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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book M

Page 84 31 1856 Nancy Peck, widow of Elliott Peck dec’d, formerly of McMinn Co. but now of Murray Co., Ga., to Washington W. Peck formerly of McMinn Co. but now of Murray Co., Ga.; her dower in land where Elliott lived and where she lived until Dec 1854. 32 10 Sep 1853 A.R. Byington and wife Mary J. to Wesley Gaston. 34 19 Feb 1857 John Smith to William A., James C., John D., and Sarah J. Fain. 35 10 Feb 1858 John M. Crow of Bradley Co. to Mary Duncan; acknowledged in Bradley Co. before John H. Payne., D.C. 37 30 Oct 1854 Holloway Powers to David R. McCuistian and George H. Powers; land with exception of 25 acres in a square where the new house stands, which is reserved to Holloway for his lifetime. 38 9 Nov 1855 George H. Power to David R. McCuistian; his undivided interest in land purchased from Holloway Power in his lifetime. 39 9 Feb 1858 John F. Power to Lewis Stanton; Deed of Trust for land and property; Kelsey H. Power has become his endorser on note. (42a) {This deed is not copied in the book, but is inserted between pages 42 and 43. It is written in red and brown ink and has plats of the land sold.} (45) 7 Sep 1857 Charles a. Proctor to William Russell Proctor...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book N

Page 98 1 25 Feb 1862 John Vaughan of Monroe Co. to Lucy Rothwell. 2 26 Feb 1862 Ann E. Pope, wife of Fielding Pope, of Blount Co. to Stephen K. Reeder, lots 92 and 93 in Athens for which she, Ann E. Hammon before her marriage, gave Title Bond on 21 Oct 1856; acknowledged in Blount Co. apart from her husband , Rev. F. Pope. 3 19__1860 Thomas Gibson to daughter Mahaly J. Jones; for love and affection. 4 17 Sept 1859 “Fisher’s Heirs, Deed, Boyd Porter”; James F.H. Gregory and wife Adoreus, Andrew Cowan and wife Margaret, and John Fisher to Boyd Porter; all their interest in land. 5 13 Jan 1862 John E. Hickox to Ferdinand Jett; one house and lot near Athens, bound on West by the public road leading to Mont Verd Mills. 6 10 Jan 1862 James C. Fain; the undivided one half interest in land. 9 7 Mar 1862 John L. Bridges, Clerk and Master, to James M. and A.L. Henderson; lots belonging to widow and heirs of A. D. Keyes dec’d sold 11 Oct 1860; lot 12 in Athens, with house thereon, to James M. Henderson and lot 19 to A.L. Henderson. 12 15 Jan 1862 Morin E. Wamack, and heir of Ezekiel Bonner dec’d , to James Gregory, Adm. of James Bonner dec’d, for the benefit of the heirs of...

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McMinn County Tennessee Grant Book A

Page 1 267 91 Dec 1829 Act of Relief by the General Assembly for Nancy Allison, widow of Uriah Allison dec’d late of Roane Co. and for benefit of his heirs, three small female children. (302) 11 Jan 1836 The heirs are Mariah S., Catherine I. And Mary Allison. 288 910 Nov 1820 Abraham Heard enters land; 1824, James Kennedy, Sr. pays the interest; 21 July 1835 Nancy Kennedy, late Nancy Heard, Abram A. Heard, John Joseph Heard, Pryor Lea and wife late Minerva Ann Heard, George Felix Hears, and Joshua T. Heard, legatees of Col. Abraham Heard dec’d, pay the balance. 294 8 Nov 1820 Henry Bradford of Jefferson Co. makes Entry and assigns it 302 9Copy of Will of Samuel Tillery dec’d of Rhea Co., executed Feb. 1827, and registered May 1827; to wife Anna; my daughters as they come of age; my four sons, Coffel, Thomas, Hugh and Samuel as they come of age; brother John and brother-in-law Thomas Bell, both of Knox Co., to be Execs. 305 9John Brown of Roane Co. enters land. 306 97 Sep 1822 Charles White assigns Entry to Welcome Howel; 28 Dec 1827, Benjamin Longacre, Adm. Of Welcome Howel, dec’d, pays balance. 351 919 Dec 1830 John Walker, Esq., Gdn. Of Elizabeth H. Murphy, heir of James Murphy dec’d, pays balance on Entry made by James Murphy 18 Nov 1820....

