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Topic: Military

Descendants of Nathaniel Newcomb of Norton, MA

Mr. Newcomb was born April 12, 1797, of the sixth generation in descent from Francis Newcomb, who was born probably in Hertfordshire, England, about 1605, and came to America in the ship “Planter” in 1635, accompanied by his wife Rachel, then aged twenty, his daughter Rachel (aged two and a half years) and son John (aged nine months). After residing in Boston three years Francis Newcomb moved his little family to Braintree (now Quincy, Norfolk Co., Mass.), where he died May 27, 1692, his gravestone says “aged one hundred years.” Tradition says he came from Oxfordshire, England, and was of pure Saxon blood. He owned several tracts of land in Braintree. He had ten children.

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Pierce Family of North Bridgewater, MA

The Pierce families of this country are and have long been very numerous. Early in the settlement of New England came representatives from England, most of them not related, so far as now known. Among them were Abraham, of Plymouth, 1623, who became one of the original purchasers of Bridgewater in 1645; Daniel, of Newbury, blacksmith, who came from Ipswich, County of Suffolk, in 1634, aged twenty-three years; John, of Dorchester, mariner from Stepney, Middlesex, before 1631; another John, of Dorchester and Boston; John, of Watertown, 1638; Capt. Michael, of Hingham and Scituate; Richard, of Portsmouth, R. I.; Robert, of Dorchester; Thomas, of Charlestown, who was admitted to the church there in 1634; and Capt. William, of Boston, who was a distinguished shipmaster of his time.

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Descendants of Leonard Crocker Couch of Taunton MA

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now COUCH (Taunton family). The family bearing this name at Taunton whose representative head is now Leonard Crocker Couch, Esq., who since boyhood has been a resident of the city, occupied in mechanical and business lines, and for years one of the substantial men and useful citizens of the community, is one of long and honorable standing in the neighboring State of Connecticut and of distinction in our country. And through its Taunton alliance of a generation ago – that of Maj. Gen. Darius Nash Couch, of...

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Articles of Association of The 7th Michigan Cavalry

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Whereas, we surviving members of the 7th Michigan Cavalry Volunteers, desiring to establish an organization for the purpose of preserving the friendship formed while defending our country against armed rebellion and treason, and to honor the cause for which we fought and the memory of our comrades who gave their lives that our nation might live, do, there-fore, adopt the following Articles of Association: 1st. This organization shall be known as the Association of the 7th Michigan Cavalry, and all persons who have been honorably discharged from this Regiment, shall be considered members by signing the Articles of Association, and paying a membership fee of 50 cents. 2d. In this Association previous rank shall be entirely ignored. 3d. The regular meetings shall be held once a year at such time and place as the members present at the previous meeting shall by vote decide. 4th. The officers of this Association shall consist of a President, twelve Vice-Presidents, (one for each company), a Secretary and Treasurer, and an Executive Committee of five, in which shall be included the President and Secretary. The officers shall be elected at each regular meeting of the Association. 5th. Funds to defray the expenses of this Association shall be raised by the membership fee of 50 cents and a tax imposed equally...

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Battles of the 7th Michigan Cavalry

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Participated during the Civil War. 1. Hanover, Virginia, June 30, 1863. 2. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July. 3, 1863. 3. Hagerstown, Maryland, July 6, 1863. 4. Boonsborough, Maryland, July 8, 1863. 5. Falling Waters, Maryland, July 14, 1863. 6. Culpepper, C. H., Virginia. September 14,1863. 7. Brandy Station, Virginia, October 11, 1863. 8. Buckland Mills, October 19, 1863. 9. Richmond, Virginia, March 1, 1864. 10. Wilderness, Virginia. May 6-7, 1864. 11. Yellow Tavern, Virginia, May 10-11, 1864. 12. Hawe’s Shop, Virginia, May 28, 1864. 13. Coal Harbor. Virginia, May 30, 1864. 14. Travillian Station; June 11-12, 1864. 15. Front Royal, Virginia, August 16, 1864. 16. Winchester, Virginia, September 19, 1864. 17. Woodstock, Virginia, October 9, 1864. 18. Cedar Creek, Virginia, October 19, 1864. 19. Five Forks, Virginia, March 30-31, and April 1, 1865 20. Duck Pond Mills, Virginia, April 4. 1865. 21. Sailors’ Creek, Virginia April 6, 1865. 22. Appotomattox (Court House), Virginia,April 8 and 9,...

