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Treaty of March 13, 1862

Whereas a treaty was made and concluded at the Kansas agency, in the then Territory, but now State, of Kansas, on the fifth day of October, A. D. 1859, by and between Alfred B. Greenwood, commissioner on the part of the United...

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Treaty of October 5, 1859

Articles of agreement and convention made and concluded at the Kansas agency, in the Territory of Kansas, on the fifth day of October, eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, by and between Alfred B. Greenwood, commissioner, on the...

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Treaty of August 16, 1825

Whereas the Congress of the United States of America being anxious to promote a direct commercial and friendly intercourse between the citizens of the United States and those of the Mexican Republic, and, to afford protection to...

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Treaty of October 28, 1815

A treaty of peace and friendship, made and concluded at St. Louis between Ninian Edwards and Auguste Chouteau, Commissioners Plenipotentiary of the United States of America, on the part and behalf of the said States, of one...

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Treaty of January 14, 1846

Articles of a treaty made and concluded at the Methodist Mission, in the Kansas country, between Thomas H. Harvey and Richard W. Cummins, commissioners of the United States, and the Kansas tribe of Indians. Article 1. The Kansas...

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Inchi (In′tci, ‘stone lodge’). A village occupied by the Kansa in their migration up Kansas River. J. O. Dorsey, inf’n, 1882. 1Hodge, Handbook of American Indians, 604, 1905. Footnotes:   [ + ]...

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Kansa Indian Gentes

The Kansa gentes as given by Dorsey (15th Rep. B. A. E., 230, 1897) are: Manyinka (earth lodge) Ta (deer) Panka (Ponca) Kanze (Kansa) Wasabe (black bear) Wanaghe (ghost) Kekin (carries a turtle on his hack) Minkin (carries the...

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Kansa Tribe

Kansa Indians. A southwestern Siouan tribe; one of the five, according to Dorsey’s arrangement, of the Dhegiha group. Their linguistic relations are closest with the Osage, and are close with the Quapaw. In the traditional...

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The Pawnee of Kansas

On July 2, 1804, Lewis and Clark made the following entry: Opposite our camp is a valley, in which was situated an old village of the Kansas, between two high points of land, on the bank of the river. About a mile in the rear of...

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