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1758, February 20, Letter to His Excellency

Sir Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Your Dispatches of the 18th and 30th tell I received the 18th Just –f. James Holmes, The lak Affair of Sam Binn is Intirely forgot, and the Indians all satisfy’d, As to the Tellico People Jean Denture to Afsure you Excellency that they are Entirely Reformed, and behave Ex treamly well, and (Thank God) we at present live in Great Harmony, and Friendship with all the Nation. On the 15th selt arrived at this Fort the Little Carpenter, and the Great Warriour of Chotta, with their Party, they brought with them, two French men, and the Twighvee Indian woman Prisoner, Six Frenchmen, and Six Twighvee Indian Scalps, I received them with all the Marks of Honour and Friendship, I cou’d; by Saluting them with all the Fort Guns, and Having the Garrifson under arms, and provided some __ituals to Repreth them, The Young follower of the Gang Encampt Just by the fort, and the head men stay’d with me...

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1757, October 11, Letter #2

Sir On the 13th September arrived at his House Judge Friend very Sick from Virginia, he has brought some Horses Loaded with presents, and a White Man to wait on him, the next Day at his own Request I went to see him, as he Lives but Little Distance from the Fort. he told me he was very glad to see me, and if he had been well, he would have sav’d me the Trouble, but as soon as he should find himself better, he would come to have a talk with me, and would Inquire of the Conduct of Some of the Indiens, Expecially, of the Telliquo People, & that he Loved the English, and was always ready to serve them, he also Said he was going to Chotee to speak to the Indiens in favour of the English, how friendly he had been used by them, and at the same time Deliver them Mr. Alkins Talk, which said Talk I send your Excellency a Copy of, the very same Evening I received from Chotee the Compliments of Old Hopp, Little Capenter, the Great Warrier, and other-headmen, Desireing me to come the Next Day to see their Green Corn Dance, and the Path very Clear; Accordingly I went, and was received by Old Hopp, who Sat by me most all the time, Then they began their sort of...

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1757, October 8, Willanawa’s Talk

Wee the Cherokees have always received good Talks from our Brother the Governor of South Carolina, till this Last, which is Concerning the Spilling of Blood, Wee hope Neverthelefs, that we shall ever for the future, have Contrary Talks, Wee hope our Ears will always be Open, to hear what Our Father King George, and our Brother in Carolina says to us. The Governor of Chotee is present, and hears my Talk, He Loves his People, As his Father King George Order’d him, to Love and Regard all the English & Cherokees, who are Brothers and all his Children, The People of Tellico have Lately been Rogues, The Talks that they dayly receive from the English shall be remember’d, as Long as the Sun shall Shine,. It is true the Savannahs have been hearkened to Lately in our Nation, it is Now past and for the future Our Ears shall be shut to them, And open to Nothing, but what our Friends the English shall tell us. The Tellico People have Lately Talked Good, And promised, not to hearken any more to the Savannahs. And they haope, that when they have confirmed their Talks by Killing some of them, that the Governor will believe them, and think no more of the white Blood that was Spilt in their Town,. This is what we tell you Now and we hope...

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1757, October 11, Fort Loudoun

Sir I am very Sorry that I had forgot to Mention to you Excellency, the Receit of the Letter of the 10th of August & that of the 21st of July, with a Pokett compass. It is impossible for me to describe how tormented I am Every Day with the Indians. Some bring their Guns to be mended & it must be done because the Carpenter told them it should be So, and you promised him; Some bring Hatchets to be mended other Padlocks to have keys made to them; others want Salt, others sometimes Meat, & great many other things, which is granted, the Thanck God they are very quiet in all the Towns. I have finished to build the Chimneys of the Barracks and have send the Men in them, they are very comfortable I have pull’d down the our of the way Hutts, & there is fine Parade to excersise the men, and when the Gueard House is finished it will be an other thing. I have made 37 Shutters for the Port Holls with Hinges and cross Bars, and as there was not a nail left, I have ordered the Smithe to Make some out of the old iron to save the little quantity that is left. Since I am here I have used but very little Flower, the other Day, I send the Baker...