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company M

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Capt. Jas. B. Loomis, Helena, Montana 1st Lieut. Munson P. Henry, Easton, Md 2d Lieut. John B. Masten, Adrian Austin, John, Fishville Allen, Edgar, Richmond, Va. Bowen, Silas, Richmond Burch, Melvin, Petoskey Castle, John, Spring Lake Cobb, Josiah, Grand Haven Cooley, Wm. H., Sheridan Crane, Albert T., N. Lansing Drew, A. W., Chicago Dolph, Wm., Moreland Dougherty, Chas. S., Ypsilanti Finkle, B. R., Eureka Hazard, Edward, Hudson Jacob Solomon, Wayne Jennings, Robert, Mancelona Jubb, Orange A., Nunica Lee, W. C., Detroit Lewis, Stephen, Belleville MacDonald, Hugh A., Sturgis, S. Dakota McMann, Wm. A, Morland Overy, Chas., Concord Payne, Jacob, Oakville Perry George, St. Johns Robinson, Frank, Grand Haven Ross, Peter, Spring Lake Richardson, P. E., Stevenpoint, Wis. Scott, George, Marcellus Shaw, John N., Decatur Shipman, D. W., Ypsilanti Simpson, J. F., Grand Ledge Sickles, Josiah R., Dewitt Tracy, Oliver C, Saginaw Trollope, Robert, Goodrich Walton, Zephna, Fulton Watkins, W. H., Mecosta Wilcox, David M., Hope Willitt, Dorrance, Frederick, Crawford, Co. Williams, Thomas C., Hastings Woodard, Ebenezer,...

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company K

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Capt.. Heman N. Moore, Grand Rapids 1st Lieut. Hiram J. Ingersoll, Chadron, Daves County, Neb Barnes, E. W.,Iona Barnhardt, Eugene, North Adams Buckingham, Chas., Holt Cadran, Michael, Mackinaw Campbell, James, Hastings Chamberlin, Myron, Charlotte Champlin, Acil, Charlotte Chapman, Andrew, Mackinaw Conley, Edgar M., Corunna Crawfoot, Oscar W., Assyria Dunsenberry Wm., Humbolt, Ca Gallop, James B., Flushing Genia, Henry, Mackinaw Hamilton, Win., Alpena Harper, Benj., Sherman City Kielman, David, Lamont Lucas, Isaac W., Benton Harbor Lambert, Gregory, Mackinaw Lewis, Merritt, Washington, D. C. Long, Daniel Sr., Chelsea Marondette, Antoine, Mackinaw Marshall, Geo., Mackinaw Metener, Lewis, Mackinaw Montgomery, Robt. B., Eaton Rapids Osgood, Wm. W., Orangeville Osgood, Colburn, Hastings Pankin, Peter A., St. Ignace Pelot, Gabriel, Mackinaw Rogers, Levi B., Petoskey Searles, Fitch M., Orangeville Staley, Joseph, Martin St. Andrews, Adolphus, Mackinaw St. Andrews, John, Mackinaw Taylor, W. H., Mackinaw Wheelock, Geo. C., Cheboygan Watson, Cyrus, Hickory Corners Wilkinson, Arthur L., Centralia, Ills. Young, John L.,...

