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Montana Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Alexander, Fort, Montana – On Yellowstone River, opposite mouth of Rosebud River. Assinniboine, Fort, Montana – On Beaver Creek, Choteau County. Baker Camp, Montana – Name changed to Fort Logan. Belknap Fort, Montana – On the Yellowstone River. Benton Fort, Montana – Choteau County; now town of that name. Big Horn Barracks, Montana – Name changed to Fort Custer. Browning Fort, Montana Charles Fort, Montana – In Dawson County. Clagget Fort, Montana. Cooke Camp, Montana – At mouth of Judith River. Cotta Fort, Montana – In Missoula County. Custer Fort, Montana – On Big Horn River; first called Big Horn Barracks, Custer Battlefield National Cemetery, Montana – At Crow Agency. Ellis, Fort, Montana – Near town of Bozeman. Flathead Fort, Montana – On Clarks Fork branch of the Colombia River. Flat Lick Camp, Kentucky – In Knox County. Galpin Fort, Montana – At junction of Milk and Missouri Rivers Harrison Fort, Montana – Four miles from Helena. Hawley Fort, Montana – On Missouri River, Dawson Comity. Indian Fort, Montana – On Missouri River, opposite mouth of the Porcupine. Keogh Fort, Montana – Near mouth of Tongue River, Custer County. Kipp Fort, Montana – On the Upper Missouri River. Kootenais Fort, Montana – On Flat Bow or Kootenais River. Lewis Camp, Montana – On the Big Spring fork of Judith River. Lewis Fort, Montana – On Missouri River, near Pablois...

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