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Lowell Massachusetts Annual Reports 1862-1928

Most towns in New England started publishing annual reports of the town’s public business in the 1800’s and many smaller towns still carry on that trait today. The following list of 52 free annual reports for Lowell Massachusetts covers the years of 1862-1928 (incomplete). Each town provided different reports in it’s annual publications, but they generally contain information on vital records (births, marriages and deaths) for the year of publication (not always included in early years), lists of public officials, lists of police officers, firemen, and other government workers, including school teachers. Don’t overlook the town’s expenditures list, as it often included payments made to town citizens for work they performed in the town’s behest. Also, many towns include payments made for the support of the indigent within the town.

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The Clayhill Church Register 1887-1939

Clayhill Church is off County Road 5511 in Brundidge, Pike County, Alabama. These images are digital representations of their complete church register covering the years of 1887-1939. This is a valuable source of genealogical information for those who comprised the membership of this church. It’s also a great complement to any transcription of it’s cemetery as it may include information on the unreadable headstones, and those who have no headstones. Included within this register are birth, baptism, death, burial and membership information. Unfortunately there was no marriage information recorded.

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Dedham Massachusetts Historical Society Register 1890-1903

From 1890-1903, the Dedham Historical Society in Dedham Massachusetts printed a quarterly pamphlet for it’s historical society called the “Dedham Historical Register.” In this pamphlet a variety of genealogical data was published on families of Dedham and the villages emanating from the early residents of Dedham, such as Dorchester, Franklin, Medfield, Medway, Needham, and Sharon, etc.

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Free Massachusetts Town Vital Records

This is a collection of 191 free town vital records books, otherwise known as “Tan Books” for Massachusetts towns. Generally these records go up to 1849/1850 at which, the genealogist can use the census records to assist in identifying the family connections further. Included with this article is an account of why and how these manuscripts were published.

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Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records

Most Connecticut researchers are as familiar with the Barbour Collection of town records as Massachusetts researchers are with their “tan books” of town vital records. For those not familiar, in short, the Barber Collection provides a transcription and index of pre-1870 Connecticut vital records on a town by town basis. The Lucius Barnes Barbour Collection, as it is officially known has been housed in the Connecticut State Library since Lucius created it. For non local researchers, microfilm copies have been widely distributed over the years. Finally, it’s now becoming available online in an even wider distribution. The 123 volumes are arranged in alphabetical order according to town name. Within each town, the records are arranged in alphabetical order according to surname. Each marriage record is so arranged that all the vital records for a person is together, so birth and death records may also be found within the marriage records database. Unfortunately, it’s not all available online for free. We have provided the links for each town below depending on it’s availability at a free website, and then as a backup to Ancestry if the specific resource is not available for free.

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Register of Interments in the Parish of Michilimackinac

The register of interments was evidently not as carefully kept as those of marriages and baptisms. The following first four entries have been abstracted from the baptismal register, being entered after the records of baptisms on the death of the child previously baptized. The record kept by Father Le Franc, beginning in 1754 and continuing through 1760, is continuous, and entered in one portion of the register, headed “Registre des morts depuis le ler aoust 1754” 1Register of deaths after August 1, 1754 . The remaining entries were scattered miscellaneously among the marriages and baptisms, but have here been assembled in chronological order. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Died August 10, 1743 [Marie Coussante, daughter of Joseph Hins]; she was the first one buried in the new church built by her father, under the holy water font. She [Marie Athanase, slave of Charles Hamelin] died fortified with all the sacraments, on January 24, 1748, and was buried in the church the following day beside her...

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Deaths from Mrs. Ulessus Kennedy’s Ledger

