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Topic: Kansa

Kansa Indian Bands, Gens and Clans

Many tribes have sub-tribes, bands, gens, clans and phratry.  Often very little information is known or they no longer exist.  We have included them here to provide more information about the tribes. Chedunga. A subgens of the Chedunga gens of the Kansa. Chizhuwashtage (chizhu peacemaker). The 15th Kansa gens, the 7th on the Yata side of the tribal circle. Dakanmanyin (walks shining). A subgens of the Han gens of the Kansa. Han (‘night’). A Kansa gens. Its sub-gentes are Hannikashinga and Dakanmanvin. Hangatanga (‘large Hanga’). A Kansa gens. Hangnikashinga (night people ). A subgens of the Han gens of the Kansa. Husada (legs stretched out stiff ). A subgens of the Khuya gens of the Kansa....

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