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company L

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Baird, David, Carrolton Blanchard, Edward, Jackson Baur, Raymond, Bengel Becker, Jacob, Detroit Bedell, Byron, Walla Walla, Ore Bennett, D. J., Stanton Brown, Wm. W., St. Joseph Brunke, John, Royalston Campbell, Eugene, Lowell Carl, Thomas, St. Charles Carson, James, Big Rapids Covey, Ira, Hastings Canton, Amos, Augusta Eccleston, Sylvester W., Saginaw Geisler, Charles, Royalton Hadendorph, Geo., Wexford Hicks, John, Toledo Hovey, Munson, W. Bay City Jasper, Alfred, St. Joseph Jarvey, Julius, Saginaw Kimble, Isaac, Fenton Knight, Aldis R., Milton, Macomb Co. Kelley, Timothy, Eaton Rapids Kennedy, Henry, Marengo Lewis, Wm. A., Battle Creek Loughney, Thomas, Walla, Walla, Wash. McLean, Chas. L., Frost McOmber, Spencer F., Croton, Lee Co., Iowa Mufley, Joseph L., Ceresco Onderdonk, Chas., Denver, Colo. Ormsby,Reuben N., Armada Reed, Edward, Hubbardston Rich, Edwin, Ryerson Riley, George W., St. Joseph Slaughter, Edward, Soldiers’ Home Washington City Sloan. John N., Clio Stringham, Wm., Augusta Smith, John, Missouri Terry, James B., Saginaw, E. S. Vanorman, Abe, Mountpelier, Bear Lake Co., Idaho Wattles, V. C., Battle Creek Webster, Amos N.,Flint Wickard, Josiah,...

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company A

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Capt.Wm. H. Fisher, 497 Trumbull Ave., Detroit 1st Lieut. Geo. E. Smith, St. Joseph 2nd Lieut. F. P. Nichols, Encinitas, Cal Anthony, H. L.,Sturgis Allen, Henry, Hickory Corners Alexander John, Belle Fourche, S. D. Badge, N. H., Cadillac Baker, H. E., Hiawatha, Kan Baker, James, Lee Bellinger, Marshall, Banfield Beers, Rufus, Hawkhead Bennett, Nelson, Harbor Springs Bonnell, Chas. W., Rosevale, Kan Briney, Eli J., Royalton Briminstool, Alonzo, Battle Creek Buckingham, Chas., Holt Burns, William, Homer Caines, Albert E., Longmont, Boulder Co., Col Campbell, James, Hastings Cotton, John H., Battle Creek Conlin, John, Battle Creek Cook, Chas., Ely Cooke, Edwin D., Santa Ana, Col. Corning, Orin E., Bloomdale Cox, Edward J., Evart Crane, Stephen A., Benton Harbor Davenport, James R., Ravenna Davis, William D., Battle Creek Delos, Richard, Battle Creek Dunster, Chas., Fowlerville Edwards, James M., Berlamont Ewing, Horace C., Center, P.O. Fish, Putnam M., Battle Creek Fisher, John K., Sonoma Graham, William G., Buchanan Hathway, Giles B., Merril, Wis. Harrison, Jessie A., Cassopolis Harvey, Edward H., 289 Warren Ave., E. Detroit Hollis Chas., Stevensville Holton, Chas. M. Yakima, Wash. Horsh, Peter, Battle Creek Howe, Freeman W., Coldwater Hunt, Ira O., Battle Creek Knowles, Alton, Caro Langdon, P. Kalamazoo Langridge, Chas., Marshall Manuel, Henry, Decatur McAllister, John, Eaton Rapids McAllister, Robert, Eaton Rapids McNeil, Alex. E., Hickory...

