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The Cherokee Land Lottery

The Land Lottery dataset contains the names and residence of all the fortunate drawers in the Land Lottery of the Cherokee country, arranged by districts in numerical order, all carefully copied from the originals in the Executive Department and the office of the Surveyor General, designating also the lots which have been granted. We have given the quality of the lots in some instances, but not generally, deeming it altogether unimportant, from the well known inaccuracy of the surveyors in classing their value, and from the additional fact that very few individuals engage in contracts for real estate until they are enabled by personal observation to place a proper estimate upon the premises. By reference to the numerical list, the drawer’s name and residence can be readily ascertained.

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Pulaski County, Georgia Land Lottery Register

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now In 1802 Georgia ceded to the US all the land between the Chattahoochee and the Mississippi River, in return for a promise from the US to remove all Indians from Georgia’s reserve territory. “By purchase if possible; by pressure if necessary.” By an act of the Legislature in the year 1803, the new Purchase of lands from the Indians west of the Oconee River was distributed under the first Land Lottery system. Under it the public lands as they were from time to time freed from Indian occupancy, were at public cost surveyed into small lots of uniform size and marked, numbered and mapped, and the whole returned to the Surveyor’s General’s office from whence by Commissioners chosen by the Legislature for the purpose, caused all the lots to be thrown into the Lottery Wheel, and to become fortune’s gift as well as her own, to her own people. 1Chappell, A.H., Miscellanies of Georgia. By the treaty of Ft. Wilkinson in 1802, the Creek Indians ceded part of the district between the Oconee, and Ocmulgee. In 1804 at the Creek Agency on the Flint River the Indians ceded the remaining territory east of the Ocmulgee. Every white man, widow and orphan resident of this state was entitled to one draw and every Revolutionary Soldier was entitled...

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18th District, 4th Section, Cherokee

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 William Myhand, sol., Kellum’s, Talbot* 2 Samuel Standridge, Chaptain’s, Habersham. 3 George W. Owens, 494th, Upson. 4 Sarah Abbot, w., Groce’s, Bibb. 5 William F. Crew, Peurifoy’s, Henry.* 6 Levina E. Brady, w., Harp’s, Stewart. 7 John Spears, r. s., Nesbit’s, Newton.* 8 William Hobbs, Coxe’s, Talbot.* 9 John T. Webb, 687th, Lee.* 10 Robert Wood, a. i. w., Colley’s, Madison. 11 William J. Wright, Norris’s, Monroe. 12 Elizabeth Walker, w. r. s., Mason’s, Washington. 13 Wiley.G. Sammons, Lamp’s, Jefferson. 14 Andrew Lay’s ors., 607th, Taliaferro. 15 (fr.) George Nead, Sen., r. s., 9th, Effingham. 16 Willis Roberts, Seal’s, Elbert. 17 Thomas Baker, Johnson’s, De Kalb. 18 Edward Williams, Burnett’s, Habersham 19 Charles Warren, M. Brown’s, Abraham * 20 John Epperson, sol., Mangum’s, Franklin.* 21 Catharine Patten, w. s. i. w., Colley’s, Madison. 22 William R. M’Canless, Hughes’s, Habersham.* 23 Francis M’Waters, M’Culler’s, Newton.* 24 Joshua Rainwater, Burgess’s, Carroll * 25 Lewis Johnson, Gibson’s, Decatur. 26 Thomas Clark’s ors., Edward’s, Franklin.* 27 Ann Leslie, w., Sullivan’s, Jones. 28 (fr.) Jeremiah M. Williams, Griffin’s, Fayette. 29 (fr.) Cullen Cowart, 49th, Emanuel. 30 Irby Gilder, Britt’s, Randolph.* 31 William Smith, Waltze’s, Morgan.* 32 Jacob Little, 687th, Sumter. 33 John Gray’s ors., Russell’s, Henry.* 34 Jacob Beck, M’Gehee’s, Troup.* 35 William Pitts, Kellum’s, Elbert.* 36 Mary Smith, w....

