeb Grand Valley Academy. Number chartered 3 (Secondary Education in Georgia 1732-1858) Boogher. Pulaski County Academy-Higher Branches of Education taught. The number of Students taught, according to report of Commission from Academy Returns 1833, is 91 total. 35 male and 56 female. (Second Ed. in Georgia 1732-1858) Boogher. Academies Pulaski County That Robert N. Taylor, Jacob Watson, John Rawls, William L. Took be and are hereto added to the Commissioners of the Pulaski County Academy. (Georgia Laws 1830, page 21.) The above is signed by Asbury Hill, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Thomas Stocks, President of the Senate. Assented to, Dec. 20, 1830. GEORGE R. GILMER, Governor. Pulaski County Academy was organized 1808 (Acts 1821, p. 125, Cuthbert No. 97, 12/25/1821; Prince, p. 962). Name changed to Hawkinsville Academy in 1831 (Cuthbert No. 34; Acts 1831, p. 5). Walnut Branch Academy was organized in 1808. The date of the 1st record is 1832. (Acts 1832, p. 5; Prince, p....

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The One-Day School

About seventy-five years ago, two young men, John Polhill and Dick Carruthers, who had just finished high school, were elected co-principals of the Hawkinsville Academy. The school opened auspiciously with quite a number of students. The school building consisted of only one large room. John occupied a seat at one end of the room and Dick’s place was on the opposite side. After the students were classified, assigned lessons, etc., a class in spelling was called by Professor Carruthers. The class was instructed to first spell the words in rotation from the book and then give the proper pronunciation, after which the teacher would give out (? ) the lesson. A long lanky boy came to the word proceeding, which he proceeded to spell and pronounce as follows: Pro-pro, ceed-quod, ing-ing, proquoding. Professor Polhill, who was listening, exclaimed: “Kill him, Dick, and let’s quit!” “Good,” said Dick. “Boys, school is dismissed for the rest of the term; get your books and go home.” This was the shortest school term in the history of the old...

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Pulaski County Georgia Board of Education

The Board of Education has been a most vital factor in the development of the school to the high standard it now holds. Serving without pay, the members of the Board of Education have displayed an unusually whole-hearted interest in school life and activity. The harmonious accord of their decisions has helped the school to climb upward and has united the Board of Education, the City Commission, the teachers and the patrons in the desire to develop the best citizens in America from the youth of Hawkinsville. Those who have served on the Board from 1926-1935 are: H. F. Lawson D. E. Duggan C. S. Glisson J. F. Saunders J. D. Dupree Neede Goode M. W. Harris J. F. Lee E. C. Brown H. S. Fountain G. W. Newsome R. F. DeLamar, Jr. Marion Turner C. T. Warren J. B. DeLamar S. A. Way DeVaughn Polhill Members-of the Board of Education in 1935: Dr. E. C. Brown, chairman H. S. Fountain, vice chairman J. F. Lee D. E. Duggan S. A. Way J. B. DeLamar W. N....

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Hawkinsville Georgia High School History

The Hawkinsville High School through the years has been outstanding. During the last half century seventy-five per cent of its graduates have enrolled in the different colleges and have generally taken good stands, the school for years ranking ninth in the State. None of this excellent record could have been possible without a uniformly splendid teaching force. Prof. T. A. Clower, a man of eighteen years successful experience, succeeded Professor Harris. From 1926 to 1935 the Hawkinsville public schools have made some progress despite the depression. Many books and magazines of value have been added to the library, and a half-time librarian is employed. In athletics, the teams representing the school have acquitted themselves well. In 1928 there was a championship football team, and a girls’ basketball team that placed second in the district; in 1929 a championship track team; in 1931 a boy’s basketball team that placed second in the district; in 1932 a boy’s basketball team that won the championship of the eastern section and was considered second in-the district, and a championship baseball team; in 1933 a championship doubles tennis team and golf team; in 1934 a championship singles tennis team and golf team and a doubles tennis team that was second in the district; all these have contributed to the athletic prestige of the school. In literary events the school has done well in debating,...

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The Hawkinsville Georgia School Census-1888

Town of Hawkinsville-Whites, Males 136; females 160. Colored, Males 174; Females 174. Hawkinsville District-Whites, Males 39; females 38. Town of Cochran-Whites, Males 105; Females 93. Colored, Males 90; Females 107. Salem and Tripville District-Whites, Males 217; Females 238. Colored, Males 183; Females 198. Walker District-Whites, Males 8; Females 10. Colored, Males 93; Females 99. Hartford District-Whites, Males 138; Females 134. Colored, Males 240; Females 284. Mitchell District-Whites, Males 47; Females 64. Colored. Males 96; Females 129. Blue Springs-Whites, Males 61; Females 48. Colored, Males 61; Females 48. Whitfield District-Whites, Males 43; Females 34. Colored, Males 45; Females 64. Dupree District-Whites, Males 47; Females 51. Colored, Males 73; Females,...

