Topic: Mexican War

Jasper Greens – Savannah Georgia

J. MCMANON, Captain. G. CURLETTE, 1st Lieutenant. D. O’CONNER, 2d Lieutenant JNO. DEVAVY, 1st Sergeant. M. CAREY, 2d Sergeant. P. MARTIN, 3d Sergeant. LEO. WYLLY, 4th Sergeant. M. FERRY, lst Corporal. P. TIERNEY, 2d Corporal. T. BOURSE, 3d Corporal. OWEN RIELLY, 4th Corporal. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Privates. William Bandy W. D. Burke P. Bossu Francis Camfield James Chalmers P. Clark Patrick Cody John Coffee William Coffee James Coulihan Elijah Condon Joseph Davis Dennis Desmond Michael Downy Michael Duggan Francis Dutzmer Charles Farrelly Thomas Fenton David Fountain James Fleeting James Flynn William P. Fielding James Feely Patrick Gerrin Moses Gleason O. B. Hall Michael Hoar Timothy Howard R. M. Howard E. W. Irwin John Keegin Humphrey Leary W. S. Levi David Lynch Michael Lynch L. Mahony Henry Marony John Makin Bryan Morris Jas. McFeehilly H. V. Morel John Mcldrum William Murray Michael Murphy Daniel Murphy Hugh Murtagh Henry Nagle Dan Nickels M. M. Payne George Perminger Thomas Pidgeon John Regan Francis Reeves R. Richardson...

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Richmond Blues – Augusta Georgia

D. W. DILL, Captain. J. PHINIZY, 1st Lieutenant. A. H. MCLAWES, 2d Lieutenant. W. PHILLIPS, 1st Sergeant. D. D. MCMURPHY, 2d Sergeant. R. H. RINGGOLD, 3d Sergeant. J. F. GLOVER, 4th Sergeant. S. JOHNSON, 1st Corporal. H. BAKER, 2d Corporal. A. PHILLIP, 3d Corporal. G. GORDON, 4th Corporal. Privates. Francis Agnew Benjamin Ansley William Archy R. H. Bush John Bradey R. D. Bridges John Batly J. W. Berry P. Barret J. M. Brown John ‘PV. Conklin James Callahan F. C. Cattinet Joseph M. Collins Washington Collins Milton Cawley Timothy Crawley John C. Colo Patrick Cole M. M. Copeland N. M. Drummond William Dye Matthew Doyle C. Donovan M. Dolon Willq,in Darby William Dickson John Evans Thomas Farrell Alfred Guthrie Thomas Guideron John Griffin Michael Gaffney T. Gallagher James Hickey William S. Hawthorne E. H. Holliday T. Haley James M Jennings A. J. Knox T. Little William Larkin James Lamar James Lynch John P. McKenzie Thomas McPherson Briton Mims Andrew Michell Terrance McGuire Robert Musgrove John F. Markee W. Medlar R. W. Murray T. McCabe Martin O’Riley William Oaks William Pardue F. D. Pettagrew Bernard Rowe F. E. Roathe J. Ridde L A. G. Roberts James J. R. Roper J. E. Richardson James Riley Matetsew Smith George Shannon J. D. Salmons Lewis Sumner Willis Seay Thomas Tobin J. W. Taylor Lewis Vanzandt Jas. Wolfing Samuel Wilcox William Wiivox J. S....

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Columbus Guards – Columbus Georgia

JNO. E, DAVIES, Captain. JNO. FORSYTH, 1st Lieutenant. C. P. HERVEY, 2d Lieutenant. R. ELLIS, 1st Sergeant. J. KING, 2d Sergeant. W. C. HOLT. 3d Sergeant. W. C. HODGES, 4th Sergeant. W. G. ANDREWS, 1st Corporal. V. D. THORPE, 2d Corporal. JAS. HAMILTON, 3d Corporal. R. A. MCGIBONY, 4th Corporal. Privates. Francis J. Abbot Enoch H. Adams William Boland Elijah N. Boland John C. Blackman James M. Bugg Robert Boseman John B. Buffington Michael Claffy James Curley William E. Cropp Freeman W. Clem James E. Cammack Wesley G. Cox Robert W. Coleman William W. Crenshaw John F. Daniel Francis W. Davidson Ethelridge A. Dye John B. Elam John G. Eubanks Charles S. Fontaine Daniel Finnegan Solomon Gowan Benjamin F. Graves William B. Gilliam William H. Hallman Lafayette 11. Harwell Absalom Hollingsworth John E. Hagan George A. Huckaby James B. Hickey William W. Huff Calvin A. Hearne John R. Ivey M. Johnson Marks Kanz William Kayler Bailey B. Light Malcolm F. McNeil William P. McGehee H. L. McGehee Patrick McDonald Phillips Mooney William W. McCall William H. Mitchell Marion Mallsby Alfred Mays Thomas Mulligan William P. Martin George Pervis Gustavus A. Parker P. D. Roberts Snowden Roberts Thomas Y. Redd Erastus Roland William F. Ruff Hugh Reese Lewis Rix Cyrus Robertson John T. Sledge Asberry Seats Edward R. Sloat William Sells Joseph Shippey Charles Smith Nathaniel S. Turner William Woods...