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15th District, 4th Section, Cherokee.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 (fr.) Harris Ricks, Hicks’s, Decatur. 2 John, Dickey, Lunceford’s, Elbert * 3 Eli H. Baxter, 102d, Hancock.* 4 L. D.. Posey, Whisenhunt’s, Carroll.* 5 John M. Johnson, Young’s, Wilkinson.* 6 Buckner Abernethy, Hughes’s, Habersham 7 David Merce Elliott, Candler’s, Bibb.* 8 Jeremiah Cloud, 3d section, Cherokee* 9 Thomas Coston, Williams’s, Washington. 10 James Clary, William’s, Decatur. 11 Edward A. Ballard, s. l. w., Moore’s, Randolph.* 12 Jacob W. Eberhart, Colley’s, Oglethorpe.* 13 Jones Davis, Jordan’s, Harris. 14 Thomas Justice, Ellis’s, Rabun. 15 Nelson Gunn’s ore., Prescott’s, Twiggs. 16 William J. Harper, Whitebluff, Chatham* 17 William Chappell, Sen., 417th, Walton. 18 Pittman Carrington, Smith’s, Madison. 19 Green M. Wiggins, Dean’s, Clarke. 20 John Benford, Martin’s, Jones. 21 Sterling Adams, Higginbotham’s, Carroll* 22 Valentine Breazwell, Mullen’s, Carroll.* 23 .Richard Smith, sol., Iverson’s, Houston* 24 Sarah Beavers, w.,. Aderhold’s, Campbell. 25 George W. M’Call, Carpenter’s, Tatnall* 26 John. Luckie, Adams’s, Columbia. 27 Thomas V. Miller, Durham’s, Talbot.* 28 Sally Morris, h. a., Hines’s, Coweta. 29 Hay’ T. Landrum, Howard’s, Oglethorpe* 30 John Hog, Harralson’s, Troup. 31 James Cooper, Mullen’s, Carroll. 32 Sardis E. Cross, 73rd, Burke.* 33 Daniel M’Gahee, Strickland’s, Merriwether.* 34 Reuben Bankston, Martin’s, Pike.* 35 Reuben Alewine, Belcher’s, Jasper* 36 Isaac D. Read, Fenn’s, Clarke* 37 William Freeman, Jones’s, Hall. 38 William Wallace, Sen., Herndon’s, Hall.*...

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19th District, 4th Section, Cherokee.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 (fr.) Ephraim C. Blocker, Hudon’s, Marion. 2 Benjamin Jones, Jr., Taylor’s, Putnam* 3 John W. Smith, Craven’s, Coweta* 4 Absolem Williams, Dyer’s, Habersham.* 5 Wiley Reed, Howard 9, Oglethorpe. 6 Jonathan Ewing, 102d, Hancock. 7 William O. Bowman, Chastain’s, Habersham. 8 Robert Pugely’s ore., Gunn’s, Jefferson. 9 Isaac Tower’s ors., Latimer’s, De Kalb. 10 Edward P. Nixon, Robinson’s, Fayette.* 11 John Simmons, sol., Wilson’s, Pike. 12 Merriam Traywick, or., 118th, Hancock. 13 Alexander Mobley, Dixon’s, Irwin. 14 Amelia C. Mattox, w. r. a., Campbell’s, Wilkes.* 15 Gideon Elvington, r. s., Folsom’s, Lowndes. 16 John Phillips, Allen’s, Campbell* 17 Benajah Thornton, Flynn’s, Muscogee. 18 Jet S. Skidmore, Williams’s, Walton. 19 Samuel Glenn, Hatchett’s, Oglethorpe.* 20 Jabez J. Holcomb, 2d section, Cherokee. 21 Thomas Bealy, Sen., r. s., Allen’s, Henry. 22 Anthony Winter, 1st, Chatham.* 23 J. Oliver, of Gum Swamp, Mashburn’s, Pulaski. 24 James Mathis, Wynn’s, Gwinnett* 25 John Wayne, Gunn’s, Coweta. 26 Francis Hardaway, sol., Allen’s, Monroe. 27 Burrell Bales, Woodruff ‘s, Campbell.* 28 Philip Young, Sutton’s, Habersham. 29 William Avery’s ors., Norris’s, Monroe. 30 William S. Thompson, Salem, Baldwin. 31 Ezekiel M’Cravey, sol., Brock’s, Habersham.* 32 Wylie Maxwell, 166th, Wilkes. 33 John Wilkins, Sanderlin’s, Chatham. 34 Coonrod Weaver, Henson’s, Rabun. 35 Abraham Powell, Chastain’s, Habersham. 36 John Wansley, 672d, Harris. 37 Charles Slatham, Fulks’s,...

