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Officers from the Fourteenth Military District, Georgia

Roster of soldiers who served from the Fourteenth Military District. These men were primarily from Pulaski County, GA. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now John J. Lee, major, commissioned March 21, 1864 Innis Cowart, adjutant, commissioned May 10, 1864 First Company Benj. Harrell, captain T. J. Baker, first lieutenant S. C. Nicholson, second lieutenant Willis Harrell, third lieutenant J. B. Hamilton, fourth lieutenant All were commissioned May 10,...

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Election for officers to command Cavalry Company

Election for officers to command Cavalry Company At an election held in Hawkinsville, Pulaski County, on Monday, the 30th May 1836, for a Captain and other Commissioned and non Commissioned to command a Volunteer Cavalry Company of said County, the following persons (members of said Company) came forward and voted: Soloman Micheal C. Y. Gavaze Ezekiel Taylor B. W. Bracewell J. N. Phillips J. J. Taylor Robert R. Germany G. W. Collins Joseph J. Bracewell James M. Bracewell W. J. Whitfield James 0. Jelks James Boldwic Eldredge Count P. Fleming A. J. Collier John J. Wood James P. Cherry E. Odum B. M. Thompson W. O. Mc Josept Thigpen W. W. Mayo John Collson W. G. Fleming Millet Swift James J. Callwell Andrew Bayty E. W. Coley Marion Sutton William Mills Theophilus Sutton Amos Pipking James H. Burkhalter John G. Rawls Jesse B. Took John Graham Alm Martin A. C. Bostwick Alfred C. Bostwick, Captain William S. Whitfield, 1st Lieut. James M. Bracewell, 2nd Lieut. E. A. Birch James 0. Jelks Robert M. Thompson We do hereby certify that we presided at the above election for officers to command a volunteer company of cavalry of said county and that the four first named persons were duly elected as more fully appears from the above statement. May 30,...

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Company M, 121st Infantry, “Home Guard”

One of the first military companies organized in Pulaski County after the War of 1812 was “The Home Guards.” Peace and plenty characterized our growing county for a long period of years after the War of 1812-14, but as a safeguard to our homes this company was organized, as we had no military protection. When the war clouds of the sixties hovered over our Southland and men were being called into service, the “Home Guards” were merged into a large company, the intrepid “Pulaski Volunteers,” the first company to leave Pulaski County for the battlefront. Their valiant history during the War Between the States is another story. Several years after the close of the war, the company was reorganized, and for a number of years was the pride of Pulaski County, as their only military organization. Later it disbanded. On June 20, 1916, it was recognized as Company M, 1st Infantry; May 10, 1921, recognized as Company M, 122nd Infantry; April 27, 1922, as Company M, 200th Infantry; March 28, 1924, as Company M, 121st Infantry. The first officers of the reorganization as Company M, 122nd Infantry, were: Captain William Mobley Watson First Lieutenant Oscar Amos Second Lieutenant Robert L. Fleming. Upon the death of Captain Watson, Lieutenant O. C. Amos was made Captain, and is present company commander. Captain Amos is a veteran of the border, having served...

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Company I, Fifth Georgia Reserves

Roster of officers who served in Company I, Fifth Georgia Reserves. These men were primarily from Pulaski County, GA. W. P. Mobley, captain G. W. Hendrick, first lieutenant A. E. McLeod, second lieutenant B. F. Boon, second lieutenant J. L. Wilcox, second...

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Company H, 10th Confederate Cavalry

Roster of officers who served in Company H, 10th Confederate Cavalry. These men were primarily from Pulaski County, GA. G. R. Coley, captain James R. Coley, first lieutenant, promoted to captain J. M. Thomas, second lieutenant, promoted to first lieutenant James E. Boothe, second lieutenant James M. Manning, second lieutenant Q. L. Harvard, second lieutenant L. F. Collier, second...

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Company G, 10th Confederate Cavalry

Roster of officers who served in Company G, 10th Confederate Cavalry. These men were primarily from Pulaski County, GA. James L. Leith, captain P. T. McGriff, first lieutenant, promoted to captain T. N. Sutton, second lieutenant John A. Hendley, second lieutenant, promoted to captain James O. Farnell, first lieutenant, promoted to captain John B. Wood, second lieutenant David C. Joiner, second lieutenant, promoted to captain David M. Roberts, second...

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Company F, Fifth Georgia Reserves

Roster of soldiers who served in Company F, Fifth Georgia Reserves. These men were primarily from Pulaski County, GA. Charles E. Clark, captain F. H. Bozeman, first lieutenant A. M. Newman, second lieutenant J. R. Love, second lieutenant A. Anderson’s (formerly Dawson’s) Battery, Georgia Light Artillery Thomas H. Dawson, captain R. W. Anderson, first lieutenant, promoted to captain Isaac O. Hall, first lieutenant William Bembry, second lieutenant Henry S. Greaves, second lieutenant, promoted to first lieutenant Sidney A. Moses, captain H. R. Felder, first lieutenant Willis G. Allen, second lieutenant R. H. Brown, second lieutenant W. R. Hurst, assistant surgeon William E. Hurst, second...