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McMinn County, Tennessee Grant Book B

Page 3 112 913 Feb 1828 Miller Francis, Treas. Of East Tenn., to pay John Miller of the Cherokee Nation of Indians for his reservation; land in Rhea Co. 133 97 Nov 1820 John Bunch of Grainger Co. purchases land in McMinn Co.; 5 May 1821 he assigns entry 184 30 July 1824 John and William Goddard enter land n McMinn Co. as occupant 9enterer 6 Nov 1830 William Goddard and John Campbell, Adms. Of John 9Goddard dec’d assign the entry. 193 93 May 1831 Cause heard in Chancery Court. James, Benjamin, William, John, Joseph, Rolla, and Polly Hawkins, David Newman and wife, Sally, formerly Hawkins, john Campbell and wife Blanche late Hawkins, Greenville, William, Nancy and Polly Templeton, children of John Templeton and wife Nancy, late, Hawkins are complainants and heirs of Benjamin Hawkins for land in McMinn Co. 388 924 Aug 1825 24 Aug 1825 James Kennedy Sr. and Seaborn J. Saffold enter land in McMinn Co.; 13 June 1836 S.J. Saffold relinquishes his interest to Mrs. Nancy Kennedy; 10 August 1836 Pryor Lea, Exec. Of James Kennedy Sr. dec’d, according to provisions of the Will, assigns entry to Mrs. Nancy...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Grant Book C

Page 4 3 928 Apr 1824 Charles Matlock assigns his entry to Jessee and John Davidson; John assigns; 2 June 1828 Jessee assigns to Catharine Davidson and Sarah Beal. 94 9″William Casey, John Casey, james Casey, Nancy wife of Benjamin Casey, George Watson, Eliza Casey, Lariat Casey wife of Ruse Sterling Casey, Sam Casey and Elizabeth Casey, widow of James Casey, deceased, her dower. William John James, Nancy wife of Benjamin McKinsey, Elizabeth wife of George Watson, Sarah wife of Ruse Sterling, Samuel and Elizabeth Casey. Lewis, widow of james Casey, Dec. her dower.” Grant issued 3 Feb 1839 on Act of General Assembly of 25 Oct 1831, Chapter 27, to heirs of James Casey dec’d. 389 921 Sept 1847 Mary Fulks now Mary Ivins has lost her...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book A

Page 5 4 12 Sept 1833 Isaac Anderson, Mary W. Anderson, A.B. Weir, Elizabeth Weir, Newton Armstrong, Martha Armstrong formerly Elizabeth and Martha Anderson to William W. Anderson, All of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. To sell land in Rockbridge Co., Va. On waters of North River and being land owned by Robert Anderson dec’d; land adjoins Daniel and Robert Rhea on the East and Land formerly owned by William Walker on the South. 7 23 Jan 1834 Lewis Clark of Lumpkin Co., Ga. To Isaac Lowery of McMinn Co.; Bill of sale for slave Lucy. 11 30 Oct 1833 Spencer Beavers, Sheriff, to Samuel Shelton; Judgment recovered 17 Apr 1830 against Rachel and Aaron Bennet. 21 15 Jan 1834 James W. Hope of Washington Co., Va to David Pearce. 23 27 Oct 1833 Henry Bradford to Henry E. Bradford, age about one year, son of Henry C. Bradford; Bill of Sale for slave 24 8 Sept 1826 [sic] John McEntosh of McMinn Co to Samuel Parks and James McDaniel of Monroe Co; proven in Court 16 Mar 1821, Young Colville, Clk 26 11 Apr 1821 Templin W. Ross and wife Eliza of Cherokee Nation to George Harlin of same. 31 20 Sept 1821 John Walker Sr. to John Walker, Jr.; bill of sale for slaves. 32 14 June 1821 John Walker Sr. to Thomas C. Henderson of Rhea...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book B

