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1st Regiment of Mississippi Volunteers

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1st Regiment Of Mississippi Volunteers Captain Gerard C. Brandon’s Company Captain Samuel Dale’s Company Captain Benjamin Dent’s Company Captain Philip A. Engel’s Company Captain L. V. Foelckel’s Company Captain William Henry’s Company Captain William Jack’s Company Captain Chas. G. Johnson’s Company Captain Randal Jones’ Company Captain Jos. P. Kennedy’s Company Captain William C. Mead’s Company Captain Hatton Middleton’s Company Captain Hans Morrison’s Company Captain Lewis Paimboiuf’s Company Captain Thos. Posey’s Company Captain John Neilson’s Company Captain James Foster’s Company Captain Abraham M. Scott’s Company Captain Benj. S. Smoot’s Company Captain Archelaus Wells’ Company Abernathe, John, private Adams, Richard, private Adams, Thomas, private Agens, John, private Agens, William, private Agiliras, Francisco, private Aikins, Samuel, private Akors, Benjamin, private Alexander, Michael G., private Alexander, William, private Alford, Joseph, private Alford, Robert, sergeant Allen, David, private Allen, Drury, private Allen, John, first lieutenant Allen, John, private Allen, John, private Allen, Josiah, private Anderson, Allen, sergeant Anderson, James, private Anderson, James, private Anderson, John, private Anderson, Robert C., second lieutenant Andrews, Green, private Andrews, William, private Anthony, Abraham L., private Anthony, Joseph, private Armstrong, Thomas, private Arnold, Benjamin, Jr., private Arnold, Benjamin, Sr., private Arnold, Bridges, private Ashley, James, private Atchison, Henry, sergeant Atkins, Charles, private Attoy, Dennis, private Atwater, Asaph, sergeant Atwood, Thomas, private Austill, Evan, first lieutenant Austill,...

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18th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 18th Regiment of Mississippi Militia (1814-1815, Captain Joseph Vellio’s Company) Barabino, T. O., private Bayard, Ant, sergeant Carragan, James, lieutenant Carver, Elihu, major Cibelot, M., corporal Courteau, Ih., private Demetry, , gunner Domingon, H. T., sergeant Favre, Charles, private Favre, F., private Favre, I., private Favre, I. B., private Fayard, Laurt, private Labat, J., private Ladner, Bazile, private Ladner, Carlos, corporal Ladner, E., private Ladner, F., private Ladner, John, private Lafontaine, C, private McCall, Duncan, first lieutenant and quartermaster Mitchell, , private Morin, J. B., private Morin, John, private Morin, P., sergeant Nicaise, Chs., private Nicholas, John, private Petit, T., private Sander, P., private Sancier, Ph., private Saucier, T., corporal Saucier, T. F., private Taulme, I. B., ensign Turin, Felix, gunner Veillo, Joseph, captain Wilkinson, Ths.,...

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16th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 16th Regiment (Burrus’) Of Mississippi Militia Captain Samuel A. Allen’s Company Captain Daniel Atkins’ Company Captain William Crawford’s Company Captain William Evans’ Company Captain Griffith’s Company Captain Greaf Johnston’s Company Captain Wm. Moseley’s Company Adams, Benjamin, private Adams, Joseph, private Adams, Thomas, private Albright, John, private Aldridge, William, sergeant Allen, John A., lieutenant Allen, Samuel, private Allen, Samuel A., captain Allen, William, private Allen, William S., private Almon, John, private Arnold, John, private Atkins, Daniel, captain Atkins, Daniel, private Babb, Asel, private Bailes, John, private Baker, John, private Baker, William, private Beason, Jahu, private Bennet, John, private Berrimon, Burrel, private Bigham, William, private Bird, Isaih, private Birdwell, Moses, private Black, John, private Bledsoe, Lewis, private Bloodworth, Timothy, private Boggs, Samuel, private Bogs, John, private Boggs, John O., private Boling, Alexander, private Bonds, James, private Boon, Isaac, private Boren, John, private Bossley, John, corporal Bounds, Solomon, private Box, Michad, private Bradwaters, Charles, private Brag, Thomas, private Bragg, Benjamin, corporal Bragg, William, private Broils, George, private Broils, Jacob, private Brown, John, private Brown, Leonard, private Brown, Thomas T., private Brunson, Larkin, private Brunson, Samuel, private Bryan, William B., private Buckner, John, first sergeant Buie, John, private Burchfield, Thomas, private Burks, Benjamin, private Burrow, William J., private Burrow, William, Sr., private Burrus, Charles, lieutenant-colonel Cain, Samuel, private Busby, Reves,...

