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Topic: Immigration

Early Immigrant Inspection Along the US/Mexican Border

There were few federal laws governing immigration into the United States prior to the late 19th century, and those tended to address immigration from Europe or Asia. The Steerage Act of 1819 regulated passenger travel and mandated the creation of records documenting the arrival of immigrants at seaports. Some passenger vessels arriving at United States ports sailed from Central or South America, but the majority of passenger vessels and passengers came from Europe. Not until 1891 did federal law provide for the inspection of immigrants arriving at land border ports. Nevertheless, the Immigration Act of 1891 maintained Congress’ focus...

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1787 Convicts Sent to New South Wales

A list of 784 Convicts sent to New South, 1787.  Lists name, where convicted, date of conviction, and number of years to serve. A Surname Name, Where, Convicted, Date Of Conviction, Years Abel, Robert London 23 Feb. 1785. 7 Abrams, Henry Abrahams, Esther London 30 August, 1786 7 Abell, Mary, alias Tilley Worcester 5 March, 1785 7 Acres, Thomas Exeter 14 March, 1786 7 Adams, John London 26 May, 1784 7 Adams, Mary Ditto 13 Decem. 1786 7 Agley, Richard Winchester 2 March, 1784 7 Allen, John Hertford 2 March, 1786 7 Allen, William Ormskirk 11 April, 1785 7 Allen, Charles London 7 July, 1784 7 Allen, Susannah Ditto 18 April, 1787 7 Allen, Mary Ditto 25 October, 1786 7 Allen, Jamasin, alias Boddington Ditto 25 Oct. 1786 7 Allen, Mary, alias Conner Ditto 10 Jan. 1787 7 Anderson, John Exeter 20 March, 1786 7 Anderson, Elizabeth London 10 Jan. 1787 7 Anderson, John Ditto 26 May, 1784 7 Anderson, Fanny Winchester 7 March, 1786 7 Archer, John London 26 May, 1784 7 Arscott, John Bodmin 18 August, 1783 7 Atkinson, George London 21 April, 1784 7 Ault, Sarah Ditto 21 Feb. 1787 7 Ayners, John, alias Agnew Ditto 26 May, 1784 7 Ayres, John Ditto 21 April, 1784 7 B Surname Name, Where, Convicted, Date Of Conviction, Years Bartlett, James Winchester 1 March, 1785 7 Barsby, George Ditto...

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