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1756, December 25, Fort Lowdson

May it please your excellencey I must beg live to trouble your Excellency with a few lines as Capt. DeBrahm is a going down, the Seven Month in front there was a fiold day order’d and Capt Damorce had the _____ of war Read to...

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1757, April 24

May it please your Excellency I have received your Excellencys letter of the 30th of Last Monthy, And in pursuance to your order I here Inclose and Acct. of the sums dispurs’d by me. When I was in Town I acquainted Your...

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8, Tanifsee Rv. Fort Smintorium

Directions for ____Fortiffications for this & following Days 1 while no proper care has ben taken in setting the pallisadors (ponchins) according to comone Knowledge: yea aginft Directions (manny times given Everyday)...

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It takes a village to grow a family tree!
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