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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Country Stores

Where is kept a general assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Agricultural Implements, Hardware, &c. Those dealing in only one kind of goods will be found under their respective heading. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Faxon B. E., Abington Loud Alden S., Abington Soule & Brown, Abington Whitmarsh Z. N., Abington Bigelow David, East Abington, Abington Curtis Abner, East Abington, Abington Torrey D. & E. P., East Abington, Abington Ford James, North Abington, East Abington, Abington Gleason & Greenwood, East Abington, Abington Sprague Elbridge, Abington, Abington Cook Randall, South Abington, Abington Dyer N. N., South Abington, Abington Perry Daniel jr., South Abington, Abington Crane Joshua E., Bridgewater Crocker T. W. & Co., Bridgewater Hobart Caleb, Bridgewater Ellis M. & Co. South Carver, Carver Rider Charles, South Carver, Carver Savery Wm. S. North Carver, Carver Ford N. & Sons, Duxbury Protective Union Div. 654, Duxbury Sampson John, Duxbury Soule Harvey, Duxbury Wadsworth Henry, Duxbury Chandler Charles Co., W. Duxbury High Street Union Store, W. Duxbury Conant John...

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Cabinet Makers to Crockery and China

Cabinet Makers (See also Furniture) Willey C. B. Abington Holbrook Loring, S. Abington, Hobart S. L. Hingham Hudson Augustus L., Hingham Leavitt A. L., Hingham Ripley & Newhall, Hingham Cushman Edwin, Kingston Nelson Thomas, Mattapoisett Raymond C., Plymouth Carpenters and Builders  Brown Bela, Abington Keen George, Abington Nash William, Abington Singleton Richard, N. Abington, Abington Bates Cyrus, S., Abington, Abington Healy Oliver G., S. Abington, Abington Keith Ambrose, Bridgewater Burt George K., Bridgewater Howland Robert, Bridgewater Keith Lloyd, Bridgewater Leach James C., Bridgewater Wadsworth Dura, Bridgewater Harlow Benjamin, S. Carver, Carver Sherman Joseph, S. Carver, Carver Parsons C. D. N., N. Carver, Carver Sherman Joseph R., N. Carver, Carver Southworth Thomas, N. Carver, Carver Loudon George, Duxbury Weston James M., Duxbury Bonney Charles H., East Bridgewater Jackson Abner C., East Bridgewater Leonard Hermon, East Bridgewater Holmes Darius E., Halifax Thompson Albert, Halifax Damon Thomas, Hanover Hollis Silas, Hanover Studley George, Hanover Turner S. S., Hanover Loring Joseph S., Hanson Taft Andrew J., Hanson Josselyn Benj. W. S. Hanson, Hanson Ramsdell Sam’l D., S. Hanson, Hanson Bailey S. G. & Son, Hingham Cushing Allyne, Hingham Foster William, Hingham Lincoln T.H., Hingham Nelson Wm. J., Hingham Pearce John W., Hingham Ripley Justin, Hingham Sprague Timothy, Hingham Bartlett Walter S, Kingston Drew C. Jr., Kingston Faunce George, Kingston Holmes Joseph, Kingston Holmes Stephen, Kingston Ripley Lewis, Kingston Waterman E. E., Kingston Briggs Joseph H....