Page 7 1 4 Sept 1826 Matthias Firestone to Samuel Firestone: signed in German 5 3 Nov 1825 Elizabeth and James Fields heirs of Andrew Miller dec’d of the Cherokee Nation to Samuel McConnell; land, part in McMinn Co and part in Monroe Co., claimed by said Miller as a life estate reservation. 7 3 Nov 1825 Joseph Crutchfield and George Hicks, Execx. Of Andrew Miller dec’d, all of Cherokee nation, to Samuel McConnell; said miller’s Reservation part in McMinn Co and part in Monroe Co. 8 8 27 Oct 1826 Jourdon T. Counsel of Knox Co. to George M. Lavender of the Cherokee nation. 16 30 Jan 1828 William Forester of McMinn Co. to Robert Forester of Monroe Co 20 1 Sept 1828 Spencer Beavers, Sheriff, to heirs of Stanwix Hord: Bill of Sale for Slave 21 Nov 1825 Unstequah or Big Mush of Cherokee Nation to Gideon Morgan Jr of McMinn Co.; Chocktaw, a Cherokee, on 21 Jul 1819 registered as head of an Indian family, for a reservation between South and middle fork of Goodfield Creek and he has died leaving Unstequah his natural born son and only heir. 24 30 Mar 1824 John Oldham of Thea Co. to Nat Smith; Bill of Sale for slave. 25 29 Dec 1826 Thomas Taylor of Claiborne Co. to Nat Smith: Bill of sale for slaves. 27 30 Apr...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book D

Page 15 1 16 July 1835 James Smith of Lincoln Co., Power of Atty. To Mathew Stephenson and John Lyons both of Habersham Co., Ga., to sell land on Red River is Texas; acknowledged in Davidson Co. 4 29 Sept 1835 James Smith of Lincoln CO. by his Attys. In fact Mathew Stephenson and John Lyon of Habersham Co, Ga. To Wiott W. Bailey and david Cochran of Smith Co: $3,864.50; undivided 22ned part of two tracts of land on SW bank of Red River between the Cado Lake and the sulphur fork of the same containing twenty-two leagues of 4428 acres each, one tract known as granted to citizen Vicente Sanchez of Town of Goliad by State of Coahuila and Texas on 16 March 1831, the other tract lying on Red River immediately below Mill Creek thence to the Cado Lake near the Louisiana line containing eleven leagues of 4428 acres each and known as granted to Citizen Jose Del Rea of Town of Goliad 2 Feb 1830; Bailey and Cochran to have one league. 11 Sep 1832 Jediah Fields of Rhea County to John Hemphill; land in Rhea Co. 14 4 Jul 1835 Paul C. Hudnall of Knox Co, KY, to John Matlock; land in McMinn Co where Hudnall once lived. 20 1 Oct 1835 Carey Allen Armstrong, Atty, in fact for William Farmer late of McMinn...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book E