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Hanksville, Pulaski County Georgia Schools

In the year 1889 the town of Hanksville had a number of private schools. The city council in 1890, considering a change in the system of the school elected the following trustees: Judge Jacob Watson James Stetson P. H. Lovejoy E. J. Henry Dave McCormick J. Jacobus. This board delegated Judge Watson to go to the Chautauquuar Lithia Springs to inquire for a superintendent. The board was then put in communication with N. E. Ware of Thomson, Ga., who was later elected. The following teachers were then elected: Geo. R. Glover Mrs. B. F. Parsons Miss Ida Watson Mrs. C. L. Brown Mrs. Simmons, music teacher. The two-story, building belonging to Dr. A. A. Smith was rented and remodeled to be used for the opening of the new school. This building was used for two years. The first year the commencement exercises were held under a brush arbor of the building. The next year the commencement exercises were held in a rented tent near the old building, and many of the older citizens will remember the collapse of this tent at that time. About this time the citizens began to talk of a new school building, and the bond question was agitated. This at first raised quite a stir, but was soon quieted, and school bonds were voted. We were yet in the old building. A lot was selected...

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Pulaski County Georgia Teachers Institute

About the year 1894 a teachers institute was organized and held in the courthouse. We had such an educational rally with the State school superintendent, Capt. Bradwell, and other out of town speakers, that it was decided that another institute would be held the following year. In 189 the citizens of the town decided to have a county fair. They went to work and arranged the grounds south of the town on the banks of the Ocmulgee River, where they built a race track, and enclosed the grounds with a plank fence. In putting up the fair buildings the superintendent suggested the plan of having the buildings constructed in a T shape, keeping in mind the needs of future educational meetings. After the fair was held that year a larger teachers’ institute, with a broader program, having entertainers and lecturers to take part, was proposed. The city council guaranteed funds to the amount of $600.00 for the expenses. Interest grew, and a Chautauqua was decided upon. The name Ocmulgee was given it. The superintendent was asked then to arrange the programs, fix the dates and advertise. Accordingly, in 189 a good program of educational lectures and entertainers was secured. This plan was followed for eight years with an enlargement each year, until the expenses amounted to $2,000.00. The last two years the responsibility was assumed by E. J. Henry...

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Pulaski County Georgia School Superintendents and Teachers

Superintendents A. T. Fountain, 1888-1891 W. A. Jelks, 1892 A. T. Fountain, 1893-1899 R. C. Sanders, 1900-1912 F. B. Asbell, 1912-1916 A. W. Fountain, 1917-1920 A. G. McKinney, 1921-1925 M. W. Harris, 1925-1926 D. R. Pearce, 1926-1935 Teachers Professor Brantley Prof. M. T. Hodge Prof. W. L. Harvard Capt. J. H. Martin M. N. McCall Prof. G. R. Glover Prof. R. C. Sanders Mike Hodge Dick Carruthers John Polhill Prof. Lee Henderson Prof. N. E. Ware Prof. Hugh Ware Prof. Thomas Polhill Prof. H. D. Knowles Prof. W. W. Carter Rev. D. C. Bussell Rev. F. B. Asbell A. M. Duggan Miss Allie Lancaster (Mrs. R. T. Bembry) Miss Helen Carrithers (Mrs. Henry Sparrow) Miss Mary Hodge Miss Annie D. Lancaster Miss Mae Buchan (Mrs. E. C. Sparrow) Mrs. A. A. Smith Miss Lily Jelks Miss Edna Roberts (Mrs. J. Greer) Miss Rosa Joiner (Mrs. S. Y. Henderson) Mrs. Evie Glover Miss Carrie Waterman (Mrs. W. N. Parsons) Miss Lee Bennett Miss May Woodward Miss Mae Michael Mrs. J. D. Humphries Miss Rebecca Bozeman (Mrs. E. A. Saxon) Miss Georgia Turner (Mrs. Robert Scarborough) Miss Claude McDonald Mrs. Grace Watson Miss Irene Ridley Miss Marilu Ridley Miss Sarah Smith Miss Olga Smith Miss Christine Smith (Mrs. Howard McRea) Miss Pearl Lancaster (Mrs. Charlie Reynolds) Miss Minnie Ryan Miss Josie Anthony (Mrs. A. T. Fountain) Miss Lelia Buchan (Mrs. Frank...

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