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Biography of Colonel Edward J. Steptoe

The available records of the Steptoe family go back to the year 1697, when Anthony and John Steptoe, brothers, located in Lancaster County, Virginia. From one of these was descended Colonel James Steptoe of “Hominy Hall,” on the Lower Potomac. Colonel James Steptoe arose in military rank from the militia of his colony, and his career in the profession of arms began with his appointment as captain of “a company of horse” in 1734, from which position he was promoted to the office of colonel. He was twice married, and there were born to him six children. One of...

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Biography of James Claiborn McNair

JAMES CLAIBORN McNAIR. The subject of this sketch is an intelligent and enterprising gentleman, who from boyhood has been interested in agricultural pursuits. He is a thorough master of his business, has spent many years of his life in developing the country, and is now in comfortable circumstances. He was born in Knox County, Tennessee, August 24, 1822, a son of Col. Jack and Mary Ann (Sherertz) McNair, who were born in Sullivan County, Tennessee, in July, 1784 and February 5, 1803, respectively, and were married in Knox County, July 12, 1821. They removed to the Cherokee Nation, now Bradley County, Tennessee, and in 1851 to Union County, Illinois, where the father died in October, 1852. His widow and children then removed to Pleasant Hill, Missouri. and in this State the mother still resides at the advanced age of ninety-one years, her home being with her son James. The father was a well-to-do farmer, liberal and generous in the use of his means, and was proverbially kind-hearted and liberal in his views. He was captain of a company during the War of 1812 and some of the Indian wars, afterward he was colonel of militia, and during the war with the Creek Indians acted in the perilous capacity of a spy. His father, James McNair, was one of the pioneers of east Tennessee, in which State he died; he...

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Biography of John May

JOHN MAY. The grandfather of our subject, Caswell May, was a native of the Keystone State, but at an early date came to Tennessee, and was among the pioneers there. He descended from prominent Dutch stock, and became one of the representative men of Tennessee. His son, Adam May, father of subject, was born in Tennessee, and was married in that State to Miss Elizabeth McGinnis. After his marriage he located on a farm in Washington County, and there he and wife passed the remainder of their days. The following children were born to them: Mary, Anna, Emaline, Elizabeth, Caswell, David, John (subject), Catherine, Jesse, Martin, Amanda and Adam. Of these, Caswell, John, Jesse, Emaline, Elizabeth and Adam came to Missouri, settling in the southwest part of the State. All married and all reared families. The original of this sketch was born in Washington County, Tennessee, November 7, 1825, and was a young man when he came to this State. He resided one year in Greene County, and then came to Taney County, where he worked on a farm. During the Mexican War he enlisted in Rall’s regiment at Springfield, and served about eighteen months, fighting Indians in the mountains for the most part. Returning from the war, he was married in 1848 to Miss Amanda Morgan, daughter of Washington Morgan, who lives on Beaver Creek above Kissee Mills,...

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Biography of Barnett P. Parrish

BARNETT P. PARRISH. Although almost eighty years have passed over the head of the gentleman who is the subject of this sketch, he is well preserved, physically and mentally, and is a typical representative of the native Ohioan, honest and upright in word and deed, energetic and pushing, and of a decidedly practical turn of mind. He was born in the Buckeye State September 13, 1818, and is a son of Ira O. W. W. and Ruth (Cheneworth) Parrish. It is thought that the father was a Virginian by birth, but at an early date he was married in Ohio and, when our subject was but seven or eight years of age, he and family removed to Vermillion County, Indiana, and in 1835 to Illinois. Later they left that State and settled in the woods of Polk County, Missouri, improved a farm, and there passed the remainder of their lives, Mr. Parrish dying a number of years after the war, when eighty-three years of age. He was a well-to-do farmer and hotel man, and was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was of Irish descent. His wife died before the war. They were the parents of nine children: William Thomas, who died when a boy; Barnett P., the subject of this sketch; Casandria, deceased, who was the wife of Calvin Gaylor; Joseph, a soldier of the Mexican...