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Bakers to Butcher

Bakers Sproul G. L., South Abington. Milliken Heard, East Bridgewater Hunt Geo., Hingham Hunt & Wilder, North Bridgewater Washburn K. B., North Bridgewater Whiting G. A., Plymouth Terry J. C., Plympton Balance Manufacturers Stephenson Luther, Hingham Beer Manufacturers Ramsdell Asa T., East Bridgewater Billiard Halls Douglas W., East Abington Gilman G. N., No. Bridgewater Gardner Calvin, Hingham Davis Chas. G., Plymouth Blacking Manufacturers Hauthaway C. L., No. Bridgewater Washburn E., No. Bridgewater Whittemore D., No. Bridgewater Blacksmiths Lean W. M., Abington Merritt Ira, Abington Baker Paul, East Abington Bass Hobert, East Abington Denley W. D., East Abington Kendrigan John, East Abington Clift Belus, South Abington Varney Geo., North Abington Harlow S., Bridgewater Lazell, Perkins & Co., Bridgewater Pratt Seth, Bridgewater Shaw Chas. S., North Carver Westgate E. C., Carver Delano Nath’l, Duxbury Faunce Zenas, Duxbury Vinal Henry G., Duxbury Dorr Rufus B., So. Marshfield, Duxbury Siddell Chas. W., East Bridgewater Mitchell George, Halifax Foster Otis, Hanover Wright Warren, Hanover Pool Elias C., Hanson Cook Chas. R., Hingham Damon I. N., Hingham Merritt Henry jr., Hingham Murray Thomas, Hingham Stoddard Caleb, South Hingham Bailey Caleb E., Kingston Chandler John S., Kingston Delano Lewis S., Kingston Drew Job W., Kingston Perkins Ezra, Kingston Southworth Enoch, Lakeville Winslow Asa T., Lakeville Briggs Rufus E. Marion Brown & Williamson, So. Marshfield Rogers M. W., East Marshfield Bowlin Josiah, Mattapoisett Lincoln L. & Son,...

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1867 Plymouth County Massachusetts Directory, Agents to Axeltree Manufactures

Agents Holmes Lewis J., Bridgewater Vail I. B., North Carver Agricultural Implement Manufacturers Bates Caleb, (rock lifters and revolving harrows,) Kingston Atsatt E.S., Mattapoisett Agricultural Implement Dealers (See also Country Stores) Cloud H. H., No. Abington, Abington. Dyer N. N., Abington. French Jos., Abington Poole F., Abington Ripley W., Abington Soule Charles, Abington Hunt John, N. Bridgewater Reynolds E. D. & O. B. (Eagle Seed Sower), N. Bridgewater Doane G. H., Middleboro Drew Wm. K., Plymouth Harlow & Barnes, Plymouth Written & Holmes, Plymouth Copeland Heman, (Kniffen Mower), West Bridgewater Anchor Manufacturers Barstow Edwin, Hanover Curtis George, Hanover Holmes Alexander, Kingston Holmes Gaius, Kingston Simmons F. O., Kingston Apothecaries Nash Sylvanus, Abington Dyer N. N., So. Abington Abington Estes J. J., East Abington Crooker B. T., Bridgewater. Conant John A., East Bridgewater. Curtis Robt. S., Hanover Wilder Isaac M., Hanover Fearing Wm. 2d, Hingham Hunt J. L., Hingham Sparrow Wm. E., Mattapoisett. Shaw J. B. & J., Middleboro Bixby C. C, & CO., No. Bridgewater Cobb Tyler, No. Bridgewater Dearborn S. Francis, No. Bridgewater Hubbard Benj., Plymouth Egbert Jarvis, Plymouth Warren Winslow, Plymouth Baker & Williams, West Bridgewater Architects Vaughan J. C., Carver Eaton S.K., Mattapoisett Artists Gay Wm. A., Hingham Hudson Wm. jr., Hingham Auctioneers Whitmarsh A., Abington Cook Joshua, No. Abington, Abington Whitmarsh J., Centre, Abington Corthell W., P. So. Abington, Abington Gilson L. C., East, Abington...

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1867 Wareham Massachusetts General Directory

