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1759, 15 May, Fort Loudoun

Sir Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now The Bearer of this is one Maximilliam More whom I acquainted you Excellency I had sent to Highwafsie for on purpose to send him out Accompany’d by one of my Soldiers to recon___trie the place where is was Reported the French were fortifying themselves, before he sett of I was informed that it was not Coosawatchee, but about Seventy mile farther where that River & Coosa River makes a Fork. He Accordingly sett off & carried his Son, Who no Accompany’s him, a young Lad very verry much Attach’d to our Interest and another Young Lad along with him, as they could do nothing of themselves for fear of being discovered, when they were arrived within Eight Mile, of the place, the Son desired his Father & the white men to hide themselves in a Cane Swamp Untill he & his Mate should return, which would be in two nights when he Came to the place where the Two...

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1759, 12 May, Fort Loudoun

Sir As Charles McGunigham was going to town I have detained him two days to Acquaint you Excellency with what has happened here Lately when the Mortar was here, the Little Carpenter sent Fiftoe one of the head men of Theowee over with a Mefsage to be Easy & Quiet until he Came home, & that he had made every thing up in Virginia, the same night one Moytoy & two mor head men of Settico Stay’d all night in the town house with the mortar, & next morning three Gang’s out of that town sett out under pretence of Going a hunting but there Scheme was of Going to war Against the Back Inhabitants of Virginia. A few day’s ago two gangs Returned with three white men’s Scalp’s, & last Thursday Night Moytoy and his Gang returned & brought in Twelve Scalps, Men, Women, & Children, they same Night the Great Warrior who had gone down the river a little way Returned & Complained very much to him of the behaviour of the Settico people. He declared that the knew nothing of it, & if he had been here nothing of that shou’d have happened. I desired him to tell old Hopp, the Standing Turkey & himself to come & dine this day with me, to consult what was to be done on this Occafsion that I might...

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Copy of Orders

Coppie of orders Sir You are to proceed with y command to hihewasey if the Cattel Should not be arrive when you come there, you are to wait till they Come up, then you are to efcort them to this place, you are charged abuve all things to take great care of y men, incase of an attack from any of our Enemies Indians, I leave that intirely to y. good conduct, out you most take the best method you can for the preservation of y. men for the good of his majesty Service and to prevent any confufsion amongst them for one pted in those places you could not easly rally again, then you would be in danger, fight without giving way to them, Let them be what number they will, Given under my hand at Fort Loudoun Jully the 1 1757 Signed Ray Demere To Ensign Joseph Loyd if the Cattel Should not be there when you arrive Send imediately an Exprefs to acquaint he that has the charge of em, that you are waiting for them to escort then over the hills Sir you are to proceed to Keowee with the command that I have ordered, when you arrive there, you are to See all publick Store designed for this Guarrison, as well as anything else belonging to the Officers Out of that fort and excort...

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1757, August 31, Fort Loudoun

Sir The 21st of the Instant arrived here and Exprefs from M. Atkins the Agent at Winchester in Virginia, with a Letter for me and another for old Hop and the warrious, I shall not Mention any thing of that Letter, as I doubt not but Your Excellency has Received a Coppy of the Same beore now from Fort Prince George. As the Exprefs told me that he had wrote it himself and gave it to Ensign Bogges that it might be sent to you. The next day I sent for old Hop and the _____of the Warriours, and beig Assembled read to them M. Atkins Letter they said but Little on that Subject, they set down to their Dinner and an hour sent for the Exprefs, the desired him to write a letter them to the Governour of Virginia, and Inclosed I send you a Coppy of it. On the 24th Instant Coldifson arrived here with Letters from Your Excellency, I immediately sent word to Old Hopp and the other head men that an Exprfs was come from Charlestown and desired them to be at the fort the next day, They came Except old Hopp, ( the reason of his not Coming was that on of Grand children was Sick) The Carpenter, the Great Warriour and Other head said that they where Enough and that I might read...

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2 May 1759, Fort Loudoun

Sir j have recived your Dispatch five Days ago James Holmes and yesterday j recived another from Lieut Coytmore. j am to acquaint you Excellency that the Mortar with his Gang is gone, not to the Place where he intended, (because j did anything in my Power to prevent it) but to Catowa in one of the Forks of Cousa River below Cousavatee about thirty miles. Everything is quiet at present Maximilian More is not come yet but j Expect him Every Day. the 27 of Last month arrived here the great Warrior, with a Scalp of a French Indian as he told me, they have lost one of their People in the Expedition, as I had no presents then to give them, j told him that I expected some Every Day and when they came j would reward them, he told me that it was very well, and went away Satisfied. He told me, that one Day as he was coming back, he met with one thick Leg’s Gang on the Scout, who told him that they were going towards the French Fort with three whit Men full resolved to do mischief and to bring a French Prisoner alive. the Same Day that he arrived j told him in private that Since he went away, Old Hop and the Standing Turkey had given me Room to be on...

