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Miss Constance G. Du Bois, Interested in the Mission Indians of California

The Mission Indians Of California. We regret that no satisfactory provision seems to be made for the pressing need of homes for the Mission Indians of California. Our inquiries lead us to the belief that the cessation of all attempts (some four or five years ago) to continue the work of surveying and allotting the land belonging to the Mission Indians was needless, and not for good reason. We think that the surveying and allotting for these Indians should be at once resumed and the work carried forward and completed in California. The Chair introduced Miss Constance G. Du Bois as a lady especially interested in the Mission Indians of California. Miss Du Bois. This last summer I visited the Indians living in the remote reservations far beyond the tourists’ line of travel. The crying need among these Indians is not unknown to the Government. A special recommendation was sent a few years ago to the Indian Office in order that there might be additional land secured for them in the Campo region. These little Indian places are very different from those that lie nearer the white man’s land down on the orange belt quarter. Very few reservations are adequate to the support of the Indians. If the Indians had no opportunity of going away to work I do not know of any which would be adequate. Some of...

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