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Topic: Indian Treaties

Choctaw Indian Treaty Signers, 1830

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now There exists several thousand names from government claims records and commission hearings, as well as genealogical evidence, which indicate a broad occurrence of mixed bloods in the Choctaw tribe. This study lists the names and families of the known mixed bloods and examines their role in tribal history, especially regarding land treaties during the Jeffersonian years preceding Removal. This study includes a database of over three thousand names of known and probable mixed bloods drawn from a wide range of sources and therefore has genealogical as well as historical value. Readers interested in more information should start their research here: Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal Choctaw Indian Treaty Signers, 1830. Done, and  signed, and executed by the Commissioners of the United States, and the chiefs, captains and head men of the Choctaw Nation, at Dancing Rabbit Creek, this 27th day of September, eighteen and thirty. Name Name Jno. H. Eaton Yobalarunehahubbee, his x mark Jno. Coffee Holubbee, his x mark Greenwood Leflore Robert Cole, his x mark Musholatubbee, his x mark Mokelareharhopin, his x mark Nittucachee, his x mark Lewis Perry, his x mark Holarterhoomah, his x mark Artonamaratubbe, his x mark flopiatinchahubbee. his x mark Hopeatubbee, his x mark Zishomingo, his x mark Hoahahoomah, his x mark Captainthalke, his x mark Chuallahoomah, his...

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