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Biography of Dr. J. C. B. Dixon

DR. J. C. B. DIXON. One of the old and honored medicine men and citizens of Howell County, Missouri, is Dr. C.B. Dixon. This gentleman was born in Tennessee, August 20, 1823, and is a son of Thomas and Ann (Maybury Dixon. The grandfather, Edam Dixon, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He moved from North Carolina to Tennessee while the Indians were still in that section, and was one of the nine pioneers in East Tennessee. The father of our subject was born in North Carolina, became a substantial farmer, and died in Tennessee, as did also his wife, when the Doctor was but a child. The latter was the youngest of seven children, and from an early age was obliged to make his own way in life. He grew to boyhood among the Cherokee Indians in Tennessee, secured but a limited education, and at an early age began working on a farm. As he grew older he saw the need of a better education and began to apply himself. In the year 1845 he took up the study of medicine under Dr. Miles of Kentucky, and subsequently attended the Louisville Medical College of Kentucky. Five years later he began practicing in Bullitt County, Kentucky, and made his home in that State until 1865. During a part of that time he was engaged in merchandising, and met...

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Biography of Alfred J. Dunegan

ALFRED J. DUNEGAN. Of the many men who are engaged in tilling the soil in Ozark County, Missouri, none is more thrifty, honest and persevering than he whose name heads this sketch. He has followed the occupation of farming from his earliest boyhood, and as a result every detail of this line of human endeavor is familiar to him, and he may be said to be an honor to the calling. He was born in White County, Tennessee, in 1817, of which State his parents, Samuel and Sallie (Speers) Dunegan, were also natives, in which State they made their home until 1843, when they removed by wagon to Wayne County, when that section was wild and unsettled. Mrs. Dunegan died there shortly before the war, after which Mr. Dunegan came to Ozark County, and was here called from life about 1880. His father, Absalom Dunegan, is supposed to have been a North Carolinian, from which section he removed to Tennessee, dying in White County when Alfred J. was a small lad. He was by occupation a hammersmith, as was also his son Samuel, and the latter also followed the calling of a potter for some years. He was the father of eight children as follows: Alfred J.; Charley was a soldier with Sterling Price, and was killed at Santa Fe, N. M. during the Mexican War; Samuel is a...

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Biography of Hon. Steven L. Wiles

HON. STEVEN L. WILES. Mr. Wiles is a prominent citizen of Polk Township, and one whose constancy to the business in hand and whose thrift have added so greatly to the value of the agricultural region. He is a native of North Carolina, was born in Surry County in the year 1831, and is the son of Steven and Rachel (Steelman) Wiles, also natives of Surry County, N. C. Our subject’s paternal grandfather, Steven Wiles, was born in England and there reared and married. Prior to the Revolutionary War he came to the United States and located in Surry County, N. C., where the remainder of his days were passed in tilling the soil. He served his adopted country six years in the Revolution and was a brave and faithful soldier. He was the father of seven sons and two daughters, among whom were the following: Pierson, John, Luke, Hiram, Gillam and Steven. The name of the other child is forgotten. Our subject’s maternal grandfather, Charles Steelman, also an Englishman, was reared and married in that country. He came to the United States previous to the Revolution but was not a soldier. He was a farmer and passed the remainder of his life in North Carolina. The parents of our subject grew to mature years in their native county and received limited educations in the common schools. They were...

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Biography of William Proctor, M. D.

WILLIAM PROCTOR, M. D. (deceased), was a physician who always loved knowledge and as a physician was devoted to his profession, careful in his investigations and gave all the time he could find in his busy life to books and periodicals devoted to medicine and surgery. His range of information was broad, and during the many years he pursued the calling of AEsculapius he won a wide reputation and a large practice. He was born in Petersburg, Virginia, in 1826, and died January 10, 1890, when sixty-four years of age. He was a graduate of William and Mary College, of Virginia, and studied law under his father, Thomas Proctor, who subsequently moved to Tennessee, where the Doctor was his stenographer. During the Mexican war the Doctor joined a Tennessee regiment and fought through the war. He was in the battle of Buena Vista and the City of Mexico, and had command of the flags on the rampart. For bravery he was promoted to the rank of captain on the battlefield at Chepultepec, when seventeen years of age. After the war he went to Warren County, Kentucky; where he studied medicine. Later he went to the University of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia, and subsequently began practicing in Warren County. When the Civil War broke out he was Government contractor for the Federal Government and furnished a post at Bowling Green with...