Deaths that occurred within or around the Allegany Reservation in New York, and were recorded in in an old ledger owned by Mrs. Ulessus Kennedy. A Armstrong, Elmer, d. Jan. 28, prob. 1883. Armstrong, Ely’s Baby, buried today Aug. 6, 1911. Armstrong, Joe’s first wife, d. Mon. Aug. 28, 1893. Funeral 30th. Armstrong, Joe, D. May 28 or 29, 1898. Funeral 30th. Armstrong, Kittie (Silverheels), d. 1925. Armstrong, Mary Jane, d. May 20 prob. 1883, bur. 22nd. Armstrong, Sarah, d. March 4, 1929, Funeral 6th. Armstrong, Wau-gis or Wan-gis, Widow, buried April 1 1907 Arnold, Henrietta, D. Wed. July 21, 1885 at 5 PM, age 31. Funeral 23rd. Arther, Henrietta, d. AM July 19, 1908, age 6, Funeral 20th. Austin, Halfwhite (Black Austin), Aug. 6, 1923. B Baldwin, John, d. Mar. 24, 1883. Benja’s Baby, bur. Dec. 9, 1931. Bennet, Hanover’s wife, bur. (maybe Aug. 11) 1933. Bennett Jefferies, Julia, D. Aug. 9, 1921, Fun. 11th. Bennett, Abbie, d. Jan. 20, 1883, age 15. bur. 21st. Bennett, Adele’s baby, d. Aug 2, 1905. Bennett, Harrett, Mrs., d. 11 PM Jan. 25, 1886, age 64. fun. 28th. Bennett, Henan’s Baby, d. AM Jan. 8, 1891, fun 10th. Bennett, Heuoce, d. 12, Oct. 1931, bur. 14th. Bennett, Laura, d. Dec. 25, 1931, age 72, Fun. 28th. Bennett, Lewis, d. AM Jan. 17, 1895, fun. 19th, at Pres. Church, age 76. Bennett,...

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Alabama Death Records

  Autauga County, Alabama Deaths Hosted at Federal Death Records of Alabama, 1860 Death records from 1860, as taken from the 1860 Federal Mortality Schedule. Baldwin County, Alabama Deaths Hosted at Federal Death Records of Alabama, 1860 Death records from 1860, as taken from the 1860 Federal Mortality Schedule. Hosted at Tracking Your Roots 1860 Baldwin County, AL Deaths (pdf) Baldwin Co., AL Death Certificates Barbour County, Alabama Deaths Hosted at Federal Death Records of Alabama, 1860 Death records from 1860, as taken from the 1860 Federal Mortality Schedule. Hosted at Barbour County, USGenWeb Archives Project Annie Mae Portwood January 10 1972 Rebecca Elizabeth (Trant) Portwood January 1 1929 Elisha Columbus Portwood April 27 1931 Oliver Portwood December 16 1957 Moore, Thomas November 22 1922 Hosted at Tracking Your Roots 1860 Mortality Census (pdf) Bibb County, Alabama Deaths Hosted at Federal Death Records of Alabama, 1860 Death records from 1860, as taken from the 1860 Federal Mortality Schedule. Blount County, Alabama Deaths Hosted at Federal Death Records of Alabama, 1860 Death records from 1860, as taken from the 1860 Federal Mortality Schedule. Hosted at Blount County, USGenWeb Archives Project Opal Serena Nash Bynum Faulkner May 22 2003 Milton Alton Underwood April 15 2003 Hosted at Robin Sterling’s Blount County, Alabama Web Site 1850 Mortality Schedule Blount County, Alabama Death Certificate Index 1908 – 1929...

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Dassel Village, Meeker County, Minnesota – Death Notices

J. Norgren died January 15, 1907, age 78 years. John O. Belin died June 2, 1926, at the age of 79. L. M. Norgren died here July 12, 1923, age 59 years: J. W. Norgren died November 3, 1926, his age was 77. Joseph Olson died September 14. 1933, age 56. Louis Palmersten died February 15. 1906. at the age of 72 Nels Rudberg died November 12, 1912. S. O. Lindgren died June 12, 1892, age 35 John Thompson, August 18, 1934, he was 87 years old. Nels Erickson died September 7, 1910, at the age of 81. John Osborn died January 23. 1916, age 76 L. E. Larson was born September 14. 1871 and died January 14, 1938. Malmer Larson died August 21, 1940, his age was 66. John Rudberg died April 15, 1903; he was 67 years old. Herman Manthei died February 20. 1936. at the age of 69. J. H. Remick. September 21, 1911, age 81; Wm. Galiger, June 11, 1917, age 63, John S. Larson, November 19, 1933, age 77. R. T. Eiliott, died November 22, 1912, at the age of 73 Fred Rudberg, died January 12, 1943 at the age of 72 Frederick Spath died February 11, 1891, age 66. P. F. Spath died February 17, 1927. His age was 71 John M. Johnson died April 17, 1909, he was 63 years old. Erick...