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18th District 1st Section, Cherokee

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 James Murray, Loven’s, Henry.* 2 Hester Branch, w. r. s., Southwell’s, Tatnall 3 John Mills, Park’s, Walton.* 4 Seaborn Jones, Covington’s, Pike 5 John A. Byrd, Athens, Clarke 6 Michael James’s ors., 1st, Chatham. 7 Kinchen Harrison, sol., Newsom’s, Warren.* 8 James Harrell, 561st, Upson. 9 Isaac Laroche’s ors., 122d, Richmond. 10 William Savage, Hill’sBaldwin.* 11 William Bacon, Harris’s, Columbia. 12 Felix H. Greene, Lunceford’s, Wilkes. 20 Gilbert Blailock’s ors., Hendon’s, Carroll. 21 Philip Graham, Dearing’s, Henry. 22 Andrew J. Morrow, Barker’s, Gwinnett. 23 Nancy Duke, w. r. s., Night’s, Morgan. 24 Daniel Martin, Young’s, Carroll. 25 William Dison, Howell’s, Troup. 26 Stephen Chatham’s ors., Edwards’s, Franklin. 27 Armstead Hardy, M’Ginnis’s, Jackson. 28 Margaret Lovelady, w., Keener’s, Rabun. 29 William H. Powell, Compton’s, Fayette. 30 Isham Oliver, Adams’s, Columbia. 31 Wilie Wright, Hodges’s, Newton. 32 Emanuel Parris, 333d, Wayne.* 33 James Hatcher, or., Lamp’s, Jefferson.* 34 Andrew Boyd, George’s, Appling. 35 Caswell D. Morris’s ors., Baismore’s, Jones. 36 Francis N. Fordham, Buck’s, Houston. 37 Robert M. Steger, Loven’s, Henry. 38 John Marchman, Tompkins’s, Putnam.* 39 John M’Cray’s ors., Ellis’s, Pulaski.* 40 John H. Hogan, Bostick’s, Twiggs.* 41 Matthias Hoggle, Henton’s, Wilkes. 42 Jacob C. Dyer, r. s., Tompkins’s, Putnam. 43 Daniel M. G. Wilkinson, George’s, Appling.* 44 John Wade, Hood’s, Henry. 45 Jonathan Hicks, Sutton’s,...

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27th District, 3rd Section, Cherokee