Adams Thomas C. saloonkeeper Alden Addison, farmer Alden Joseph A. farmer Babcock Milton, blacksmith Barker Charles, carder Barker Leonard, nailer Barker Rufus S. mason Barrows Abishai, depot master Barrows Hiram, wheelwright Barrows Hiram W. wheelwright Barrows Isaac, nailer Barrows Isaac F. nailer Barrows Wm. carpenter Bartlett John M. clerk Bartlett Lewis H. merchant Bartlett Zephaniah, hostler Barnes Elmer Bassett S. C. depot master Bassett Washington, depot master Bates Leonard Bates William, Justice of the Peace Benson Eleal, teamer Benson Elnathan Benson John W. farmer Benson Lothrop W. moulder Benson Marcus M. nailer Benson Martin V. B. clerk Benson William, cooper Bent George W. shingler Bent Isaac, blacksmith Bent Isaac B. stove dealer Bent Lewis, blacksmith Besse Albert S. nailer Besse Alden, sea captain Besse Alvin F. mariner Bosse Augustus F. nailer Besse Benjamin F. nailer Besse Charles F. nailer Besse Charles F. 2d, trader Besse Charles H. mariner Besse David, sea captain Besse Earl G. nailer Besse Edward A. laborer Besse Elisha G. nailer Besse Emerson F. nailer Besse Ichabod, nailer Besse John G. wood chopper Besse John M. nailer Besse Joshua B. mariner Besse Josiah C. teamer Besse Josiah U. jr. teamer Besse Lothrop A. nailer Besse Lothrop A. 2d, merchant Besse Obed B. carpenter Besse Rodolphus, expressman Besse Samuel C. nailer Besse Samuel S. nailer Besse Seth C. sea captain Besse Sidney C. nailer Besse Silas, nailer...

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1867 South Scituate Massachusetts Directory

Babb George, farmer Bailey David, shoemaker Bailey Luther C. farmer Barker Ira, blacksmith Barker John S. carpenter Barker Watters B. ship carpenter Barnes Henry, laborer Barstow Elijah, ship carpenter Bassford David, jr., box maker Bates George H. shoemaker Bates George H. 2d, butcher Bates Harvey, butcher Bates John B. merchant Bates Lorenzo, express Beal John, shoemaker Beaslee George, Sup’t Alms House Benson Stephen, laborer Bishop Charles D. custom shoemaker Bowker Joseph S. laborer Bowker Joshua, stone cutter Bowker Nathaniel H. farmer Bowker Parsons, laborer Bowker Stephen C. shoemaker Briggs Alfred B. mason Briggs George H. ship carpenter Briggs James P. farmer Briggs Joseph W. shipwright Briggs Richard P. farmer Briggs Thomas W. farmer Brooks Edward W. farmer Brooks Elijah P. Brooks Nathaniel, farmer Brooks Nathaniel M. farmer Brown A. W. laborer Brown Bela, shoemaker Brown Ebenezer, farmer Brown Ebenezer L. laborer Brown John W. shoemaker Brownell N. P. physician Burrell Isaac, farmer Burrell James M. shoemaker Chamberlain Josiah W shoe cutter Chapman Timothy, shoemaker Church Cornelius, farmer Clapp Allen, shipwright Clapp Andrew, box maker Clapp Elijah, farmer Clapp George, shoemaker Clapp George H. shoemaker Clapp George H. 2d, marble worker Clapp George P. shoemaker Clapp Gorham, trunk maker Clapp John, farmer Clapp Joseph, farmer Clapp Joseph S. farmer Clapp Nathaniel B, farmer Clapp Stephen, laborer Clapp Sylvanus, farmer Clapp Tilden, shoemaker Collamore William W, boot crimper Coleman Elisha, shoemaker...

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1867 Scituate Massachusetts General Directory

Allen George O. farmer Allen George M. farmer Allen Milner J. Allen Wm. P. trader Anderson Alexander, mariner Anderson Alexander B. draw tender Andrews Christopher A. A. laborer Arnold George, shoemaker Bailey Charles E. trader Bailey Edwin, farmer Bailey George W. shoe manuf. Bailey James A. shoemaker Bailey James J. coppersmith Bailey John W. farmer Bailey Joseph, carpenter Bailey Jotham W. shoe manuf. Bailey Noah C. shoemaker Bailey Sewall, farmer Bailey Thomas O. shoemaker Bailey Thomas T. carpenter Bailey Thomas T. trader Bailey Waterman, trader Bailey William C. mariner Barker Samuel P. jr., farmer Bates Andrew, shoemaker Bates Caleb, fisherman Bates Caleb, 2d, fisherman Bates Charles, farmer Bates Coleman, fisherman Bates George H. farmer Bates Joseph N. fisherman Bates Peter E. fisherman Bates Reuben C. fisherman Bates Reuben S. shoemaker Bates Thomas C. fisherman Bates William, fisherman Beal Caleb, mason Beal John, farmer Bearse Ebenezer, laborer Bearse Ebenezer, jr., peddler Bearse Tobias, shoemaker Bowditch Edwin, stage driver Bonney Edward H. fish dealer Bonney Sylvanus R. painter Bradford Charles, shoemaker Bradford John, shoemaker Briggs Albert K. farmer Briggs Barnabas W. shipwright Briggs David, farmer Briggs James S. shipwright Briggs Joseph O. shipwright Briggs Otis, farmer Briggs Shadrach, farmer Broughton Daniel, mariner Brown Benjamin, laborer Brown Benjamin, jr., trader Brown Charles, laborer Brown Charles E. mason Brown Elisha L. shoemaker Brown George H. ship carpenter Brown George W. mariner Brown Henry,...