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Montgomery County, Alabama Newspapers

Hosted at Montgomery County, USGenWeb Archives Project Excerpts Of Interest From The Montgomery Daily Advertiser – 1866, Montgomery, Alabama Excerpts Of Interest From The Montgomery Daily Advertiser: 1871 – 1872, Montgomery, Alabama Excerpts Of Interest From “Southern Plantation,” January – March 1875, Montgomery, Alabama Interments Reported January 1, 1881, Montgomery, Alabama Interments Reported January 20, 1881, Montgomery, Alabama Social Calendar, Alabama Journal News, June 8, 1944, Montgomery, Alabama Social Calendar, Alabama Journal News, June 6, 1944, Montgomery, Alabama James C. Keefe Receives His Son’s (Robert J. Keefe) Posthumous Award, June 6, 1944, Montgomery, Alabama St. Mark’s Methodist Church Society Holds Monthly Meeting, 1944, Montgomery, Alabama Alabama Pen Women To Hold State Convention, 1944, Montgomery, Alabama Mobilian To Head Spanish War Vets, 1944, Montgomery, Alabama Marriage Announcement For Fort Hargrove & Jane Argyra Owen, Montgomery, Alabama Allen Rankin File August 16 1940 First Hanging In Montgomery County, Montgomery, Alabama 50th Wedding Anniversary Of Mr. And Mrs. Hyram Barry, 1873, Montgomery, Alabama Miss Calhoun Honored With Prenuptial Parties, Lowndes, Alabama Marriage Announcement For Leola Barnes & E. P. Williamson, Montgomery, Alabama Montgomery, Alabama April 6 1902 Willis Mcdonald, Ex-Slave, 107 1936 A Fatal Difficulty At Fort Deposit, Lowndes, Alabama Death Notices Death Notice For Mrs. Ann Dodd, Montgomery, Alabama Death Notice For Mrs. Alex Finney, Montgomery, Alabama Death Notice For Mrs. Alice Stafford Kerr, Montgomery, Alabama Death Notice For Major Abner...

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World War 2 Casualties

This collection lists War Department casualties (Army and Army Air Force personnel) from World War II. Information provided includes serial number, rank and type of casualty. The birthplace or residence of the deceased is not indicated. An introduction explaining how the list was compiled, a statistical tabulation, and the descriptions of the types of casualties incurred are also included.

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Herbert Genealogical Notes

Many years ago my dear Mother 1Margaret Herbert (Mrs. Dewitt Clinton Mather) planned a history and genealogy of the Herbert family in America. After expending a great deal of effort and a considerable amount of time and money, she accumulated a certain amount of data, a lot of it just scattered information with no apparent relationship. She had circulars printed and forms that could be filled out with the least possible effort giving names, and dates if possible, of father, grandfather, and son as far back as one could go. As comparatively few answers came in, she gave up the ambitious idea of so comprehensive work and decided to concentrate on a history of the New Jersey Herberts. However, illness and death put an end to all this. That the result of so much energy should not be wasted, I offer it with some additional information that I have gathered from time to time in spasmodic attempts to continue her work. Every effort has been made to present facts as accurately as possible. Assumptions and traditions will be so indicated. To begin at the beginning, the first authentic ancestor of what is now known as the Herbert family emerges from the mists of south Wales as one Thomas ap Guilym ap Jenkins, which of course, means that his father was William and his grandfather was Jenkins, but that is...

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Wallowa County Oregon Burial Index – Surnames A – Z