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15th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 15th Regiment (Johnson’s) Of Mississippi Militia Anderson, John, private Beddingfield, George, private Boyakin, Soloman, private Braden, James, private Bradley, John, private Brown, Bartlet, private Brunson, Josiah, private Cassity, Hugh, private Cavenah, William, corporal Clarke, William B., private Clingaman, Henry A., private Colson, Samuel, private Coxe, William, private Curtis, John D., ensign Damn, James, second lieutenant Daniel, James, private Deloach, Benjamin, private Dewitt, James, private Dorcey, James, private Easley, Samuel, first lieutenant Ford, James, private Foster, George, private Franklin, Thomas, private Gentry, James, private Gill, James, private Gray, Bazzel, private Green, James, third lieutenant Green, James, private Green, William, private Hall, Armistead, private Hammond, Lemuel, private Hammond, Matthias, private Hammond, Sherrard, private Hays, William, private Hicks, Matthew, private Hill, John, first sergeant Hogg, John, private Holdman, Joseph, private Hosea, Thomas, private Howel, Henry, private Jacob, , servant James, Allman, private Johnson, John, private Johnson, Thomas, private Jones, FJbert, private Kelly, John, private Kelly, Orson, private Kirkham, Benjamin, private Landrum, Jesse, private Landrum, William, private Lawrey, John, musician Luker, Jesse, private Mabry, Walter, sergeant Matlock, Thomas, sergeant McCane, John, private McGrew, Alexander, private McNeill, L. H., sergeant Milsted, John, private Mimms, Thomas, private Mitchell, William, corporal Mixon, James, private Montcrief, Caleb, private Morgan, George, private Mott, Asa, private Mott, Lovelace, captain Odum, Richard, corporal Ogwynn, John, private Ousley,...

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14th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 14th Regiment (Mcboy’s) Of Mississippi Militia Captain Benj. Dubroca’s Company Captain McKinsey’s Company Captain Samuel H. Garrow’s Company Captain Chas. L. Aland’s Company Acre, Samuel, private Alexander, Francis, private Alexander, Joseph, private Antonio, Joachim, private Antonio, Joseph, private Arrosa, Joseph, private Baird, Joseph B., private Barlow, Aaron, private Barnett, Ulysses, private Barriel, Joseph, private Blair, Thomas, private Bloc, Andre, private Brewer, Cornelius, corporal Byrne, Patrick, private Cahall, Barney, private Canadien, Francis, private Cardenas, Joseph, private Caro, Sebastian, corporal Cartier, John, private Chance, Henry, private Chasting, Baptiste, private Chastong, Zenon, private Chaston , Auguste, private Chastong, Eugene, private Chinault, William, surgeon Chistang, Edoi, private Clements, , private Conway, James, private Cook, John, private Cook, Nicholas, sergeant major Damour, Laine, private Darling, Dennison, private David, Pierre, private David, Simon, private Davis, E., private Denton, Thomas H., sergeant Devol, Daniel, ensign Dolives, Sifroy, private Dubroca, Benjamin, captain Dubroca, Eli, private Ducos, Pierre, private Duff, William, private Dumoiy, Augustine, private Duncan, Alexander, Jr., private Dunwooddie, , private Durette, Joseph, private Durette, Zedon, private Estava, Don McGill, private Fisher, William, private Fisher, William, Jr., private Frazee, Carman, corporal Garrow, Samuel H., captain Girard, Francis, private Grant, Edward, private Haines, Samuel, private Hobart, Peter H.. lieutenant Honore, Colin, private Hope, George, private Hopewell, William, private Huston, Robert, private Jack, George, private Killen,...