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1867 Rochester Massachusetts Directory

Alley Charles H. farmer Allen Daniel, master mariner Allen Joseph, farmer Ashley George H. mariner Ashley Rufus M. mariner Atwood Elias, cooper Atwood Thornton, cooper Atwood Warren, cooper Barrett William, butcher Bates Elijah farmer Bates Ephraim, farmer Bates Rowland B. master mariner Bearse Gershom, shoemaker Bennett Henry H. farmer, Bennett John, farmer Bennett John G. farmer Bennett Michael, farmer Benson Benjamin, mariner Benson Charles S. shoemaker Benson Ephraim, farmer Benson John A. master mariner Benson Joseph D. farmer Benson Rufns, farmer Benson William, farmer Bisbee Josiah, farmer Bishop Alvin, farmer Bishop Charles H. farmer Bishop Israel S. farmer Bishop Joseph E. farmer Bishop Micah S. farmer Blackmer Charles M. farmer Blackmer Garrison B. farmer Blackmer John, farmer Bliss Alexander, carpenter Bliss Ezra S. farmer Bolton Enos, farmer Bonney George, farmer Bonney Nathaniel, master mariner Bonney Selim, farmer Bourne Thomas, farmer Bourne William, master mariner Bradford Henry C. farmer Braley Abner, farmer Braley Charles A. farmer Braley Francis W. mariner Braley George F. mariner Braley Isaac V. mariner Braley John, farmer Braley Joseph G. mariner Braley Lorenzo D. cigar manuf. Braley Salmon, farmer Braley Solomon U, shoemaker Braley Samuel T. master mariner Braley Thomas L. mariner Brett Pliny, clergyman Brightman William T. farmer Bumpus Ansel, farmer Bumpus Elisha M. blacksmith Bumpus Samuel, cooper Bumpus Samuel S. mariner OHASE ELIAS S. farmer Church Charles H. F. blacksmith Church Henry W. farmer...

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1867 Plymouth Massachusetts Directory

Alexander J. rope maker, Court Alexander Samuel, carpenter, Spring Alexander Samuel L. machinist. Court Alexander Samuel T. shoemaker. Court Alien C. B. laborer, Mt. Pleasant Allen George, sea captain. South Allen Joseph, farmer. Sandwich Allen Sherman, sea captain, Warren Allen Sherman 2d, shoemaker, Warren Allen Winslow, seaman. Sandwich Andrews George F. editor O. C. Memorial, Court Arthur J. P. sea captain, Court Arthur Richard, rope maker, Court Atwood A. J. merchant, Summer Atwood A, V. sea mail. Market Atwood Edward B. watchmaker, Main Atwood E. W. jeweler. High Atwood Fred, shoemaker, Chiltonville Atwood George H. shoemaker. So. Pond Atwood J. M. clerk. Summer Atwood J. R. seaman, Leyden Atwood John, deputy sheriff, Summer Atwood John M. merchant. Summer Atwood Thos. jr., shoemaker, Sandwich Atwood T. B. shoemaker, Sandwich Atwood T. C. stonecutter, Rowland Atwood William, seaman, Russell Atwood William, 2d, merchant. Summer Avery Ebenezer, printer. North Avery Winslow, printer. Pleasant Badger Chas. ironsmith, Summer Badger C. B. ironsmith, Summer Badger E. 1). ironsmith. Summer Bagnall George, truck man. Water Bagnall Ichabod P. seaman Main Bagnall Joseph, truck man, Water Bagnall Oliver, laborer. Prospect Bagnall Richard S. carpenter. Water Bagnall Richard W. carpenter, Sandwich Bailey George, seaman, Sandwich Bailey H. P. tinsmith. Summer Baker Edward, seaman, Russell Baker William W. seaman. Court Ballard S. D. saloon keeper, Main Baldwin S. T. seaman. Water Baldwin Wm. M. fish dealer. Spring Bancroft...