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company H

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Capt. Richard Douglas, Augusta 1st Lieut. Daniel W. Dunnett. Hutchinson, Kansas Aximable, Edwin, Petosky Bissell, Edwin, Hickory Corners Burdick. J. Q., Glendale Cooper, Lorenzo, Evart Covert, Wm., Conneaut, Ohio Darlington, Richard J., Northville Dunn. Henry, 93 Baker St., Detroit Fish, Perry G., Milo, Barry Co. Fisher, Byron, Cressy’s Corners Fisher, William, Richland Forshey, Leverett, St. Paul Minn. Foote, David G.,Mason Haughy, Luke R., Kalamazoo Harrington, James S., Ludington Haugey, S. R., San Diego, Cal. Holmes, Daniel, Cleon Hudgett, Edgar, Kalamazoo Hunt, Eli, Entrican Jones, Robert, Moline Kemp, Wm., Hubbardston Kemp, Alfred, Greenville King, Aaron, Milo Knapp, Bradley, Hopkins Center Lepper, John, Hickory Corners Lewis, John, Moscow Longman, Arthur, Fulton Lyon, Wm., Kalamo Mason, Chas. Battle Creek Mead John P., South Haven Merrill, T. J., North Lansing Moore, Wesley, Lee’s Corners Mowrey, Edward S., Cedar Creek Nevers, Freeman, Leslie Norwood, Robert, Delton Norwood, Adelbert, Delton Palcott, E. C., New York Perkins, David, Saramac Perry, Edward, Alamo Perry, George, Alamo Phillips, Ira I B ., Clio Prentice, G. H., Lawton Ryan, Esbon, Moore Park Dobbins, Evan, St. Johns Rowley, Win. H., Ypsilanti Sullivan, M. D., 313 Cherry St. Detroit Spirzer, Peter, Hudsonville Smith, Win. H., Memphis Stevens, W., Eureka Throop, Phillip, Vestaburgh Tracy, Wm., Lake View Tyler, Luther G., Hickory Corners Talcott, Edwin C., Syracuse, N. Y. Vrooman...

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company I

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Capt. Myron H. Ellis, New Boston Capt. John A. Clark:, Laredo, Texas 2nd Lieut. Wm. E. Harrington,% 9Addison 2nd Lieut. E. R. Havens, Lansing Allen, A. A.. Athens Austin, Samuel, Noamiville, Iowa Beckwith, Chas., Hastings Bennett, A. L., Eaton Rapids Bitgood. Wm. W., Orangeville Billinger, Geo. W., Mt. Pleasant Bixby, Omar M., Elsie Bowman, Michael, Albra, Iowa Carmichael, Daniel L., 5916 State St., Chicago Carrier, Hockford L., Brookfield Carney, James, Ogden Center Carson, James, Big Rapids Choate, R. W., Lansing Chiveral, Fred M., Tecumseh Cook, John, Jr., County Line Cole, M. E., Woodstock Dunn, John W., Jackson Dawson, John, Cheybogan Evans, Benj. G., Springport Fairchilds, James, Eaton Rapids Gardner, Chas., White Pigeon Forsie, Joseph, Detroit Gilbert, Wm., Hesperia Gorham, Warren, Bismark, Eaton Co. Griffen, Wm. A., Augusta Hagen, Wm. C., Jackson Hardy, Benj., Los Animas, Ca. Hale. Wm. C., Toldedo Hastings, Wm., Albion Henderson, Chas., Adrion Hildreth, Chester C., Eagle Hoag, James, Mt. Pleasant Hudson, E. H., Lansing Huggett Edgar, Kalamazoo Hultz, Benj., Grand Ledge Johnson, Moses, Ola, Gratiot Co. Kendell, Nelson J., Caro Kirkland John, Milliken Kirshner, Wm. H., Hartland Laclear, Hiram, Henderson Lewis, James, Battle Creek Loomis, Henry R., Kalkaska Lucas, Milo A., Davison McCausey, Geo., Charlotte Morley, James C., Hudson McCleary, Stephen, Jerome Morton, George, Spring Lake Monaghan, John W., Springville Overholt, Wm....