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Muster Roll of Capt. John Postells Company

A Muster Roll of Capt. John Postells Company Beginning July 16th & Ending March 25th 1757 both days . . Served Mo. …. Men’s Names Entered Discharged Mo. days . Sum’s due Anthony Holzendorf   Serj. July July 26 8 3 20 162.00 George Ulrich 26 8 3 162.00 Thomas Turner Corp. 26 8 3 121.10 Solomon Witham Capt. 31 7 28 119.00 Andrew Black.,. Drum 18 8 11 15 125.10 Jacob Bowley 27 8 2 121.00 William Busby 31 7 28 119.00 Jacob Connor 26 8 3 121.10 ValentineCronick 28 8 1 120.10 Lewis Committer 28 8 1 120.10 Leonard Campbell 24 8 5 122.10 Joseph Colson 31 7 28 119.00 Lewis Colson 21 8 8 124.00 Frederick Doore 19 8 10 125.00 Peter Desiger 31  7 28 119.00 John Evans 31 7 28 119.00 George Henner 26  8 3 121.10 Henry Hammond 28 8 1 120.10 Thomas Hill 26  8 3 121.10 Tobias Hartshog 27 8 2 121.00 John Huber 28 8 1 120.10 Jacob Hummerbiller 31 7 28 119.00 Jacob Hairlong 27 8 2 121.00 Frederick–Hoof 26 8 3 121.10 Thomas Hodge 28 8 1 120.10 Solomon-Holmes 30 7 29 119.10 Geo. Holsinger 31 7 28 119.10 Robert Jefferson 31 7 28 119.10 Warren Jackson 29  8 . 120.00 Frederick How: 20  8 9 124.10 Samuel Jackson 29 8 . 120.00 Joseph Lambert 27  8 2 121.00...

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1757, May

May It Please your Excellency I had the Honr. to writ your Ecellency by Cold iron and inlos an Acct. of the expenditure of the Money Lodged in my hands. Since I am favour’d with your Excellency’s letter to Eggin M. Doharty Supply d me with 23 Head of Small Catle for which I gave him a Certificate of 150. The Catle we had Intelligence of proves false, M. Goudy writs me that he has no Beacon, Gallman Ac. me of 2100 he has purchased and now on the Road, if the supply your Excellency mentions arrives sometime next month we may do well enough, there is a great deal of provisons exp__ed besides the _ayl__ allowance by the Indians who are going to war and others continually at the Fort, I find my presenceis wanted at fort Prince George where I have reason to believe the stores of provisions are not ménaged as I could wish, if pofsibly I can I will take a trip there very soom. I lost two Valuable Horses at M. Doharty. I coud be of anb infinite more Service to this place if I was constantly at Keowee and congarees. I am with Respect Your Excellency’s Most obedient Humble Servant John...

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1759, January 27, Fort Loudoun

Sir Few Days ago the Hunters brought me a very Large Tyger’s Skin with the Clawths on’t, and only a fine Beaver Skin, cased as j gave them Directions, with the Clawths, Head, and Tail, j have Sent them to be dressed, and as Soon they are ready j shall Send them to your Excellency. J have likewise a Nest of jndians Baskets, most finished, if they are agreeable to you, j shall Send them also. J Expect more Skins by other Hunter’s when you Excellency Shall thinck proper to have me released j shall be infinitly obliged if you lett me know Some time before. J am with the greatest Regard. Sir Your Excellency’s Most obedient & most humble Servant Paul...

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1757, July 9, Fort Loudon Letter 2

Sir This Acknowledges the receit of your Excellency’s Letter, which I should have Answered Sooner, but nothing Matterial happening I Omitted it, as I did not care to be troublesome to your Excelency. The Fort is Pallisaded all round Agreable to M. Debrahm’s plan, and a Row of Barrack’s built for the Soldiers, There is a few other houses to build which When done is all wee are Capable of doing. Captain Demere has ordered me to take the Charge of Captain Postells Compy during his Absence and Acquainted me that your Excellency wanted a Muster Roll of the Said Company to the 25th March which I have Inclosed and cant Pretend to Say its absolutely right aaas I am Quite a Stranger to the Company, but it is a coppy from one left with the Commifsary by Capt. Postell, As Capt. Demere & Captain Stuart wrties your Excellency in rigard to this place, it would be Needlefs for me to Enter upon that Subject, I am with Great Respect. Your Excellency’s Most Humble & Most Obedient Servant P....