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1867 Pembroke Massachusetts Directory

Allen Morrill, clergyman Babigan John, fanner Baker Andrew H. shoemaker Baker Calvin, carpenter Baker Henry, shoemaker Baker Henry, box maker Baker Josiah H. farmer Bailey William, shoemaker Barker George C. teamster Barker John, box maker Barker Peleg, farmer Barker Robert, farmer Barnard Joseph S. photographer Barstow Charles, carpenter Barstow Thomas H. C. farmer Bates Edward, mason Bates Orin G. farmer Bates William C. machinist Beal George B. shoemaker Beal Job H. stonecutter Bearce Thomas, blacksmith Bemis Ezekiel, farmer Besse William, farmer Besse William, jr., shoemaker Billings Adam, anchor smith Blackman Allen, carpenter Blackman Daniel, shoemaker Blackman Thomas, farmer Blanchard Mark M. farmer Bonney James, farmer Bonney James O. farmer Bonney John C. carriage maker Bonney J. D. carriages and harnesses Bonney Pelham W. moulder Bosworth Asaph, farmer Bosworth Henry, machinist Bosworth Nathaniel, farmer Bouldry John, shoemaker Bourne James, miller Boylston George W. peddler Boylston Joseph, farmer Brackett Ebenezer, shoemaker Briggs Thomas, farmer Briggs William, seaman Briggs William T. box maker Brown Samuel, farmer Bryant Barzillai, moulder Bryant Charles A. laborer Bryant Hervey, farmer Bryant Jacob M. shoemaker Bryant John W. shoemaker Bryant Martin, farmer Bryant Wm. H. H. dry goods & groceries Chandler Daniel C. farmer r Chandler Jacob C. shoemaker Chandler John B. farmer Chandler Perez, sawyer Chandler Philip H. shoemaker Chandler Simeon, farmer Chandler William E. farmer Chapman Henry W. farmer Church Edward R. teamster Church George...

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1867 North Bridgewater Massachusetts Directory

Alden Lucas W. provision dealer Alden Luther E. shoe cutter, r Montello Alden Russell, shoe manuf. r Main Alden Samuel F. butcher, r Quincy Alden Sanford, farmer, r Quincy Alden Sanford O. boot maker, r Quincy Allen: Benjamin C. shoe cutter, r Belmont Allen F. E. shoemaker, r Centre Allen Horatio G. shoe cutter, r Turnpike Allen James A. mechanic, bds Hotel Ames Edwin C. shoe cutter, r Pleasant Ames Francis, farmer, r Gary Ames Franklin, r Main Ames Horace, boot maker, r Ames Ames John, boot maker, r Belmont Ames Luther, shoe cutter, r Court Ames Theron, farmer, r Gary Andrews Alpheus C. Andrews George, mechanic, r School Andrews Leander B. mechanic, r School Andrews Tyler, shoe cutter, r Main Arnold Albert L. shoemaker Ashport Calvin, laborer, r Bryantville Averill William, cabinet maker, r Pond Bacon Charles W. bds Montello Bacon Willard, r Montello Bailey Ephraim, box maker, r Main Baker Horace, grocer Bancroft Rinaldo, laborer Barden William H. hairdresser, bds Main Barnes Willard A. butcher Barry Edward, shoemaker Bartlett Orin, cabinet maker, r Court Bates Elijah, shoe cutter Bates Isaac, shoemaker Bates Lorenzo D, shoemaker, r Main Battles Ansel, shoe cutter, r Pleasant Battles Benjamin F. shoemaker, r Battles Battles Hiram, mason, r Pond Battles John, shoe cutter, r Main Battles, Josiah O. shoe cutter, r Main Battles Nahum, mason, r Battles Baxendale John, shoe manuf. r...