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13th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 13th Regiment (Nixon’s) Of Mississippi Militia Captain John Bond’s Company Lieutenant William Bond’s Company Captain David Cleveland’s Company Captain Moses Collins’ Company Captain Francis B. Lenoir’s Company Captain James McGowen’s Company Captain James Phillips’ Company Captain Henry Quin’s Company Captain Harmon M. Runnel’s Company Captain William Smith’s Company Captain William Spencer’s Company Addison, Hiram, private Akin, John, ensign Alexander, Isaac, private Allen, Barnabas, sergeant Allen, Garret, private Allgood, Wiet, private Andrews, James, private Andrews, William, private Applewhite, Stephen, private Ard, Thomas, private Armstrong, Abner, private Armstrong, Jesse, private Armstrong, Jonathan, private Ashton, Henry, private Askue, Henry, private Bagley, William, sergeant Bailey, James, private Bailey, Thomas, private Ball, Sampson E., private Ballard, Lewis, private Ballard, Nathan, private Ballard, Reuben, private Banks, Levi, private Barksdale, Collier, private Barret, George, private Batson, James, private Batson, Peter, private Batson, Seth, private Batson, Thomas, private Beard, William, private Beasley, William, private Becot, Labon, sergeant Bell, Thomas, private Berry, James, private Blue, Angus, sergeant Blue, Daniel, private Bohannon, Wily, private Bond, Gedion, corporal Bond, Henry, private Bond, James, private Bond, John, captain Bond, Robert, private Bond, William, lieutenant Braddy, William, private Breland, Hillery, sergeant Brent, Charnel, private Brent, John, private Brent, Merideth, ensign Brent, Thomas, private Bridges, Sampson, private Brister, John, private Brown, Daniel, private Brown, John, private Brown, Moses, sergeant Brown,...

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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 2nd Regiment, Company A.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now CAPTAINS: Casson, W.H., Shelton, M.A., Gaillard, F., Leaphart, S., L., Maddy, M.M. FIRST LIEUTENANT: Shuler, P.H.B. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Brown, R., Myers, W.M., Eggleston, D.B. SERGEANTS: West, W.H., Reid, J.C., Bryant, J.F., Livingston, J.B., Cooper, G.F., Gilbert, J.G., Wells, J.F., McTurious, E.C. Joiner, B., DuBose, J. CORPORALS: Sulaff, W.C., Bruns, G., Newman, R., Rowan, S.W., Mack, J.M., Goodwin, C.T. PRIVATES: Atta, T.M., Andre, Geo., Anderson, M.J., Anderson, Geo., Andrews, T.P., Blackwell, Jas., Bryant, B.F., Brown, C.K., Brown, Jessie, Baker, J.L., Burns, L., Benjamin, T., Banks, C.C., Casson, J.H., Cavis, J.W., Canning, Thos., Clowdy, —-, Cannon, M., Calais, W.J., Cooper, J.W., DuBose, J.B., Durin, Thos., Deckerson, Geo., Dwight, W.M., Emlyn, H.N., Field, G.R., Forde, Edwin, Griffin, J.W., Gasoue, W., Gibson, J., Graham, J., Graham, Thos., Glass, W.G., Hall, J.R., Hoeffir, Chas, Hartnett, M., Hinton, S.P., Hinkle, E., Howard, W.P., Hays, A.G., Hall, J.W., Hennies W., Holmes, C.R., Hollis, M., Hollis, Carles, Howell, O.F., Hutchinson, B.B., Halsey, M.P., Johnson, D.B., Joiner, P.H., Kelly, Tames, Kind, Wm., Kelly, J.G., Kindman, J.D., Loomis, H.H., Ladd, P.B., Lee, Isom, Lindsey, S.J., Landrum, A.P., Leaphart, J.E., Landrum, L.M., Magillan, C., McGee, Alex., McFie, Joseph, Mathews, Jno., McDonald, D.J., McCarter, W.E., McCully, W.H., Miller, R.L., Mitchell, D., Marsh, J.A., Murphy, Geo., Myers, John, Maw, R.E., Martin, E.R., Marsh. Thos., Martin, Saml., Newman, J.M., Neuffer,...

