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Hanksville, Pulaski County Georgia Schools

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now In the year 1889 the town of Hanksville had a number of private schools. The city council in 1890, considering a change in the system of the school elected the following trustees: Judge Jacob Watson James Stetson P. H. Lovejoy E. J. Henry Dave McCormick J. Jacobus. This board delegated Judge Watson to go to the Chautauquuar Lithia Springs to inquire for a superintendent. The board was then put in communication with N. E. Ware of Thomson, Ga., who was later elected. The following teachers were then elected: Geo. R. Glover Mrs. B. F. Parsons Miss Ida Watson Mrs. C. L. Brown Mrs. Simmons, music teacher. The two-story, building belonging to Dr. A. A. Smith was rented and remodeled to be used for the opening of the new school. This building was used for two years. The first year the commencement exercises were held under a brush arbor of the building. The next year the commencement exercises were held in a rented tent near the old building, and many of the older citizens will remember the collapse of this tent at that time. About this time the citizens began to talk of a new school building, and the bond question was agitated. This at first raised quite a stir, but was soon quieted, and school bonds...

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