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Bellabella Tribe

Bellabella Indians, Bellabella People, Bellabella First Nation (an Indian corruption of Milbank taken back into English). The popular mame of an important Kwakiutl tribe living on Milbank sound., British Cololumbia. Their septs or subtribes are Kokaitk Oetlitk Oealitk The following clans are given: Wikoktenok (Eagle) Koetenok (Raven) Halhaiktenole (Killerwhale) Pop. 330 in 1901. The language spoken by this tribe and shared also by the Kitamat, Kitlope, China Hat, and Wikeno Indians is a peculiar dialect of Kwakiutl, called Heiltsuk from the native name of the Bellabella. These tribes resemble each other furthermore in having a system of clans with descent through the, mother, derived probably , from their northern neighbors, while the Bellacoola and Kwakiutl to the south have paternal descent. Anciently the Bellabella here very warlike, a character largely attributable to the fact that they wore flanked on one side by the Tsimshian of Kittizoo and on the other by the Bellacoola, while war parties of Haida from the Queen Charlotte islands were constantly raiding their coasts. For this reason, perhaps, the peculiar secret societies of the north west coast, the most important of which evidently had their origin in war customs, first arose among them. When voyagers first began frequenting the north Pacific coast, Milbank island., which offers one of the few good openings into the inner ship channel to Alaska, was often visited, and its inhabitants...

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Kwakiutl Indian Bands, Gens and Clans

Many tribes have sub-tribes, bands, gens, clans and phratry.  Often very little information is known or they no longer exist.  We have included them here to provide more information about the tribes. Gamgamtelatl. A gens of the Tenaktok, a Kwakiutl tribe. Guetela (northern people). A sept of the true Kwakiutl which formerly formed one tribe with the Komoyue, but separated on account of some quarrel. The clans are Maamtagyila, Kukwakum, Gyeksem, Laalaksentaio, and Sisintlae. They now live at Ft Rupert, Brit. Col. Guetela. A clan of the Wikeno, a Kwakiutl tribe. Gyagyilakya (G·ēg·g:ilak·a, always wanting to kill people). A gens of the Tsawatenok, a Kwakiutl tribe. Boas in Rep. Nat. Mus., 331, 1895. Gyekolekoa (G·ēg’ō′lgEoa). A gens of the Koskimo, a Kwakiutl tribe. Boas in Rep. Nat. Mus., 329, 1895. Gyeksem (chiefs). The principal gens in the following Kwakiutl tribes and septs: Koskimo, Nakomgyilisala, Tlatlasikoala, Nakoaktok, Guetela, Walaskwakiutl, Matilpe, Tenaktak, Hahuamis, and Wiwekae. Gyeksemsanatl (G·ē′xsEms’anaL, highest chiefs). A gens of the Koskimo, a Kwakiutl tribe. Boas in Rep. Nat. Mus., 329, 1895. Gyigyekemae (G·ī′g·Eqemaē, chiefs ). A gens of the Tsawatenok, a Kwakiutl tribe. Boas in Rep. Nat. Mus., 331, 1895. Gyigyilkam (those who receive first). A gens, or gentes, having the same name, in the following Kwakiutl tribes and septs: Wikeno, Tlatlasikoala, Goasila, Komoyue sept of the true Kwakiutl, Koeksotenok, Tlauitsis, Nimkish, Awaitlala, Guauaenok, Hahuamis, Wiwekae sept of...

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