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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 7th Regiment, Company L.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now CAPTAINS: White, W.C., Litchfield, J.L., Litchfield, G.S. LIEUTENANTS: Beaty, T.W., Petman, S., Cooper, T.B., Newton, K.M., Grissett, J.D., Reves, J.W. SERGEANTS: Waid, G.W., Nercen, J.W., Floyd, A., Johnson, J.M., Anderson, —-, Gregary, T.H., Granger, J., Prince, J.L., Rabon, D., Johnson, C.L., Anderson, D.R. CORPORAL: Green, S.F. PRIVATES: Barnhill, W.H., Barnhill. H., Cooper, L., Cooper, R., Creaven, W.H., Creach, C., Chesnut, D.M.W., Cork, M.C., Cox, P.V., Cox, G.W., Dussenberry, J.H., Dussenberry, N.G., Edge, D.M., Edge, W., Faulk, G., Floyd, W., Faulk, L., Faulk, J.L., Foreland, N., Fund, G., Grattely, J., Granger, J., Granger, W., Granger, F., Graddy, N., Graham, D., Graham, D.N., Gore, F., Grant, J.E., Hacks, —-, Harden, A.J., Harden, W.H., Hardwick, —-, Howell, —-, Harden, C.B., Hamilton, W.H., Hamilton, —-, Holland, W., Jenkins, Wm., Jewreth, —-, Jones, J., Jordan, J.T., Jordan, J., Johnson, T., Johnson, J.J., James, —-, Jenningham, D., King, J.J., King, J.D., King, G.W., Lilly, D., Murry, J.T., Murry, E.H., Misham, T.K., McKnot, Wm.R., Martin, B.W., Norris, J.K., Oliver, J.M., Powell, L., Perkins, —-, Parker, A.D., Parker, H.H., Powell, F.L., Powell, J.M., Roberts, J.T., Rhenark, J.C., Stalvey, C.M., Stalvey, J.J., Squers, J., Smith, Wm., Savris, A., Sessions, O., Sengleton, M.J., Vaught, S., Vereen, J.T., Watts, —-, Wade,...

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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Battalion, Company G.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now CAPTAINS: Irby, A.P., Whitner, B.M. LIEUTENANTS: Gladney, Wash, Robinson, J.S., Shedd, J.P., DesPortes, R.S., Jennings, R.H. SERGEANTS: Martin, D., Ashford, J.W., Gibson, H.T., Trapp, Laban, Watt, B.F., Trapp, L.H., Mason, W.N. CORPORALS: Beard, J.M., Robinson, Wm., Blair, A.F., Craig, T.N.A., Craig, Wm. PRIVATES: Aiken, Jim, Aiken, H.G., Aiken, H.N., Aiken, Robt., Brown, U., Brown, J.W., Brown, T.G., Brown, J.R., Blair, Thos., Blair, A.F., Boyd, John, Boney, Jesse, Bull, Thomas, Brown, Chas., Beard, James, Brown, Frank, Crawford, R.B., Crompton, Thomas, Carman, Sam., Carman, Jesse, Crossland, H.J., Chandler, W., Craig, Wm., Crossland, Jasper, Carmack, Warren, Davis, T.C., DesPortes, J.A., Douglass, C.M., Douglass, W.T., Douglass, S.M., Flanigan, Z., Gladney, B., Gladney, W.R., Gradick, Jesse, Gibson, H.J., Gibson, Green, Hamilton, Wm., Hogan, Pink, Hawes, Tatum, Haigwood, Jeff., Haigwood, R.M., Hook, W.T., Hopkins. Wm., Irby, W.F., Irby, Wm., Johns, Wm., Jennings, Robt., Lyles, B.F., McConnel, Butler, McClure, Jno., Millings, Rus., Mann, Thos., Martin, Jno., Morgan, Wm., Mason, W.N., Millings, J.N., Moore, Nathan, McKintry. T.B., McConnell, A.C., McCreight. S., McCrady. M.H., Milling, Hugh, Martin, Newton, Martin, Wm., Nelson, J.T., Paul, J.T., Porter, C., Pouge, W.C., Robinson, James, Robinson, W.W., Robinson, I.Y., Robinson, S.N., Robinson, W.I., Ragsdale, E.R., Rabb, Calvin, Russel, Jno., Shedd, W.H., Scott, Jesse. Tinkler, George, Tinkler, Wm., Turkett, T.W., Trapp, U.C., Wilson, Dave, Withers, James, Weldon, Wm., Veronce,...