Surname A ABLE: Flora ACTON: Flora, Prairie Creek ADAMS: Prairie Creek ADEY: Enterprise ADRIAN: Enterprise AGER: Flora AKERS: Wallowa AKIN: Alder Slope AKINS: Enterprise ALESON: Enterprise ALEXANDER: Paradise ALFORD: Bramlet, Enterprise ALLARD: Prairie Creek, Wallowa ALLEN: Bramlet, Enterprise, Lost Prairie, Lostine ALTO: Enterprise ALUMBAUGH: Wallowa ALVERTIE: Enterprise AMEY: Enterprise, Prairie Creek AMONINO: Enterprise ANDERSON: Bramlet, Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa ANDRAESON: Wallowa ANDREWS: Enterprise ANSON: Lostine APPLEGATE: Flora, Paradise, Prairie Creek ARAM: Enterprise ARMON: Bramlet ARNOLD: Enterprise, Imnaha ASCHENBRENNER: Enterprise ASERNATH: Enterprise ASHER: Enterprise, Lostine ASSMAN: Lostine ASTWOOD: Enterprise AUDET: Enterprise AULT: Enterprise AUSLER: Enterprise, Flora AUTHIER: Lost Prairie AUTRLY: Bartlett AVERILL: Enterprise AVERY: Enterprise, Lostine Surname B BACON: Enterprise, Lost Prairie BAGGETT: Wallowa BAILEY: Enterprise BAILIE: Enterprise BAIRD: Enterprise, Wallowa BAKER, Enterprise, Flora, Prairie Creek, Wallowa BAKKE: Wallowa BALDWIN: Bramlet BALENTIN: Prairie Creek BALES: Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa BALLANTYNE: Prairie Creek BALLARD: Enterprise, Wallowa BALLAS: Enterprise BALTER: Prairie Creek BANKHEAD: Bramlet, Wallowa BANNISTER: Enterprise BARBER: Enterprise BARE: Imnaha BAREMORE: Wallowa BARKLOW: Wallowa BARNARD: Hurricane Creek, Prairie Creek BARNES: Enterprise, Paradise BARNETT: Enterprise, Wallowa BARNHILL: Enterprise BARTER: Enterprise BARTH: Enterprise BARTLES: Enterprise BARTON: Bramlet, Enterprise, Hurricane Creek, Lostine, Prairie Creek, Promise, Wallowa BASENETT: Enterprise BASFORD: Enterprise BASH: Enterprise BASIM: Enterprise BASSETT: Wallowa BATER: Enterprise BATES: Prairie Creek BATLY: Prairie Creek BAUER: Enterprise BAXLEY: Enterprise BAXTER: Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa BAY: Alder Slope, Enterprise BAZINE: Wallowa BEACH: Enterprise, Paradise BEALS: Prairie...

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1850 Lawrence County Arkansas Mortality Census

The following index is of all people listed within the Lawrence County, Arkansas mortality census of 1850. In the 1850 and 1860 census, census takers were responsible for listing all people who had passed away in the past year… so the people in the following list likely died in 1840/1850. B Andrew J. Baird George J. Bane Henry C. Banta Martha W. Barnett William Barnett Cassandra Blackwell Sarah Blakely Sarah Bond Lavina Boothe C Jane Cason Martin Cason Thomas G. Corbet Nancy Cravens D Sarah Debell E James Estas F David W. Falkenburg Jane Falkenburg Nancy Falkenburg Cyrena J. Foreman G Calvin Garner William Gay H Martha A. Halcum Charles Harlow Jemima Harlow John Harlow Andrew J. Harris Charlotte Holland Edward W. Holt Alexander Hudson Hiram L. Hudson Martha A. Hudson Henry Hunt J Jaret E. Jaynes L Tina Lawson Elizabeth J. Lowe Nancy Luce O Mary Osburn P Henry F. Park R Elijah T. Raney S James B. Sexton Deliann Shaver Malichi Simpson Louis Smith Martha C. Smith Darcus A. Southworth T Cleopatra Tamburn Mariah Z. Tisdale U William H. Underwood V Julia A. Vaughan William M. Vaughan W Milley Warner William W. Wasson Jane West Thomas West Henry...

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Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1775 Burials

Edward Haus, a man born in Pennsylvania, died Jan. 1, 1775, and was buried the same day. Nicholas Cronenberger died in the 59th year of his age Jan. 8, 1776, and was buried on the 9th in Ebenezer cemetery. Michael Rieser died Feb. 21, 1775, and was buried Feb. 22. Funeral text: Ps. 55:19. The Lord creates peace for my soul. Margaret Huber died in the night between March 31 and April 1, and was buried April 1. John Paul Miller died April II, .1775, and received Christian burial the next day. John George Maurer died April 16, 1775, and was buried on the second Easter day. Mary Magdalene Maurer died Oct. 11, 1775, and was buried the next day. Johanna Fredericka Reinlander died Oct. 15, 1775, and was buried the next day. Wolfgang Mack died in the month of November, 1775, and was buried the next day at Bethany. John Martin Reinlander died in the 40th year of his age Jan. 16, 1776, and was buried the next day. Funeral text: Gal. 3:13, 14. Mary Magdalene Maurer, a woman in childbed, died Oct. II, 1775, and was buried the next day. Hannah Margaret Maurer, a widow, died Nov. 30, 1775, and was buried the next...

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