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Georgia Rangers: Company G, 10th Georgia Infantry

Roster of men who served in Company G, 10th Georgia Infantry during the Civil War. This company was part of the soldiers known as the “Georgia Rangers” and most if not all of the men came from Pulaski County, GA. Orran C Horne, captain James S. Leith, first lieutenant Batts N. Mitchell, second lieutenant Payton Wade Douglas, second lieutenant Charles C. Kibbee, second lieutenant, promoted to captain Samuel H. Mauget, second lieutenant, promoted to first lieutenant John W. Bozeman, second lieutenant Charles W. Linder, second lieutenant Richard E. Hudson, first lieutenant Marcus Levi, third sergeant, promoted to first lieutenant Henry M. Kibbee, fourth sergeant Geo. W. Williamson, first corporal Emanuel B. Miller, second corporal Austin Dardan, third corporal Rufus M. Rose, fourth corporal Jacob Morris, musician James W. Brown,...

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Pulaski County Georgia Civil War Units by District

764th District John A. Hendley, 1st Lt. H. H. Hendley, 2nd Lt. D. H. Trammel, Ensign R. G. Fulghum, Capt., Apr. 16, 1862-Apr. 25, 1862. Commissioned Feb. 22, 1862. Sent Feb. 26, 1862. 6th Ga. Division, 1st Brigade, Hawkinsville, Ga. Oran C. Horne, Brigadier General. Commissioned Nov. 22, 1861. Sent Nov. 22, 1861. 1236th District Wm. M. Olliver, Capt. T. H. Wooten, 1st Lt. W. W. Culpepper, 2nd Lt. R. E. Smith, Ensign. Commissioned Feb. 22, 1862. Sent March 17, 1862. 364th District, Pulaski B. H. Harrell, Capt. D. C. Daniel, 1st Lt. S. W. Holt, 2nd Lt. A. Sapp, Ensign. Commissioned Feb. 22, 1862. Sent Mar. 17, 1862. 304th (Later), Pulaski County, Hawkinsville, 1862 Wright W. Harrell, Capt. Commissioned Mar. 22, 1862. Sent April 3, 1862. Henry H. Whitfield, Capt. Commissioned April 2, 1862. Sent April 4, 1862. J. H. Pate, 1st Lt.; E. A. Smith, 2nd Lt. J. W. Garner, Ensign. Commissioned April 2, 1862. Sent April 4, 1862. 384th District- Isaac 0. Hall, Capt. Z. L. Davis, 1st Lt. Wm. Deshazo, 2nd Lt. David Buchan, Ensign. Commissioned Feb. 22, 1862. Sent March 17, 1862. 169th Division J. J. Lee, Major J. B. Mitchell, Major. Commissioned Feb. 24, 1862. Sent Mar. 17, 1862. 542nd District R. M. Rose, Capt. Milton Bazemore, 1st Lt. J. J. Puckett, 2nd Lt. Tom Grace, Ensign. Commissioned Feb. 22, 1862. Sent Mar....

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Florida Civil War Soldiers

Use this database to search for soldiers who enlisted in either the Union or Confederate Armies during the Civil War from the state of Florida. The results provide names, rank, company, unit, Confederate or Union, and if they were a casualty of the war. If the soldier was a casualty of the way, they’ll be listed with the date of the casualty, location, and if the soldier died or survived the casualty.

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Record of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War, 1861-1865

This new digital version of Stryker’s classic work, presented by the New Jersey State Library, is completely searchable utilizing full Boolean logic. See the search tips and database description pages for more information. The Record is arranged by regiments in numerical order. Each regiment’s chapter gives a brief summary of its actions followed by a roster of its members which provides rank, date commissioned or enrolled, date mustered in, length of enlistment, date mustered out, and provides other information including promotions, transfers, wounds, deaths and desertions. The New Jersey regiments are listed first followed by “Miscellaneous Organizations,” which are regiments from other states–mostly from Pennsylvania. It also includes the Veteran Reserve Corps, the United States Colored Troops, and the U.S. Army and Navy regulars. An interesting mystery about this publication is its title as listed on the title page: Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War, 1861-1865 (emphasis added) because 1876 seems very early to be referring to this as the Civil War (though some in the north always referred to the war as the Civil War). Indeed, the actual page headers in the paper version (the only thing omitted in this digital version) say Officers and Men of New Jersey in the War of the Rebellion (emphasis added). The NJ State Archives and the NJ Dept of Military and Veterans Affairs have not...

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12th N.H. Regiment

Point Lookout, Md., August 11th, 1863 ____________ Mr. Editor: I suppose that long before this you have heard of the whereabouts of the 12th, and know something of our situation; but perhaps a few lines, relative to our proceedings of late, and of our present good fortune may prove acceptable. My last letter to the Gazette was written while we were at Green Springs, Md. Since we left that place, up to the time of our coming to this place, we have shared, in common with this army the hardships and privations incident to a hard march. I would like to give you a detailed account of our adventures, but neither time nor space will permit. We marched through many places of interest, which shall long live upon the pages of history. We passed over the bloody fields of South Mountain Antietam, and Sharpsburg. The evidences of the great battles fought at these places are fearfully apparent. The long lines of soldier’s graves speak plainer than words of the many brave and noble men who have sacrificed their lives upon their country’s altar. There are other evidences of the dreadful scenes which have there been enacted; but none so great as the humble gray of the soldier. We left the Army of the Potomac on the 27th of July at Warrenton, taking the cars at that place for Washington....