Page 19 1 8 Feb 1836 Miranda Thompson, Michael C. Derrick and wife Emily late Thompson, and Mary Thompson widow of Samuel Thompson Sr. dec’d to Wm. H. Cook; their undivided part of land. being the part bought of Samuel Thompson Jr. which is 1/6 part; also the part conveyed by Robert Thompson to said Miranda and said Derrick, and the part of Miranda and Michael and wife Emily and of Elizabeth Masters widow of James Masters dec’d late Elizabeth Thompson, all the said parts being undivided and all the said Mary Thompson’s dower; land on which the forge is built; on which is the ore bank. 3 9 Dec 1836 Mat M. Gaines and wife Margaret, Amanda M. Horne, and James C. Luttrell of Knox Co. to George Horne; Power of Atty. to sell land in McMinn County. 4 21 Dec 1836 Grantors on E3 and George Horne husband of Amanda M. Horne all of Knox Co. to James Cowan Jr. 5 8 Jan 1835 Aron Parker to Andrew and Elisha Hayze and Alberto Largen. 7 3 Jan 1837 John Dearmon Adm. of James McMahan dec’d late of McMinn Co. to William H. Wilson; McMahan in his lifetime made Title Bond to Willson 21 Sept 1833 and on same date made Title Bond to Joel Pettitt which Pettitt transferred to Willson. 13 11 Nov 1836 Daniel and Dennis...

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book F

Page 24 4 5 Nov 1838 Andrew Fox to Mary Fox; Power of Atty. to receive his share of estate of Andrew Fox dec’d ; late of Greene Co. 7 3 Nov 1838 David Reid Sr. to Martin D. Anderson. 12 21 Dec 1825 Robert C. Crow to John H. Beck of Rhea Co.; his part of undivided land willed to him by his father John Crow dec’d. 13 23 Nov 1838 Caleb Starr and wife Nancy to William H. Cook and Thomas Cooper; $8350; plantation of about 1533 1/2 acres on both sides of Connasauga Creek including their reservation. 16 30 Nov 1838 Fanny Romines to A. J. Ballew Trustee for Dempsey Casey; Casey is security for personal appearance bond of Devenport Romines at next Circuit Court. 17 4 Dec 1838 Charles Madaris to William Cate Trustee for William Madaris. 19 5 Jan 1837 Sarah McCall [sic] to George Cloud; signed Sarah McCloud. 28 25 Sep 1838 John Moor Sr. to John Moor Jr. 34 5 Oct 1838 John Ware of Bradley Co. to John M. Rankin of Blount Co.; Power of Atty. to sell two lots in Calhoun. 35 26 Jul 1837 Abijah Bogges of Meigs Co. to John Rogers. 41 17 Apr 1837 Elijah Cate, Exec. of Charles Cate dec’d , to Elijah Hurst. 51 26 Sep 1838 Amon (Amos) and Seth Atchley to William White....

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McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book C

Page 11 2 28 Feb 1820 Nancy Starr to John Bean of Cherokee Nation: Bill of Sale for slave. 3 Sep 1833 Anthony and Nancy Davis, Adms. Of Wm. Davis dec’d to Wm. Davis of Logan Co., Ky; Bill of Sale for slave. 3 7 Nov 1833 Gilbert Cruse to William M. Herron; Deed of Trust; his interest in estate of Benjamin Riddle dec’d which descended to him by his wife Frances Riddle. 7 2 Dec 1833 Benjamin Paden of Arnoha District in Cherokee nation to Jeremiah Horn; Deed of Trust 8 24 Jan 1834 John Cobbs to Solomon Bogart for use of firm of S. Bogart and Co.; Deed of Trust; a new wagon made and finished by Isaac Crow and James Bowers of Athens together with harness and four horses, one with eye out and one bay horse, blind. 9 24 Dec 1832 james W. Jenkins of Sevier Co. to Elizabeth Wolff. 17 24 Nov 1833 Z. Jayne to Thomas A. Anderson; Deed of Trust for use of James Campbell of Knoxville, Jesse Kerr of Blount Co., James H. Ragan Adm. Of Irby Holtdec’d personal property including 700 copies of Appendix to the Practical monitor, 700 copies of Appendix to Females Guide to Health. 22 1 Sept 1833 Wm. Davis of Logan Co., Kyu. To Samuel Blackburn; Bill of Sale for slave. 23 22 Sept 1831 James...

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