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Topic: Pujunan

Maidu Tribe

Maidu Indians (‘man’, Indian’ ). A tribe formerly dwelling in Sacramento valley and the adjacent Sierra Nevada in California. This single tribe constitutes the entire Pujunan linguistic family of Powell, all the divisions of which called themselves Maidu, and distinguished themselves one from another by their local names only. The Maidu proper, comprising the divisions north of Bear river valley, were formerly considered a different stock from the Nishinam, who are now recognized as the southern branch of the family. The names of the Maidu villages and of the inhabitants were usually local place names. It maybe doubted if, in the following list of the divisional and village names, the former have a greater value than the latter or were in fact anything more than the larger villages with perhaps outlying settlements of a more or less temporary character. Maidu Nation The Maidu Tribe was broken down into divisions and villages: Divisions: Cohes Cushna Hoitda Honkut Kiski Konkau Kulomum Molma Nimsewi Pakamali Tsaktomo Tsamak Tsulumsewi Tummeli Ustoma Willi Yumagatok Yunu Villages: Bahenom Bamom Bauka Bayu Benkomkomi Botoko Eskini Hembem Hoako Hoholto Hokomo Hopnomkoyo Indak Kalkalya Kotasi Kulaiapto Kulkumish Michopdo Mimal Molma Nakankoyo Oidoingkoyo Okpam Ola Ololopa Onchoma Opok Otaki Pakan Paki Panpakan Pitsokut Pulakatu Sekumne Silongkoyo Sisu Siwim Sunusi Tadoiko Taikus Taisida Tasikoyo Tchikimisi Tishum Tomcha Totoma Tsam Tsekankan Tsuka Wokodot Yalisumni Yamako Yauko Yiikulme Yodok Yotammoto Yumam...

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