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Opechancanough and Don Luis

Jamestown was founded in 1607 on land recently conquered by the Powhatan Confederacy. Movies about Pocahontas have given the impression that the “Powhatan Indians” were concentrated on the Chesapeake Bay.  They were not. The villages on the coastline of the Chesapeake were the vassals of the Pamunkey Indians, who forged the confederacy. 1Egloff, Keith and Deborah Woodward, First People: The Early Indians of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA: University Press of Virginia, 1992. The capital of the confederacy, Werowocomoco, was originally on the north side of the York River, not near Jamestown. Note that the town’s name ends with “moko” which is...

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True Relations – Councilor of Paspanegh

The concession of Macanoe, who was the Councilor of Paspanegh. First I , then Paister Scrivener, upon our several examinations, found out all of them were convinced that the Paspahegh and the Chickahamania did hate us, and intended some mischief, and they were who took me, the names of them that stole our tools and swords, and that Powhatan had received them, they all agreed. Certain volleys of shot we caused to be discharged, which caused each other to think their fellows had been slain. Powhatan understanding we detained certain Savages, sent his daughter, a child of ten years old, which not only for features, continence and proportion, much exceeding any of the rest of his people, but for wit and sprit, the only nonpareil of his country. This he sent by his most trusted messenger, called Rawhunt, as much exceeding in deformity of a person, but of a sudden wit and crafty understanding, he with a long circumstances told me how well Powhatan loved and respected me, and in that I should not doubt any of his kindness. He had sent his child, which he most esteemed to see me, a deer and a bear for presents. Desiring me that the boy might come again, which he loved exceedingly, and his little daughter he had taught this lesson also. Not taking notice at all of the Indians that...

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