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1867 Middleboro Massachusetts Directory

There are five Post Offices in the town, as follows: “Middleboro” “North Middleboro” or Titicut, “South Middleboro,” “East Middleboro” and “Rock.” Abbott Levi A. clergyman, r School Adams Asa, farmer, r Wareham Adams Edward, farmer, r Plymouth Adams James, farmer, r Plymouth Alden Albert, Bay State Straw Works, r Main Alden Andrew, mechanic, r Plymouth Alden Andrew L. farmer, r Plymouth Alden Apollos G. merchant, r Pearl Alden Charles E. mechanic, r Bedford Alden Daniel, insurance agent, cor. Centre and Bedford Alden Elijah, farmer, r Purchade Alden George L. peddler, r Fuller Alden James M. farmer, r Plymouth Alden Jared, farmer, r Purchade Alden Jared P. insurance agent, r Pleasant Alden John C. teacher, r Plymouth Alden John F. teacher, r Plymouth Alden Leander M. mechanic, r Plymouth Alden Milton, deputy sheriff, r Centre’ Alden Sidney H. mechanic, r Plymouth Alden Thomas J. section master, r Clay Alden William C. shoemaker, r Pleasant Aldrich Daniel W. shoemaker, r Centre Aldrich Ezekiel H. shoemaker, r Taunton Aldrich Hosea, farmer, r Vernon Aldrich Solomon, farmer, r Centre Aldrich William C. star mills’ hand, r Star Avenue Alger Isaac, shoemaker, r School Allen Wm. miller, Namasket Andrews Justin, carpenter, r Pleasant Andrews William S. merchant, r Main Arnold Henry, shoemaker, r Namasket Arnold Orlando B. shoemaker, r Worth Ashley Charles W. blacksmith, r Jackson Ashley Cornelius G. engineer, r Courtland Ashley David...

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1867 Mattapoisett Massachusetts Directory

Aiken Warren, cooper Aiken Warren, jr., machinist Allen James S. ship-wright Alien James S. jr., shoemaker Ames Daniel a. carpenter Ames Nathaniel F. ship-wright Ames Theodore, rigger Atsatt John T. merchant Atsatt Philip, shoemaker Atsatt William, shoemaker Bacon Benjamin, ship-wright Barlow Franklin, rigger Barlow Gideon B. rigger Barlow Gideon B. jr., mariner Barlow George, rigger Barrows Alpnens, blacksmith Barrows Andrew J. painter Barrows Joseph L. painter Barrows Philip A. mariner Barrows Samuel, painter Barstow Benjamin, ship-wright Barstow Calvin, joiner Barstow Charles B. mariner Barstow Elijah W. Lieut. 5th Keg. Art’y. Barstow Henry, box mill Barstow Henry W. joiner Barstow James, rigger Barstow James, 2a, joiner Barstow John, ship-wright Barstow Nathan H. box mill Barstow Solomon, mariner Barstow Wilson, farmer Bates Joshua T. ship-wright Beal Charles C farmer Blankenship James R. mariner Bolles Charles E. dentist Bolles Job A. mariner Bolles John D. mariner Bolles Joseph W. mariner Bolles Joshua, farmer Bolles Prince, cooper Bolles Solomon E. mill Bolles William B. cooper Bowles Resolved W. auctioneer Bowles Stephen W. farmer Bowles William T. farmer Boodry Dennis S. carpenter Boodry Nathan, ship-wright Bourne Edmund L. mariner Bourne George W. mariner Bourne William L. carpenter Bowlin Josiah, blacksmith Bowlin William H. seaman Bowman Alexander B. mariner Bowman Benjamin, mariner Bowman Luther A. mariner Bowman Macy, mariner Briggs Nathan, mariner Brightman Henry G. farmer Brown James L. shoemaker Brownell Ezra, farmer Buck Charles...