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1757, July 20, Fort Loudoun

Sir On the 15th Instant there was a great concorse of Indians of all the Towns at Chota Town houfe to hear the Talk that the two warriours Mefsengers from Old Hop, had brought from the Creeks, but it was nothing Like a Talk, it was only a friendly advise from the Creeks, to the Cherokees and Compliments from one to the other; when it was excepected other ways, the man killer of Tellico was present, if he has Said one word tending to the French I had peole enough there Ready to take his up & Shut his mouth, but he Said nothing, all our beft friends where prefent, the Little Carpenter in particular went on purpose to oppose and Reject anything that he Sould not like, and to Talk, if there had been Occasion the two Creeks that came with them brought no Talk our Mefsengers Said, that they had been at the french fort, and that the french had Sent two pricks of Tobacco by the to Chota, for the warriours to Smoke as they were in freindship with the creeks, and that they did approve very well of their coming backwards & forwards in a friendly manner, when the french gave them that Tobacco they Said they had no talk to give them this Same Mefsenger Reports that the Cowetas had gave them Some Tobacco,...

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1757, July 23, Fort Loudoun Letter 1

Sir On the 20th Inftant M. Elliot came into the fort, and it seems that matters goes on very bad by the Oppinion the Indians have Consived of us so Suddenly, on Account of Jellousy for he want of the Ammunition, on Such a criticall Juncture of time, not only war, but they cant go out and kill a bit of meat for their family’s, that in Short they imagine we want oly a Large quantity of Privifsions and Ammunition in the fort, and then a body of men will come up and od what we pleafe with them, as we Deprive them from Ammunition and every thing else, after So many promifses to them, M. Elliot acquainted me that the next day there was to do a meeting at his houfe of Several headmen on this very Account, and that he thought they would not let him go to Charles Town, except Some few of them Should go with him, in order to know the Refon why they were not provided with thofe Necefsary’s that they want, I told him to bring them here, and I should be glad to Redrefs their greviances and if any of them would go to Charles Town with him that I would be glad, and Shall write to the Governour in their favour, and that ehy will be convinced in a Little...

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1757, July 23, Fort Loudoun Letter 4

Sir When I began the Last Leter which I had the honour of writing to your excellency, I though nothing could be more certainly depended on than that all French Talks were forgotten and all their Machination Frustrated in this nation but before I had finished the mefsenger Sent by these people to the Creek nation returned, we found out that they had been with the Savannahs and at the Albama Fort, and we had reason to believe from the behaviour and Character of the persons who had been Employed on that Embafsie, that the mefsages they Carried and brought back were not favourable to us, the heads of all the Towns in the Nation were Summonsed to meet at Chota on the 14th Currant, but very few of the Leading men Came from the Valley and Lower Towns and but for a few from the Middle Settlements. They said Publickly that they Expected to hear nothing good, and that they were tired of bad Talks, about the Same time Captain Demere received M. Pepper’s Seller from New windsor acquainting him with the information he had received from the Coveta’s of these peoples designes against us here and of their proposalls to the Creek nation, I thought it not improper to Speak to the Carpenter on this Subject, acquainting him that our information came by the Creeks for altho...

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1759, November 3, Fort Loudoun

Sir Sixteen Days ago I Reed, a letter from Capt. Stuart, and inclosed a Copy of a letter from your Excellency to him. The 24th of last month arrived Little Carpenter, and Willeleway with their Gang, having two French Prisoners, with them; as he knew very well, that there was at Fort La Afsumption, great many Savana Indians, constantly watching, and on Scouts, he went on Mifsifsipi River, where he knew that there were constantly People pafsing and repafsing, from New Orleans, to New Charlres, and from thence to Fort La Afsumption: he thought to meet some whom he might take Prisoners: but having wait’d sometime in vain, and his Scouts having discover’d fresh tracks, towards For La Afsumption, he marched towards it. On the 15th of Sept. two of his Men came to give Notice, that they had discover’d White Men, and Indians Solling by the Water side: on which they advanced and unperceived fired on them, in the ingagement, the Carpenter had on kill’d on the spot, and an other wounded; who died soon afterwards. They kill’d three of the French and one Savana Indian, and took two French men alive. the enemy were fifteen in Number, and Sixteen of their Gang were gone that morning a Buffalo hunting. As the French were drefsing their _ictuals, when Surpriz’d having four Buffaloes with them our Indians eat very...