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company G

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Capt. Bradley M. Thompson, Ann Arbor 1st Lieut. Geo. W. Hill, 55 E. Congress St., Detroit 2d Lieut. Butler S. Tubbs, Rose, Oakland Co Ackley, Martin L., Leslie Aldrich, Wm. D., Saginaw Arnold, John, Portland Barden, Wm. C., Battle Creek Carl, Thomas, St. Charles Chappell, E. W., Lansing Cook, Benj., Albion Cole, Emmett, Grand Ledge Covell, Albert L., Grand Rapids Courter, N. L., Terra Caia, Fl. Cunningham Frank D., Pierce City, Mo. Delbridge, Wm. A., Grand Rapids Demorest, Geo., Lapeer Elder, James, Saginaw Eldridge, Wm., Nashville Ellsworth, Samuel, Onondaga Finch, Amos, Williamston Fuller, Edwin, Pontiac Geisler, Chas., Royalton Hickman, Adam, Soldiers’ Home Howe, Leonard, Lowell Huxley, John, Owosso Isham, James, Dowling Kimball, Jas. P., Ypsilanti Lamb, Isaac, Springport Mann, Elam, Owosso McMurphy, W. O., Saginaw W. McCullough, Thomas L., Milford McKee, John R., 86 Randolph St., Detroit Moore, Emerson, Jackson Murphy, Wm., Brant Center Parker, Moses, Sugar Grove Paul, John, Guilford Peterson, Charles Grand Rapids Rachford, James T., Soldiers’ Home Shepley, Wm. C., Wallasburg, O. Sairy, Louis, Detroit Sheldon, Luther D., Ashland, O. Tubbs, S. B., Rose, Oakland Co. Van Alstine, Norman, Big Rapids Weston Francis, Pulaski Wagner, A. J., Easton Whiting, Nathaniel, Woodland...

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company F

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Capt. Stephen P. Mann,% 9Glenwood, Fla Capt. James L. Carpenter, Blisstield 1st Lieut. Winchester T. Dodge, Imiav City 1st Lieut.. Asa B. Isham, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati 2nd Lieut. Geo. Av. Ferris, Rawlings, Wyoming Alexander, Richard, Grand Rapids Andsen, E. A., Lansing Armstrong, Henry J., Louriston, Minn. Armstrong, Wm. H., Pittsford Beardsley, Clark H., Marcellus Billings, Wm. R., Grand Ledge Bolton, L. J., Palmyra Braden, Jasper, Charlotte Carr, Edward, Teconsha Cornell, Sylvester, Britton Cook, Allen, West Windsor Cross, Levi, Orangeville Curry, James A., Grand Rapids DeGraff, Peter C., Palmyra Dorman, Henry, Lamar, Mo. Dougherty, Joseph, 783 Franklin St., Detroit Fairchilds, Sueton, Charlotte Fish, John B., Mt. Pleasant Fuller, Jason H., Dallas, Barron Co., Wis. Freeman, Edgar A., 717 S. Iona St., Grand Rapids Godsmark, Geo. A., Potterville Goff, Philander B., Blissfield Gray, Benson, Jackson Grover, J. R., Iona Hatch, Geo. W., Grand Ledge Howe, George, Marshall Janes Irving, J., Marion, Ia. Jessup, Chas. H., Worthington, Ohio Keyes, James G., Oak Hill, Mo. Kimberly, Levi N., West Bay City Klay, Reuben S., Litchfield Livingston, James, Orangeville Leisenring, Oscar, Potterville Lloyd, Wm., Alltona, Mecosta Co. McIntosh, Alexander F.,% 9Hastings McLeod Thomas, Yankee Springs Meach, DeWitt C., Leslie Metty, Andrew, Ogden City Parker, Jeff, Pickney Rose. Irving, Hastings Ruggles, Norman, Oden, Emmet Co. Russell, A. P., Atlanta Mo. Seymore, Henry,...