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 James Ford, 72d, Burke.* 2 John L. Doyal, Reid’s, Gwinnett.* 3 John Crumby, Sutton’s, Habersham. 4 John Moore, Sen., r. s., Merck’s, Hall. 5 Mary C. Ford, w., Martin’s, Jones.* 6 Mary W. Tomlinson, Christie’s, Jefferson. 7 S. Golightly, w. r. s., Williams’s, Washington.* 8 Young F. Tigner, Payne’s, Merriwether.* 9 William H. Cooper, Talley’s, Troup. 10 Guilford Harris, Evans’s, Fayette. 11 Thomas Kinsey, Jones’s, Habersham. 12 William H. Guynn, 250th, Walton. 13 John Partin, Southwell’s, Tatnall.* 14 William C. Todd, Pate’s, Warren.* 15 Stephen Gibbons, Sen., 121st, Richmond.* 16 Wesley Camp, Stanfield’s, Campbell 17 John Mobley, Dearing’s, Henry. 18 (fr.) David Nolin, 242d, Jackson* 19 (fr.) Nathaniel Bangor, Rhodes’s, De Kalb* 20 John Free] , Talley’s, Troup.* 21 Thomas Smith, Canning’s, Elbert* 22 Godbay’s ors., Griffin’s, Burke.* 23 Thompson Mealer, Gunn’s, Jones. 24 Matthew Averette, Harp’s, Stewart. 25 George W. Foote, Mobley’s, De Kalb* 26 Uriah Bottle’s or., 608th, Taliaferro. 27 James Stewart’s ors., 141st, Greene.* 28 John T. Williams, 108th, Hancock. 29 Henry Etris, Field’s, Habersham.* 30 William Wilson, Jones’s, Hall! 31 William Slater’s ors., Peavy’s, Bulloch* 32 Henry E. White, Barker’s, Gwinnett. 33 Alexander R. Ramsey, 4th section, Cherokee. 34 Rhasa Muslewhite, M’Craney’s, Lowndes. 35 Daniel Mayo, Thomas’s, Clarke. 36 Sarah Blaylock, w., Martin’s, Hall.* 37 Thornton G. Kent, Bostick’s, Twiggs.* 38...

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12th District, 4th Section, Cherokee

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 Henry Key, s. l. w., 512th, Lee. 2 David Hern, 656th, Troup. 3 Ezra L. Crane, Candler’s, Bibb. 4 John S. Foster, 7th, Chatham. 5 Thomas Kendrick, Grubbs’s, Columbia. 6 Gracey Baley, w., 11 th, Effingham.* 7 James G. Snipes, 494th, Upson. 8 Robert C. Bugg, Field’s, Habersham. 9 William Dowers, Dobbs’s, Hall. 10 Sarah Ginn, w. r. s., Bower’s, Elbert. 11 Robert M. Douglass, Harria’s, Crawford. 12 Robert H. Fretwell, 277th, Morgan. 13 Jesse C. Smith, Durham’s, Talbot.* 14 Josiah Hodges, Streetman’s, Twiggs.* 15 David Emanuel, 720th, Decatur.* 16 John H. Thomson, s. l. w., Martin’s, Washington. 17 David Hollaway, 260th, Scriven.* 18 Asa Griffin, s. i. w., 114th, Hancock. 19 Henry Crawford, 242d, Jackson.* 20 Ulysses Lewis, Few’s, Muscogee. 21 John J. Parkhurst, f. a., Bucks, Houston.* 22 Pleasant T. Hulsey, Dobbs’s, Hall. 23 Abel Cain, sol., Rutland’s, Bibb.* 24 Jackson Hightower, f. a., Bishop’s, Henry. 25 Lodowick Rascow, Crow’s, Pike. 26 Pheriby Moody, w., Hand’s, Appling.* 27 Calvin Harman, Arrington’s, Merriwether. 28 Polly Haygood, wid., Griffin’s, De Kalb. 29 Samuel C. Houston, Tower’s, Gwinnett. 30 Wilson Brown, Whisenhunt’s, Carroll. 31 David A.. Parker, 761st, Heard.* 32 Gilbert Watson, 672d, Harris.* 33 Robert Moseley, Gray’s, Henry. 34 Britton Sims, sol., 107th, Hancock. 35 Francis E. Miller, Sanderlin’s, Chatham. 36 Ratlif Echols’s ors., Barron’s,...

