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Shaw, Mellie Phillippe – Obituary

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Prosecutor Donald L. Brunner said this afternoon he will call the Shelby County grand jury to meet soon, and he said he would ask the jury to consider returning an indictment against Charles M. Bennett for reckless homicide in the traffic death of Mrs. Mellie Shaw. Shelby county recorded its sixth traffic fatality of 1953 today with the death this morning of Mrs. Mellie Shaw, 78, of Noble township, who died at the Major Hospital after being injured July 17 in a car-truck collision on south State Road 9 three miles from the city. Meanwhile Charles M. Bennett, 35, Shelbyville, RR3, arrested and charged with drunken driving in the accident, filed another motion yesterday seeking to quash the affidavit against him, after being granted a motion for continuance of the case July 18. Another drunken driving charge is still pending against the defendant from last October. Mrs. Shaw, who suffered shock and multiple fractures of the right arm and clavicle in the accident, died at 3:30 a.m. today. She was a passenger in a 1948 Dodge coach owned and driven by her daughter Mrs. Cleo (Sallie) Hook, 49, Flat Rock, R.R.1, who received cuts and bruises in the accident. The Hook car was in collision with a 1950 Dodge pick-up truck owned and driven by Bennett,...

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Fort Smith Criminal Records

Fort Smith Criminal Records: This series consists of criminal court cases, and contains such material as indictments, bills of information, arrest warrants, writs, subpoenas, appearance bonds, transcripts of proceedings before U.S. commissioners, orders, verdicts, judgments, sentencing orders, and appeal papers. In these records can be found the criminal cases of such famous outlaws as Belle, Sam, Tom, and Henry Starr (jacket 170); Wyatt Earp (jacket 59); Gad and Emmet Dalton (jacket 55); Rufus Buck (jacket 500); Edgar Watson (jacket 197); Blue Duck (jacket 26); and “Cherokee Bill” Goldsby (jacket 500).

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1787 Convicts Sent to New South Wales

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now A list of 784 Convicts sent to New South, 1787.  Lists name, where convicted, date of conviction, and number of years to serve. A Surname Name, Where, Convicted, Date Of Conviction, Years Abel, Robert London 23 Feb. 1785. 7 Abrams, Henry Abrahams, Esther London 30 August, 1786 7 Abell, Mary, alias Tilley Worcester 5 March, 1785 7 Acres, Thomas Exeter 14 March, 1786 7 Adams, John London 26 May, 1784 7 Adams, Mary Ditto 13 Decem. 1786 7 Agley, Richard Winchester 2 March, 1784 7 Allen, John Hertford 2 March, 1786 7 Allen, William Ormskirk 11 April, 1785 7 Allen, Charles London 7 July, 1784 7 Allen, Susannah Ditto 18 April, 1787 7 Allen, Mary Ditto 25 October, 1786 7 Allen, Jamasin, alias Boddington Ditto 25 Oct. 1786 7 Allen, Mary, alias Conner Ditto 10 Jan. 1787 7 Anderson, John Exeter 20 March, 1786 7 Anderson, Elizabeth London 10 Jan. 1787 7 Anderson, John Ditto 26 May, 1784 7 Anderson, Fanny Winchester 7 March, 1786 7 Archer, John London 26 May, 1784 7 Arscott, John Bodmin 18 August, 1783 7 Atkinson, George London 21 April, 1784 7 Ault, Sarah Ditto 21 Feb. 1787 7 Ayners, John, alias Agnew Ditto 26 May, 1784 7 Ayres, John Ditto 21 April, 1784 7 B Surname Name, Where, Convicted, Date...

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Trial Record and Legal Papers – Jasper Newton Bee

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now These are the kind of records you may obtain when you order Fort Smith Criminal Records. October 23, 1882 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, WESTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, To The Marshal of the Western District of Arkansas, GREETING: WHEREAS, Complaint on oath hath been made before me, charging that Jasper N. Bee did, on or about the 23 day of Oct A.D. 1882, in the Indian Country, Western District of Arkansas Assault to kill one Moore a White man. Contrary to...

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