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company C

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Lieut. Chas. M. Holton, Yakima, Washington Arnold, John, Portland Austin, Henry, Seymour Avery, Orville W., Litchfield Ahearn, Martin, Marlette Beldon, H. S., North Fairfield, Ohio Bentley, Hiram, Clear Water, Minn. Bidwell, Benj. S., Flushing Bliss, Morris M., Flushing Carr, Edward, Tekonsha Chappell Charles S., Caro Cox, William, 475 16th St., Detroit Dobson, Robert F., Saginaw, E.S. Dudley, Thomas, 575 Lincoln Ave., Detroit Dunn, Henry, 93 Baker St. Detroit Eisenberry, Edward, Holly Eldred, Jasper E., Tekonsha Gage, Wm. G., Saginaw, E. S. Gratz, Frank, Saginaw, E. S. Griffen, Bartholomew, East Jordan Gross, Peter, New Lathrop Hayes, Francis E., Mack City Helmer, Albert M., Parma Hickman, Adam, Soldier’s Home Hoover, Wm., Tuscola Hunsinger, Preston, Virginia City, Nev. Hunter, W. W., Cheboygan Hustler, Chas., Birch Run James, Henry, Layton Corners Levitt, Edward L., Montrose Lent. Daniel, Howard City Luther, Columbus, Tyner Marsh, Charles S., Lyons Markham, Wm, Spokane, Wash., Box 601 McLane, Eli, Cambden McFarland, James, Taymouth Morton, Robert, Taymouth Morrow, G. B., Kerens. Tex Parmalee, Geo. W., Flushing Perry, Oliver II., Lyman, Idaho Rose, David B., Watrousville Rock, James, Saginaw Russell, Jacob, Montrose Scholler, George, Layton Corners Sheeley, Horace, Omar, Jefferson Co., New York. Sherman, Nelson, Fairgrove Smith, James, New Lathrop Thomas, James M., Three Rivers Theret, Joshua, Royal Oak Vandaniels, Ernest, Chicago Valentine, A. N., Cadillac Voorhies,...

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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company D

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Capt. George A. Armstrong, Fresno, Cal 1st Lieut. J. Q. A. Sessions,% 9Ann Arbor 21 Lieut. Edwin Knight,% 9Eaton Rapids Anderson James, Grandville Aldrich, Stephen, Entrican Baldwin. Enoch S., Mason Barnett, William, North Branch Barr, William H., Potterville Beaverly, John, Eagle Bills, J. H., East Jordan Culver, George H., York Cook, Allen, West Windsor Covey Hiram J., Larnard, Kas. Crossett, Corodon, Battle Creek Donaldson, Frank R., Olivet Dilno, Hulbert, Battle Creek Disbro, Ralph L., Grand Ledge Dobson, George W., Litchfield Drier, Wm., Greenville Dunnett, D. W., Huthinson, Kan. Eldridge, Daniel, Halles City, Wash. Esmond, Clark, Tawas City Exner, Henry, Holt Ferris, Geo. W., Rawlings, Wyoming Fordham, John M., Osage, Iowa Geisler, Chas., Royalton Goshorn, Lewis S., Brookfield Grant, James A., Clark, South Dakota Hammil, M. V., Charlotte Hodges, Russell, Brighton Hale, Daniel L., Hersey Hale, Geo. C., Hersey Hazen, Win. O., Jackson Helmker, A. E., Holt Herring, Abram, Kalamo Herring, George W., Kalamo Holmes, Charles H., Lansing Holmes, W. Irving, Lansing Kent, Adelbert, Paris Kuhnle, John J., Detroit Lloyd, John, Assyria Center Lyon, William, St. Johns McNally, John, Charlotte Milbourn, Frank, Charlotte Migrants, Joel, Olivet Migrants, Wm. II., Charlotte Milbourn Wm., Dakota North, A. E., North Adams Olmstead, Albert, Portland Polmanteer, Peter B., Middleville Paul, W. W., Evans Payne, Geo. F.., Evans Pettibone, Picton, Brookfield Pollard,...

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