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11th District, 4th Section, Cherokee.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 Josiah W. Pope’s or:, 166th, Wilkes.* 2 Charles S. Dodge, 271st, M’Intosh.* 3 Groves Morris, rock’s, Habersham.* 4 Matthew Varner, Sen., r. s., Hall’s, Oglethorpe. 5 James J. Mayo, Dilman’s, Pulaski .* 6 Willie Hancock, Bustin’s, Pike.* 7 John T. Hamby, Chandler’s, Franklin. 8 Philip Lightfoot, Lightfoot’s, Washington.* 9 Lewis Montgomery, s. i. w., 516th, Dooly. 10 William A. Jeter, or., 458th, Early. 11 Thomas, Lee, Covtngton’s, Pike. 12 Joseph N. Millei, 105th, Baldwin.* 13 Richard Sewett, or., Wood’s, Morgan. 14 Kinchen Greer, Brooke’s, Muscogee.* 15 John Burkett, Fryer’s, Telfair. 16 John W. WDermot, Jones’s, Morgan.* 17 Alfred. At. Wilson, Chambers’s, Gwinnett.* 18 Wiley Webb, e. 1. w., Monk’s, Crawford.* 19 Benjamin Brundege, Sanderlih’s, Chatham.* 20 Elias Story, Griffin’s, Fayette.* 21 Thomas Moreman, Jr., 177th, Wilkes. 22 Thomas T. Daniel, Atkinson’s, Coweta. 23 William H. Burke, Coxe’s, Morgan. 24 Asa Jordan, sol., Garner’s, Washington.* 25 Haskin Jones, blind, Smith’s, Madison. 26 Joseph R. Martin, Nelson’s, Pike. 27 Richard N. Smith, 555th, Upson. 28 William Deane, 364th, Jasper.* 29 George W. Edenfield, Grin’s, Emanuel. 30 Peter Murray, Sanderlin’s, Chatham. 31 Zachariah Davis, Hill’s, Monroe. 32 John Q. Tanner, 250th, Walton. 33 Ashley Alvis, Chisholm’s, Morgan. 34 Arthur Fuller, Willingham’s, Harris. 35 Hugh Vallotton, so]., Polhill’s, Burke. 36 Nancy Jones, w. r. s., Griffin’s, Fayette.* 37 Mary...

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10th District 2nd Section, Cherokee

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 Robert Scott, Bustin’s, Pike. 2 Joseph J. Williams, 656th, Troup.* 3 Alexander Modesett, Bivins’s, Jones.” 4 Warren J. Phillips, Payne’s, Merriwether. 5 John G. Barnett, Loveless’s, Gwinnett. 6 Jackson M’Donald, Southwell’s, Tatnall. 7 Benjamin Tillery, Allison’s, Pike.* 8 Jonathan Powell, Hutson’s, Newton. 9 Ibby Hurst, w., Roberts’s, Hall. 10 Duncan Ray, Williams’s, Decatur.* 11 Thomas Arnett, Downs’s, Warren. 12 Daniel Young, Whitehead’s, Habersham. 13 William Camp, Gray’s, Henry. 14 Arba Washburn, 1st, Chatham. laski. 15 J. Rawlins, Sen., of G. Swamp, Mashburn’s, Pu 16 Simeon O’Neal, Underwood’s, Putnam. 17 William T. Bell, 406th, Gwinnett .* 18 Richard W. Wood, Sen., Martin’s, Newton. 19 Balas Carr’s ors., Smith’s, Wilkinson, 20 David Dyer, Wood’s, Morgan. 21 Washington Brady, Groce’s, Bibb. 22 Nathan W. Peters, Peurifoy’s, Henry .* 23 Benjamin Gardner, Ellsworth’s, Bibb. 24 James Kennedy’s ors, Sewell’s, Franklin.. 25 Ann Cowsert., h. d. 1. w., Taylor’s, Putnam. 26 Eusebius J. M’Cleskey, Orr’s, Jackson. 27 Joseph Crenshaw, so., Martin’s, Pike.* 28 James Williams, 174th, Wilkes. 29 William Parker, Payne’s, Merriwether. 30 Peter Renfroe’s ors., Sparks’s, Washington 31 Eli Donaldson, Kellum’s, Talbot.* 32 Leander Wilson, Strahorn’s, Heard. 33 Jonathan Stone, 404th, Gwinnett.* 34 Thomas Hingson, Phillips’s, Jasper.* 35 Lydia Cook, w. r. s., 12th, Efngham. 36 Henry Myers, Sinclair’s, Houston. 37 Elias Morgan’s ors., Allen’s, Henry. 38 Charles J,...