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Biography of R. D. C. Griffin

R. D. C. GRIFFIN. The name of Griffin is well known throughout Searcy County, for it has been connected with the business interests of this section for a long term of years, and is the synonym of honesty, industry and business integrity. Mr. Griffin was born in Huntsville, Ala., August 31, 1828, a son of Jesse and Sarah W. (Brooks ) Griffin, who removed first from Alabama to Tennessee, and in 1846 to Searcy County, Arkansas, where they entered a tract of land on which the father lived until his death, which occurred in 1886. Throughout the active years of his life, or from early manhood, he was a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, was a member of the old Arkansas Conference and preached at many different points throughout the State. It may with truth be said of him that he was the father of the Methodist Church in this county. Mrs. Griffin was born in the Old North State and died in January, 1891, having become the mother of tlle following children: Minerva (Mrs. Chandler); R. D. C.; J. L., who is living in this county; Lucinda, who is the Widow Hollobaugh; Wade, who was killed in the explosion of a mill, and John W., who is a Methodist preacher of Boone County, Arkansas R. D. C. Griffin was a young man when the family came...

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Biography of Maj. Charles Galloway

In the veins of the gentleman whose name heads this sketch flows sterling Scotch blood, for his paternal grandfather, James Galloway, was born in the land of ” thistles and oatmeal,” of Scotch parents. He immigrated to this country from the land of his birth in early manhood and later settled in the district known as the old Crab Orchard, Kentucky He was the founder of the family in this country, and eventually passed from life in Knox County, Tennessee He was one of the pioneers of that State, was active in its development, and took part in a number of engagements with the Indians, when his home and that of his neighbors was threatened. Politically he is a Democrat. He reared a family of four sons and five daughters, Jesse Galloway, the father of the subject of this sketch, being one of the former and a native of the “dark and bloody ground.” He was taken to Tennessee when quite small, and after residing there until about sixty years of age he removed to Indiana, and in 1839 became a resident of Barry County, Missouri, of which place he was a resident until his death ten years later. Like his father before him he was a Democrat, and also like him he was active in assisting in the settlement of his section, which at that time was in...

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Biography of William Munks

WILLIAM MUNKS. – Mr. Munks, an excellent portrait of whom is placed in this history, is a veteran of several wars, as well as a pioneer, trapper and scout in the early days of the Pacific coast. He is to-day one of the most widely known men on Puget Sound, being often called “king of the Fidalgo Island” as he was the first white man to locate on its shores. It was then a part of Whatcom County, Washington Territory, but is now included in the boundary of Skagit. Mr. Munk was the first white man that lived within the present confines of the latter county, and was born in Canton, Ohio. At the early age of six years he suffered the loss, by death, of his father. Upon the breaking out of the war with Mexico, he enlisted in the Fifteenth Infantry, United States volunteers, under General (then Colonel) George W. Morgan, with whom he remained until the close of hostilities. The military record of the family is rather bright, his grandfather having served in the war for independence, his father in the war of 1812, and his only brother following the fortunes of Sherman on his march to the sea. In 1849 he left the East to seek his fortune in the far West. After hunting and trapping for a time on the western slope of the...

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Biography of Col. La Fayette Mosher

COL. LA FAYETTE MOSHER. – There is perhaps no resident of Oregon more widely known and generally respected than L.F. Mosher. He has held so many prominent positions, and is so well qualified to fill them, that it only seems a natural thing to see him in the senate, and as a justice of the supreme court. He was born in Benton County, Kentucky, September 1, 1824. So entirely did he bend his energies tot he gaining of an education, that at the age of nineteen years we find him a graduate of Woodward College, Cincinnati, where he carried off honors on June 30, 1843. After graduating, he acted as deputy clerk of the supreme court of Hamilton County, where he remained until the breaking out of the Mexican war. He at once came valiantly forward and joined the Fourth Ohio Regiment, and served in the brigade of General Joseph Lane until the close of the war. When the war was ended he entered the law office of Pugh & Pendleton, the members of the firm being ex-Senator George E. Pugh, now deceased, and ex-Senator George H. Pendleton. He was admitted to the bar in May, 1852, and at once began the practice of his profession in Cincinnati. He came to Oregon with General Lane in 1853, landing in Portland in May of that year. The following months he...

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