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1867 Marshfield Massachusetts Directory

Alden Eben, jr. Clergyman Ames Edwin, farmer Ames Elijah, farmer Ames George, shoemaker Ames Isaac, shoemaker Ames Tilden, farmer Arnold F. P. shoe manufacturer Atwell Charles, soldier Atwell Edwin Atwell Seth, laborer Baker Artemus, shoemaker Baker Benjamin, shoemaker Baker Dwelley, laborer Baker George M. trader Baker Horace E. carpenter Baker .James, farmer Baker James E. farmer Baker John, auctioneer Baker Otis, farmer Baker Quincy A. shoemaker Baker Samuel, farmer Baker Thomas, shoemaker Baker William, shoemaker Bailey Charles, laborer Bailey Charles W. shoemaker Bailey George, laborer Bates Albert, shoemaker Bates Henry S. teacher Bates Marshall, stone cutter Bonney Cephas, farmer Bonney Cephas W. fisherman Bonney Henry B. shoemaker Bonney Lucius L. shoemaker Bowen John, farmer Bowen John H. farmer Blackman T. Bradford fanner Brown Daniel, carpenter Brown David, blacksmith Brown T. C. shoemaker Butterfield Hiram, laborer Carver Barstow. ship-wright Carver David, farmer Carver Frank E. laborer Carver Hatch, ship-wright Carver Israel, farmer Carver Israel H. carpenter Carver John, carpenter Carver Silas, house-carpenter Chandler John, farmer Chandler Sineon B. sawyer Church Nathaniel, farmer Clapp James, ship-wright Clark Albert, shoemaker Clark Amos O. shoemaker Clark Hiram, shoemaker Clift Edwin, teamster Clift Wales R. farmer Conant Winslow, soap manufacturer Cook Henry O. laborer Corlan F. A. shoemaker Cox Eben, laborer Creed John, ship-wright Crossley H. T. trader Crowell Josiah C. shoemaker Cudworth Elijah F. shoemaker Cudworth Laban, ship-Wright Curtis Samuel, farmer Cushing William...

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1867 Marion Massachusetts Directory

Allen Andrew M. carpenter Allen Bartholomew G. mariner Allen Charles A. laborer Allen Charles C. teamster Allen George D. mariner Allen Henry D. farmer Allen Henry M. agent for whaling vessels Allen John D. carpenter Allen John M. architect Allen Silas B. carpenter Allen Reuben, farmer Allen Stephen, farmer Allen Weston, farmer Atwood Alexander A. mariner Atwood George W. mariner Atwood Warren, farmer Bachelder John, physician and surgeon Barden Frederick, master mariner Barden Jordan B. prop’r. Manou and New Bedford stage Bartlett William H. farmer Bates George S. farmer and trader Bates Jared, farmer Bates John S. merchant Bates Prince H. carpenter Benson Consider, farmer Blankinship Albert C. mariner Blankinship Andrew Mi laborer Blankinship Charles W. mariner Blankinship David W. manner Blankinship James W. mariner Blankinship Job, farmer Blankinship John B. farmer Blankinship Joseph, master mariner Blankinship Peleg, master mariner Blankinship Seth, mariner Blankinship Walter F. carpenter Blankinship Warren, carpenter Bolles Charles D. mariner Bolles Charles M. farmer Bolles Leonard, master mariner Bolles Leonard A. mariner Bolles Richard E. shoemaker Braley Elijah, carpenter Briggs Barnabas A. mariner Briggs Benjamin S. master mariner Briggs Charles H. carpenter Briggs Elnathan, farmer Briggs Hallet, carpenter. Briggs Howard S. carpenter Briggs Isaac O. farmer Briggs Jedediah, mariner Briggs John B. pilot Briggs John, 3d master mariner Briggs Joseph W. teamster Briggs Josiah K. farmer Briggs Justus A. mariner Briggs Nathan, master mariner Briggs...

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