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11th District, 3rd Section, Cherokee

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 George King, Hammond’s, Franklin. 2 Jesse Smith, Sen. R. S., Edwards’s, Franklin. 3 William Braddaway, Braddy’s, Jones. 4 William W. Griffin, Griffin’s, De Kalb. 5 James J. Smith, Herndon’s, Hall. 6 James Askew’s ors., 107th, Hancock. 7 Henry Matthews’s ors., Wynn’s, Gwinnett. 8 Mercer Rhodes, Martin’s, Newton 9 Reuben Harris, 419th, Walton. 10 David 0. Dye, Rogers’s, Burke.* 11 Abraham Brooks, Strickland’s, Merriwether.* 12 Richard Marrifee, Mizell’s, Talbot. 13 James Baxter’s ors., Allen’s, Henry. 14 Stephen Collins, Swain’s, Thomas.* 15 Abraham Wright, Curry’s, Merriwether. 16 Zachariah Jordan, Bostick’s, Twiggs.* 17 William Kieth, Whelchel’s, Hall. 18 Robert Hodges, Prescott’s, Twiggs. 19 Catharine Moulder, w., Gittens’s, Fayette. 20 Joseph J. Collins, Gay’s, Harris.* 21 William Leverett’s ors., Whipple’s, Wilkinson.* 22 Elizabeth Bladen, or., 121st, Richmond.* 23 Zachariah Kitchens, Morton’s, De Kalb. 24 Allen Gunter, Stower’s, Elbert.* 25 Starling Willaford’s ors., 687th, Lee. 26 Thomas M’Gehee, 293d, Jasper.* 27 William Jordan, Givins’s, De Kalb.* 28 Mary Johnson, w., Seay’s, Hall. 29 William M’Gehee, Taylor’s, Jones. 30 George Crotwell, 404th, Gwinnett.* 31 John Cason, Park’s, Walton. 32 Thomas M. Carden, S. 1. W., Moore’s, Randolph.* 33 Cooper B. Tate, Edwards’s, Franklin.* 34 Elizabeth Yarbrough, W., Brock’s, Hahersham. 35 Robert Burke, Jr., Sol. Collier’s, Monroe. 36 Jesse Farr, Robinson’s, Fayette.* 37 Ivey W. Gregory, Gunn’s, Jefferson.* 38 Ambrose Jones, 116th,...

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17th District 1st Section, Cherokee

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 Reuben Taylor, Tuggle’s, Merriwether. 2 Bressie O’Brien, 601st, Taliaferro 3 William Davis, Higginbotham’s, Rabun,* 4 Gabriel G. Coley, Daniel’s, Hall.* 5 John Dial, Jr:, 2d section, Cherokee.* 6 John King, Jr., Baismore’s, Jones, 7 Richard W. Davis’s ors,, Downs’s, Warren. 8 James H. Stedham, Duke’s, Carroll;* 9 Meshack Maddox, Bustin’s, Pike* 10 Elias Crews, Brown’s, Camden:* 11 William Moore, SOL, Fenn’s, Clarke.* 12 George Brown, Ball’s, Monroe. 13 William Nix, Mizell’s, Talbot. 108 Milley Griggs, w., 102d, Hancock. 109 Larkin Pane, Tower’s, Gwinnett. 110 Sylvester Narrimore, Gay’s, Harris. 111 Edward Daniel, Daniel’s, Hall. 112 Samuel Williams,. M’Daniel’s, Pulaski 113 Peter Flowers, Hughes’s, Habersham. 114 Sterling G. Davis, Miller’s, Jackson. 115 Abner Glanton, Sims’s, Troup. 116 John G. Williams, Jones’s, Bulloch. 117 Joshua Mires, Young’s, Wilkinson, 118 Milton Reviere, 494th, Upson.* 119 William Dillard, 249th, Walton.* 120 James Ethridge, Peace’s, Wilkinson.* 121 Samuel Jones, 335th, Wayne. 122 Thomas Sanford, Latimer’s, De Kalb. 123 Madison Avory, Peek’s, Columbia.* 124 Simeon G. Glenn, 289th, Jasper. 125 Ebenezer Jackson, Sen., r. s,, Vallean’s, Chatham* 126 Rhoda Reeves, w. of sol., 168th, Wilkes. 127 Thompson Epperson, r. s., Mangum’s, Franklin. 128 Archibald Davis, Hand’s, Appling. 129 Thomas Kitley, 779th, Heard.* 130 Levi C. Bohannon, Hendon’s, Carroll. 131 William M’Celvale, Smith’s, Campbell 132 Hart C. Peek, 142d, Greene.* 133 Zacheus Hudgins,...