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1757, August 31, Fort Loudoun

Sir The 21st of the Instant arrived here and Exprefs from M. Atkins the Agent at Winchester in Virginia, with a Letter for me and another for old Hop and the warrious, I shall not Mention any thing of that Letter, as I doubt not but Your Excellency has Received a Coppy of the Same beore now from Fort Prince George. As the Exprefs told me that he had wrote it himself and gave it to Ensign Bogges that it might be sent to you. The next day I sent for old Hop and the _____of the Warriours, and beig Assembled read to them M. Atkins Letter they said but Little on that Subject, they set down to their Dinner and an hour sent for the Exprefs, the desired him to write a letter them to the Governour of Virginia, and Inclosed I send you a Coppy of it. On the 24th Instant Coldifson arrived here with Letters from Your Excellency, I immediately sent word to Old Hopp and the other head men that an Exprfs was come from Charlestown and desired them to be at the fort the next day, They came Except old Hopp, ( the reason of his not Coming was that on of Grand children was Sick) The Carpenter, the Great Warriour and Other head said that they where Enough and that I might read...

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1757, July 4

Sir On the 26th June Last, I had the Honour to Receive your Excellency letter, per Dennis Agen, and am glad that all my Dispatches aregott safe to your Excellency hands, I wish that Tho. Smith may de the same, for I heard that he was Oblidg’e to Swim Rivers; I am proud that your Excellency is Satisfyed by Approving of my Conduct in the Management of Affairs which I Transacted in the Nation, and return your Excellency thanks for granting me leave of Absence to return to Charles Town, and Sending another officer to succeed me in my Command, I wish Sincerely that my state of Health had Permitted me to stay Longer, I should not have troubled your Excellency so ofen, by putting you in mind of your promise but of Late I have been so very ill and am so weak that I do not know how I shall get Down. Your Excellency is pleased to intimate to me, that Some men of warr and tramsport were seen Steerimg to the Mifsisippi, and that Such a Reinforcement may enable Monfieur De Therleree to Renew his Attempts upon the Cherokees, As there is no __________(extratageme) but a good Officer will make use of and pput the Same in exectution to Serve his King and Country, and Particularly after having Received fresh Su_our’s will inable him the more...

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1757, June 26

Sir The Yound gellow which I mentioned to your Excellency being with the Savannah’’ in the Creek Nation he being the prince of Chattugee Son, for which one of the womed belonging to one of the three Savannah’s that where killed, she was kept as an hostage for him. Returned here on the 19th. Instant, he Reports that Leiut. Wall was at the Oak Chow that the two Warriors Mefsenger’s from Old Hop were preparing to Return back, that all the Savannah’ss were out a Hunting that there was only their women and children Left in there Town’s that the Creeks were Resolved to propose two Question’s to the Savannah’s, that they Sould go off to the Northward amongst the Reft of their Brothers, or to Devide themselves so many of them to Live in each of their Town’s and that french John was at Left put under great confinement at the french fort, for dReasons why he could not tell and that two day’s Journey from the Creek’s he meet the five Savannah’s that had made their excape, very much afflicted for the Lofs of their Comrades, being quie Naked, that they were going to Acquaint their chief with what had happened for him to do what he Should think most proper; Since Tho. Smith was Dispatched we had a great deal of heavy rains, I wish my...