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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 7th Regiment, Company K.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now CAPTAIN: Burees, J.F. LIEUTENANTS: Talbert, J.L., Berry, J.M., Chetham, J.W. SERGEANTS: Culbreath, O.T., Martin, W.N., Reynolds, W.M., Lamer, L.W., Burress, C.M. CORPORALS: Reynolds, J.W., Shibley, L.D., White, W.G., Williams, T.R. PRIVATES: Adams, B.O., Blake, J.E., Carthledge, T.A., Crafton, T.M., Coleman, W.L., Coleman, G.R., Culbreth, J., Deal, A., Devore, C.L., Franks, J.A., Hammonds, C.T., Harrison, C.H., Henderson, J.T., Henderson, J.E., Holmes, W.L., Holmes, H.J., Howell, H., Lamer, T.B., Lamer, O.W., Limbecher, C.H., Lockridge, J.L., Mayson, J.H., Quarles, H.M., Reynolds, J.C., Reynolds, E.W., Rountree, T.J., Rush, T.P., Stalmaker, G.I., Stalmaker, J.R., Stalmaker, J.W., Timmerman, G.H., Williams, J.R., Wood, W.B., Yeldell,...

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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Battalion, Company F.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now CAPTAIN: Miller, D.B. LIEUTENANTS: Percival, E.S., Morrison, R.S., Freidburg, Joseph. SERGEANTS: Percival, F.H., Kirkland, R.S., Diseker, J.H., Keough, P.H., DeLoria, A. CORPORALS: Friday, S.D., Montgomery, G.B.W., Scott, F.J., Cathcart, W.J. PRIVATES: Altee, J.W., Barefoot, Sion. Bates, O.B., Baugn, Wm., Boyer, Moses, Bull, Thomas, Burroughs, W.D., Bellinger, Wm., Cloffy, P., Campbell, James, Cooper, Jesse, Cooper, Thomas, Curlee, John, Dennis, H., Denkins, Saml., Flemming. A.H., Forbs, J.G., Friedman, B., Fulmer, W., Gardner, J.H., Glaze, Jno., Glaze, Allen, Gladden, L.T., Hickson, Sam, Howell, R.E., Jones, David, Legrand, W.W., Lever, Geo., Marsh, Edward, McCauley, J.B., Miles, E.H., Miot, C.H., Moye, J.E., Munson, W., Moore, Allen, Neely, Jno., Norman, Chas., North, S.R., Percival, G., Percival, N.N., Purse, T.P., Pollock, J.L., Reiley, James, Rembert, Jno., Reaves, Jno., Ross, Thos., Sill, T., Saunders, J.W., Senn, Dedrick, Schultz, W.C., Smith, T.N.C., Smith, Sol., Spriggs, H.V.L., Stokes, E.R., Jr., Turner, W.T., Taylor, Wm., Taylor, Jno., Thrift, Robt., Tradewell, F.A., White, E.C., White, G.A., Williamson, T., Williamson, D.W., Wardlaw, W.H., Aughtry, Jno., Davis, Andrew, Elkins, James, Elkins, Spence, Hammond, E., Lee, John, Sealy, Wm., Wooten,...

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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Regiment, Field and Staff.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now COLONELS: Williams, James H., Nance, James D., Rutherford, W.D., Moffett, R.C. LIEUTENANT COLONELS: Foster, B.B., Garlington, B.C., Todd, R.P. Majors: Baxter, James M., Nance, J.K.G. ADJUTANTS: Rutherford, W.D., Pope, Y.J. Sergeant MAJORS: Williams, J.W., Simpson, O.A., Garlington, J.D. QUARTERMASTERS: McGowan, Jno. G. (Captain), Shell, G.W. (Captain). COMMISSARIES: Hunt, J.H. (Captain), Lowrance, R.N. (Captain). SURGEONS: Ewart, D.E., Evans, James. ASSISTANT SURGEONS: Dorroah, Jno. F., Drummond, —-, Brown,...