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14th District, 4th Section, Cherokee

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 Henry T. Bumley, Newsom’s, Warren.* 2 Jesse Liptrot, 74th, Burke.* 3 John Higgs, Daniel’s, Hall.* 4 Moses Wilson, sol., Espy’s, Clarke* 5 Richard Hutchinson, 417th, Walton* 6 Jerry Warner’s ors., Jordan’s, Bibb* 7 Jesse Bowden, Monk’s, Crawford.* 8 Sampson Gibbs, Stone’s, Irwin. 9 Thompson Hawk, Hutson’s, Newton.* 10 Littleton R. Brewer, Echols’s, Clarke.* 11 John Oliver, Sen., Thomas’s, Clarke.* 12 Silas Misser, Linam’s, Pulaski.* 13 John Grizzle, Chastain’s, Habersham.* 14 William M. Harrison, 607th, Taliaferro.* 15 Seaborn D. Slatham, Stone’s, Irwin.* 16 Elizabeth Cohom, w. r. s., 603d, Taliaferro.* 17 Wiley Rhodes, 601st, Taliaferro.* 18 Thomas S. Satterwhite, Simmons’s, Crawford.* 19 Thomas Sherby, Johnson’s, Lowndes. 20 Seth Armes, 295th, Jasper.* 21 Erwin Strickland, Gillis’s, De Kalb.* 22 Luke M’Glaughen, Carswell’s, Jefferson.* 23 Nancy Wilks, w. r. s., Howell’s, Elbert.* 24 Littleton Baker, 406th, Gwinnett.* 25 Robert Cooper, Whisenhunt’s, Carroll. 26 Isaac Bowen, Walker’s, Columbia.* 27 Edmund Gross’s ors., 34th, Scriven.* 28 Rebecca Mooneyham, or., Taylor’s, Putnam.* 29 David Brown, Ogden’s, Camden.* 30 (fr.) Guilford Kent, Wheeler’s, Pulaski.* 31 (fr.) Henry Harrison, 293d, Jasper.* 32 John Sparrow, Wheeler’s, Pulaski.* 33 Absolem Kenedy, sol., Lester’s, Monroe.* 34 Collin Shackelford, Hampton’s, Newton.* 35 Isaac Hughes, Mobley’s, De Kalb. 36 Richard Strother, s. i. w., 111th, Hancock. 37 Samuel Sellars, Hatton’s, Baker.* 38 John Springer, sol., Candler’s, Bibb.* 39...