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1757, July 11, Fort Loudoun Letter 1

Sir Juft as my Dispatches were a letter from Capt. Morris Arrived from Theowee, Dispatched from Esign Bogges, with a letter from Capt. Daniel Pepper, from New Windfor, a Coppy of which I send your Excellency with a letter from Leiut. Wall Directed to me, & a coppy of another that he wrote to John Hatton of Theowee which Original Ensign Bogges acquaints me that he has Sent to your Excellency, together with one of James Nosmith I do no Approve of Leuit. Wall writing to me to interceed for him with your Excellency, after his last Behaviour in attempting to go to the french for he is too great an Offender for me to Solicit anything in his favour, The purport of Capt. Dan Pepper Dispatches are of Such a Nature that I am amased and at a Lofs to imagine what can be the Reafon of Such Runing Reports, when everything here appears quiet and Calmn, they are only old Folk’s Renewed again, but before this Mefsenger went off I Sent for the Little Carpenter, and axquainted him with the Contents of Capt. Daniel Pepper Letter, which he Approved much off, for being Sent for, and gave me the following Anfwer thereupon, he Says that when he cam home, and heard that the Mefsengers that went to the Oak Chois was Returned back to Chota with two...

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1757, June 12

Sir I took the Liberty of writing to your Excellency by the Last ______by whose dispatches the affairs of this Nation would appear in a pretty favourable light : and nothing happened here, Since he went away of any cosezuence till the 6th Instant in the morning when Captain Demere had Intelligence by the bearer Hereof, Thomas Smith, who lives at Chalugui, That on the 4th at night, Seven men and two wemen Savanah’s had come to Telizua from their town in the Creek Nation. Captain Demere Communicated this news to M. Howarth and mysef we were of oppinnion that the opportunnity which then offered fhould be laid hold of and that something to stop this intercource between the French and this nation Ought to be attempted, but we Likewise Judged it absolutely necefsary that the Cherokees fhould if pofsible be made parties in Exectuing our design, we immediatel concluded upon sending for Old Hop.Settico Warrour, call the small pox Conjirour, and the Standing Turkey, There was no Other Indian of any Consezuence at Home. Those who had not gone to war were hunting in the woods. In the afternoon the three men we sent for come to the fort, we made them as they delcared they had heard nothing of it before. We represented to them that the Savanah’s were our Enemmies, put them in mind of their...

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1757, August 30

This Day Old Hop, the Little Carpenter, and several of the head Men being afsembled at the Fort the Pipe Sent up by the Governour was produced and smoaked out of by everyone present, when Old Hop, after many Speeches, profofsing the Greatest Friendship, and Sincerity to King George, and all his Children, and adding that he desired to live forever in Peace and Unity with all the English, and declared his aversion to the French, as his Brothers were at war now with them, he said that the Cherokees, had long ago Promised the English some Land in their Nation to build upon that they Were glad to see their Brothers Among them, He then Presented Capt. Demere, with a belt of Wampum, as a Confirmation of what he had said which being accepted he thus proceded, As I am the Governour of the Cherokees, and love all the English, I am Come down to you my Brother, to intercede with you in the behalf of John Brown, who run away from this Nation with one of the whit Warriours, and was taken Nigh the French Fort in the Creeks, he is now at my house at Chotee, he did not reach the French Fort, he had not An opportunity of telling the French anything that Might be a disadvantage to either you or us, I take pity...

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1757, July 9, Fort Loudon Letter 1

Sir On the 5th Instant the two Mefsenger’s that where Sent to the Creek Nation, by Old hop, Arrived at Chota, one of them was not well pleafed, that we Should have killed the Savannah’s, whil he was in the Creek Nation, he Say’s he might have Lost his Life by it, they Report that when the five Savannah’s that made there Escape, got their they made great Complaints to the Creeks, of the I’lh usave of the English, the Creeks told them that they had been too Buisy, and Should not interger themselves in matters which did not concern them, they ought to have Stayed at home, and not carry Lies from one place to another for if you go amongst them again, more of you will be killed,& then you must take that for our pains, this is the Comfort and Re eption the Creek’s gave them; there is two Creek Warriours Sent as Mefsengers to Old hop, which is come in with the two Cherokees, and are now at Chota, with a talk that no Body is to know any thing of the matter till the time tis to be Deliver’d, at the Town house of Chota, which is to be in aeight or ten days hence, Old hop has Sent Runners to all the Towns, even as far as Theowee to Summons people of all...

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