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Return of the Sixteenth N.H. Regiment

The sixteenth Regiment N.H. Volunteers, in command of Col. James Pike, arrived in Concord on the 14th inst. They left this State on the 23rd of last November, having been mustered in for nine months service. They have participated in only a few engagements, but have been included in the Department of the Gulf and have suffered greatly front he diseases of a hot and unhealthy region. The corps, on reaching the city, had 340 men able to carry arms, together with enfeebled soldiers who were immediately transferred to the hospital at City Hall. Besides these 49 invalids were left at Vicksburg and 36 at Cairo. These figures show how disease has more than decimated the ranks of a regiment that numbered nine hundred effective men on departing for the seat of war. The troops took an honorable part in the actions at Butte a la Bose (Fort Burton), Springfield, and Donaldsonville, all of which places are in Louisiana. The troops left Port Hudson on the 1st instant, and were in constant motion until they reached New Hampshire. They came up the Mississippi river to Cairo, and from thence by rail. The journey home though fatiguing, was interspersed with many pleasing occurrences. At a score or more of places on the route the people assembled by thousands, inviting the soldiers to collations, and cheering their hearts with kind and...

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Sanbornton NH Soldiers in the Civil War

There are a total of 265 men listed. If you have anyof these names in your family genealogy and would like me to put a link to your url or email please let me know. All information is taken from The History of Sanbornton, NH vol. I by Rev. M.T. Runnels 1882 The three years’ men of 1861 N.H. Fourth Regiment enlisted Sept. 18-20, 1861 for three years CHARLES K. BUSWELL; private, Co. D; discharged for disability, Dec 31, 1862 CHARLES C. CLARK; corporal, Co. D; discharged for disability, Dec 5, 1861; re-enlisted, Fifteenth Regiment, corporal, Co. H, Oct 11, 1862 ANDREW B. CUTLER; private, Co. D; re-enlisted veteran, Co. D, Jan 1, 1864; captured at Deep Run, Va, Aug 16, 1864; died at Salisbury, N.C., Dec 22, 1864 CHARLES H. DEARBORN; private, Co. D; died of disease, at Hilton Head, S.C., July 20, 1863 ALBERT L. FITZGERALD; private, Co. D; promoted to corporal; then to first lieutenant, Oct 26, 1863; discharged for disability BENJAMIN T. HANNAFORD; private, Co. D; resided in Northfield, but re-enlisted for Sanbornton Dec 26, 1863 ABNER L. KNOWLTON; corporal, Co. D; promoted to first sergeant; re-enlisted Jan 1 1864; commissioned first lieutenant, Co. H, Nov 9, 1864; commissioned captain, Co. H, Feb 17, 1865; mustered out Aug 23, 1865 HORACE B. MORRISON; private, Co. D; promoted to sergeant; mustered out Sept 27 1864 JOHN...

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1894 Michigan State Census – Antrim County

The following data is extracted from 1894 Michigan State Census. United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894 [ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ] Antrim County. Banks Township Wm. H. Blow, Daniel Flanagan, Sylvester Brown, George 0. Glazier. John Sprick. Amasa Hartwell, John Levene, Wm. Greenman, James Arnold, Oscar H. Whitney, Harvey P. Wing, Joseph Washer, Amos Richardson, Burr Lewis. Charles Flanagan, Edw. Skinner, Gilbert M. Randall, William Blissett. Fred Ladue, William Burns, Fredric L. Church, Lewis Deline, Russell T. Sleeper, [Gilbert Bently, Geo. Fuller]. Central Lake Township Jesse Lambert, Nelson W. Doty, Cyrenus Chamberlain, Jerome S. Campbell, Silas B. Anway, William B. Cook, Andrew J. Cook, Monroe Hughs, Andrew J. Coburn, John Keffe, William Wardrop, John H. McPherson, John Jackson, Daniel C. Morrison, William llohrmann, William Roberts, Josiah E. Easton, Norman Larabee, Jackson Waffle, James R. Child. Hiram Blakely, John 0. McEwan, Henry H. Chamberlin. L. W. Bratt, George W. McDonald. Hiram Sweet, Luther G. Evans. Robert R. Wilkinson, William H. Easton, Andrew J. Drake, Charles L. Hamilton. John A. Stephens. William H. Adams. Jeremiah Atherton. Daniel W. Sage. Cyrus R. Capen, Henry C. 1lcFarlan, Ezekiel C. Walter. Harkness Green, Jesse A. Cary, George W. Thomas. James Butler. John W. Jackson. John Green. Chestonia Township Henry R. Becker, William A. Bates, William E. Stephens, Charles E. Harris, Emanuel A. Dunson....

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