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1757 July, Fort Loudoun

Sir By Dennis Hegan I was honoured with your Excellys Letter of 9th ultimate, I can with pleasure Afsure your Excellency that Since my arriavall here I have not been able to discover anything in the behaviour of the Indians but what denotes good humour & Freindship, and give me Reason to hope that the Machinations of the french & Their Emmifaries are Frustrated. I shall now, Sir, From what Light I have acquired give your Excellency the best Idea I can of the State of the Trade in this Nation, when I said that he traders durst not go to Charles Town, I meant on Account of their debt. The Only personin these overhill Towns, who has for Some years past been able to Supply the Indians properly is Elliot, who’s character Your Excelly is no Stranger too. I am informed that his horses are now gone to Charles Town for Goods. M. McQueen can tell whether they will bring up any and what quantity, besides him there are two or three on this Side the Mountain who by importing Small Cargoes make a shif_ to Live but are very insufficient to Supply the Towns, Tallico wants a trader much, they have never been properly Supplyed Since Goudy left off Storekeeping there. Excepte Elliot I know of no Trader in this Nation that has Credit Enough to procure...

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1759, November 2, From Attah Kallah Kallah

To His Excellency Governour Lyttelton From Attah Kallah Kallah I take this early opportunity of writing to the Governour being now mett with the head men of my Town. I am Returned from war and am come to live with my Brothers who were sent up here at my Desire. When they first came Amongst us. It was agreed that they and my people should be as Brothers and live together in unity and Friendship. They came here to defend us and I promised to defend them and that the fire should forever burn clear between us. It was then the Governours desire that he should hear no complaints. I _rilie my people and it was allwise been my Endeavour to procure them Supplies of necefsaries and that they should Give no Cause of Complaint. The Governour Gave me a String of Beads when I was last in Town. I am in hopes of having, soon an Invitation to go down and See him, then I will Carry the String of Beads which he gave me when the Governour sees them, and hears what I have done I hope he will take off the Black Beads and Leave none4 but the White on the String. My thoughts are Constantly bent on Going to war Against his and our Enemies and any Talk to my peole is that hey behave...

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1756, October 14, From the English Camp

As I was busy about dispatching M. Crayton I coud not answer your letter before ______which I ______open in which you begg the _______of me not to move one man Employed by your dircetoion in the fortification, and not to give any other order concerning the fortification, but not such as are entrly agreable to your Dircetions, you further desire that I may not give orders for anything I want done but apply to you in a private mannerm because as you say, it woud confound you in your heavy charge in which you are (Unus and __us) what you further add I suppose you Intent as a reflection upon my conduct when you desire that I would rather please to lett you have the 120 working hands per Kiem agreable to the Gov. orders to me. Now as this letter from you was occafsioned by that wrote to me by the Commifsary which was published last night in orders I must acquaint you that if it gives you no concern what becomes of the __________ _ores and provifions for the support of the people under my charge I as commanding officer here know my Duty too well to let them perish I must put you in mine of one thing which you seem to have forgott or to be ignorant off, vis that no man here is under...

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1757, July 6, Roll of Captain John Postells Company

An Effective Roll of Captain John Postells Company July 6th 1757 Captain John Postell Lieutenant Maurice Anderson Ensign Joseph Lloyd Anthony Holsendorf  Serj. Thomas Turner Corp. Andrew Black Drum George Ulrick  Solomon Witham Jacob Bowrly Frederick Hoof Peter Sandwell William Busby Frederick Houx John Simonds Jacob Connor ThomasHodge William Starky Lewis Committer Solomon Holmes Gosper Starky Leonard Campbell Geroge Holsinger William McFall Lewis Colson Robert Jefferson William Strawthers Frederick Dore SamuelJackson George Strawthers Peter Designer Joseph Lambert Nicholas Thorne Nicholas Fritts Emanuel Miller Elias Tage Thomas Hill John Nagerly Henry Tilmore Henry Hammond Gosper Oth Frederick Ulmore Tobias Hartshog George Poole Lewis Ulmore John Hover Jacob Rode John Wolf Jacob Hummerbiller Daniel Bingall George Weaver Jacob Hairlong Harmon Rash Edward Williams George Hammer William Rode Bushrod Thomas Jasper Nagerly P....

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1757, May 29, Letter 2

Sir I had the honour of acqainting your Excellency by M. Gray of having at last got here. I enclose to your Excellency a Muster Roll of my Company from their first Enterance into the service to the 14th Current. The Summs due to each drawer out the whole for Private Men Officers and Sergents after deducting what I have received amounting to 8262.3.4_________-it is properly certified by the Commifsary and I have wrote upon it Something Equall to an ___dersationin favour of M. Charles Ogaloy who will wait upon Your Wxcellency for the order to Receive the amount. I have of this date ______Several orders on M. ogeloy in favour of the Officers and people. When my company was mustered at the Congress I read to them the Articles of war and told them that they were enlisted for six months certain and longer if necefsary to Compleat the fort, but that as in such expeditions accidents might happen to occasion their being detained longer it was impofsible to Stipulate the exact time I desired such as were unwilling to proceed on those terms to declare it then and they should be difsmifsed but not one objected and all proceeded cheerfully. Captain Demere will axquaint your Excellency of the visible alteration in the Behaviour of the Indians on the Return of the Little Carpenter. I hope the Different Parties...

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