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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 8th Regiment, Company I.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now CAPTAINS: Stackhouse, E.T., Harllee, A.T. LIEUTENANTS: Cook, H., B., Ross, J.N., Rodgers, R.H., Carmichael, W.D., Stafford, D.C., Cusack, G.W. SERGEANTS: McClenagham, H.H., Harllee, Peter S., Pearce, J.F., Ayers, E.S., McDuffie, D.Q., Harllee, R.A., Gregg, A. Stuart, Jenkins, R.W. CORPORALS: Woodrow, J.E., Huggins. Geo. W., Harelson, Joel, Sparkman, Levi, Cusack, S.C., DeBarry, Edmond, Robbins, J.B., Fenaghan, James, Rodgers, E., Carmichael, Alex., Brigman, A., Butler, J.A., Butler, Silas W. PRIVATES: Bigham, W.H., Bullock, Joel, Benton, Joel, Benton, G.W., Baker, John, Cox, G.B., Cribb, Levi, Collin, E.H., Crawford, H.W., Cottingham, Stewart, Cottingham, Thomas F., Cohen, David, Cohen, Isaac, Dove, J.W., Dove, H.G., Ellen, E.J., Elvington, Dennis, Fryer, A.J., Freeman, Joseph, Gaddy, R.M., Gaddy, W.D., Gregg, T.C., Harralson, M.J., Harralson, E.P., Herring, E.B., Hinton, J.W., Jones, J., James, Robert, Loyd, Henry, Llewellyn, B.F., Mace, James C., Meckins, P.B., Morgan, W.C., Miller, W.H., Myers, John E., Moody, John B., Murphy, J.C., McCall, L.A., McRae, James, Owens, D.R., Owens, S.S., Sparkman, G.R., Snipes, Michael, Smalley, Isaiah, Turner, John C., Watson, John R., Watson, Quinn, Woodrow, W.J., Whitner, J.N., Woodberry,...

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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 7th Regiment, Field and Staff.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now COLONELS: Bacon, T.G., Aiken, D.W., Bland, Elbert. LIEUTENANT COLONEL: Fair, R.A. MAJORS: Seibles, E., Hard, J.S. ADJUTANT: Sill, T.M. QUARTERMASTER: Lovelace, B.F. COMMISSARY SERGEANT: Smith, Fred. SURGEONS: Dozier, —-, Spence, W.F., Horton, O.R. ASSISTANT SURGEONS: Carlisle, R.C., Stallworth, A. CHAPLAIN: Carlisle,...

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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 15th Regiment, Company G.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now CAPTAINS: Chandler, J.B., McCutcheon, J. LIEUTENANTS: Haselden, W.M., Barren, B.P., Timmons. F.M., Cooper, F.E. SERGEANTS: Fulton, T.M., Wilson, W.J., Eaddy, T., McClary, J., Gamble, H.D., Cox, W.G., Lenerieux, F.M. CORPORALS: Brown, J.J., Johnson, M.M., Burrows, J.T., Nesmith, J. PRIVATES: Autman, J.A., Altman, L.C., Abrams, I.B., Abrams, W., Ard, R., Ard, J., Ard, F., Avant O.R., Barrimeau, B.T.L., Barrimeau, J.J., Baxley, O., Bratcher, A., Brown, J., Brown, A.W., Brown, D.L., Bowden, H., Buckles, H., Buckles, L., Buckles, J., Burns, J., Burrows, I.T., Burrow, W.S., Carter, E.W., Carter, A.W., Carter, A.B., Carter, J.D., Carter, T., Colyer, J., Cox, L., Cox, F., Cox, W.I., Cox, J.R., Cox, J.T., Cox, I.G., Cockfield, J.C., Christman, G.W., Cribb, C., Cribb. D.W., Donahoe, A.W., Eaddy, I.F., Eaddy, W.S., Eaddy, G.J., Eaddy, D., Ferrel, F., Flagler, A.P., Gaskin, J.J., Gaskin, E.V., Gaskin, J.C., Gaskin, C.A., Gaskin, A.M., Gist, G.G., Gordon, H., Graham, J. McC., Graham, W.L., Gurganus, J.E., Hanna, G.W., Hanna, R., Hanna, J.F., Haselden, S.B., Haselden, A.J., Haselden, J., Haselden, J.R., Haselden, W.B., Haselden, J., Hudson. J., Hughes, —-, James, J.A., June, T.G., June, A., Johnson, E.H., Kinder, H.H., Lambert, B.P., McDonald, —-, McAlister, W., Marsh, J., Matthews, J.J., Matthews, W.W., Matthews, J., Maurice, R.F., McConnell, W.S., McDaniel, J., McLellan, A.K., Miller, J., Owens, J.A., Perkins, W.G., Paston II, A., Ponncy, J.A., Ponncy,...

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