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14th District, 3rd Section, Cherokee.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 Enoch M. Fincher, Ellsworth’s, Bibb. 2. Alfred G. Pogue, Parham’s, Warren. 3 Edmund Butts, s. 1. w., 374th, Putnam.* 4 Rachael Martin, w., 145th, Greene. 5 Jacob Davis,sol., Brewton’s, Tatnall. 6 William H. Wiley, Alberson’s, Walton.* 7 Edward W. Solomon, Sanderlin’s, Chatham.* 8 Luke Williams, 430th, Early* 9 Daniel Drummond, Wynn’s, Gwinnett.* 10 Thomas Huson, s. l. w., M’Clain’s, Newton. 11 John Slappey, 687th, Lee.* 12 Joshua R. Bowing, Crawford’s, Morgan. 13 John Huff, Sol., Young’s, Carroll.* 14 Alford Sarmon, Herndon’s, Hall* 15 Henry Tulley, Sen., r. s., M’Culler’s, Newton. 16 Neadham Bryant, Durham’s, Talbot* 17 John S. Heard, s. 1. w., 761st, Heard.* 18 Phillips’s three orphans, Brewton’s, Tatnall. 19 Shem Bulter’s ors., 15th, Liberty. 20 Robert Shankland, Harris’s, Columbia.* 21 Rucker Mouldin, 406th, Gwinnett.* 22 Thomas W. Strickland, Hudson’s, Marion* 23 Henry Wyche, sol., Hart’s, Jones.* 24 Thomas J. Sanford, 470th, Upson.* 25 Jesse Butler, Wolfskin’s, Oglethorpe.* 26 John W. Pruitt, 785th, Sumter.* 27 Thomas Johnson, Dearing’s, Butts.* 28 John Turner, Groce’s, Bibb* 29 Cornelius Gentry, Brown’s, Habersham.* 30 William Davis, r. s., Nichols’s, Fayette* 31 Bailey Harris’s ors., Jordan’s, Bibb. 32 William L. Conner, 36th, Scriven.* 33 Elias Hawkins, Wheeler’s, Pulaski.* 34 Martin Defurr, White’s, Franklin.* 35 Elizabeth Trainum, w. r. s., 278th, Morgan.* 36 David Holland, Smith’s, Houston.* 37 Murdock M’Kaskill,...

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7th District, 2nd Section, Cherokee

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1 John Gurley, Hughes’s, Habersham.* 2 Sirass B. Oliver , Martin’s, Washington.* 3 Ward Hudson Guice’s, Oglethorpe.* 4 John Laton, s.l. w., Peacock’s, Washington.* 5 Simon C. Vick, George’s, Appling. 6 William Pentecost, r. s., Lay’s Jackson. 7 Kenneth Gillis, Gillis’s, De Kalb 8 Charles W. Nixon) Gunn’s, Henry.* 9 Williamson Phipps) Rainey’s, Twiggs. 10 Stephen Meritt, sol, Smith’s, Wilkinson.* 11 Benjamin Boyt, Bryan s, Burke.* 12 Jeremiah Blangett’s ors., Nellum’s, Elbert. 13 Sarah Coleman, w., 119th, Richmond. 14 Rowland A. Tolbert , Higginbotham’s , Madison. 15 John L. D. Ward Thomas’s, Clarke 16 Joshua Westbrook’s or., Mangum’s, Franklin. 17 James Statham, sol., Jennings’s, Clarke. 18 Elijah Henderson, Sanderlin’s, Chatham. 19 Miles G. bobbins, Peurifoy’s, Henry.* 20 Osburn R. O’Neal, 366th Jasper. 21 Noah Adams Wood’s, Jefferson. 22 Seaborn Ethridge, Young’s Wilkinson. 23 Edmund Smithwick, s. 1. W,, Hines’s, Coweta. 24 John Nichols, Nichols, s, Fayette:* 25 Kintchen Carr, Hughes’s, Habersham, 26 Richard S. Flake, 36th, Scriven.* 27 Thomas H. Jones, 406th, Gwinnett. 28 James Owen, 404th, Gwinnett. 29 William P. Merriman, 120th, Richmond. 30 Jeremiah Gentry, Edwards’s, Franklin 31 William Williamson, or., Taylor’s, Houston. 32 Ezekiel Miller, Hill’s, Baldwin 33 Thomas H. Turner, Martin’s, Pike. 34 Samuel Studdard, Cleggs’s, Walton.* 35 M’Alister’s orphans, 406th, Gwinnett. 36 Pleasant Moreman, Bustin’s, Pike.* 37 George W. Young, House’s,...

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