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Memoirs of the LeFlore Family

The Cravat families of Choctaws are the descendants of John Cravat, a Frenchman, who came among the Choctaws at an early day, and was adopted among them by marriage. He had two daughters by his Choctaw wife, Nancy and Rebecca, both of whom became the wives of Louis LeFlore. His Choctaw wife dying he married a Chickasaw woman, by whom he had four sons, Thomas, Jefferson, William and Charles, and one daughter, Elsie, who married- a white man by the name of Daniel Harris, and who became the parents of Col. J. D. Harris, whose first wife was Catharine Nail,...

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Memoirs of the Durant and Crowder Families

Durant Louis Durant, a Canadian Frenchman, was the proprietor of the Durant family among the Choctaws, who came, as before stated, to the Choctaw Nation with the two brothers, Lewis and Michael LeFlore about the year 1770. He, as his friends and contemporaries, the two LeFore brothers, also selected a wife among the Choctaw forest flowers, but whose name has been lost amid the vicissitudes through which her people have passed. They had three sons, Pierre, Charles and Lewis; and two daughters, Margaret and Syllan. The father and three sons served under their renowned chief, Apushamatahah, as allies of the Americans in the Creek war of 1812. Pierre had seven sons, viz: Fisher, George, Jefferson, Sylvester, Isham, Ellis and Joseph. Ellis and Sylvester served in the Confederate army during the civil war of 1861, the former in the rank of major. Alexander Durant, one of the Supreme Judges of the Choctaw Nation, (with whom I am personally acquainted) is a son of George Durant. Fisher Durant had three sons, Bissant, Dixon and Jesse. Dixon is a minister of the Gospel. He is a poor man in a pecuniary sense, but rich in a spiritual sense. He seems to live alone for the cause of his Divine Master and the salvation of his fellow men. Ah! If the world’s Christians were all such Christians as Dixon Durant, the devils kingdom on earth would soon be overturned, and that of the World’s. Redeemer permanently...

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Biography of George Musalas Colvocoresses

Born in Scio, Grecian Archipelago, October 22, 1816. During the Greek Revolution the Turks invaded that island in 1822, and after narrowly escaping the massacre that followed, George with his mother and two young sisters were carried captives to Smyrna. Through friends in that city he was ransomed and sent in an American brig to Baltimore; much kindness was shown him by members of the Greek Relief Committee, and the story of his misfortunes excited the sympathy of Captain Alden Partridge, head of the military academy then at Norwich, who offered to receive and provide for young Colvocoresses as...

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The Discovery Of This Continent, it’s Results To The Natives

In the year 1470, there lived in Lisbon, a town in Portugal, a man by the name of Christopher Columbus, who there married Dona Felipa, the daughter of Bartolome Monis De Palestrello, an Italian (then deceased), who had arisen to great celebrity as a navigator. Dona Felipa was the idol of her doting father, and often accompanied him in his many voyages, in which she soon equally shared with him his love of adventure, and thus became to him a treasure indeed not only as a companion but as a helper; for she drew his maps and geographical charts, and...

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Norwich Vermont in the Civil War

During the four years of war for the suppression of the Rebellion, Norwich furnished 178 different men for the armies of the Union. There were seven re-enlistments, making the whole number of soldiers credited to the town 185. By the census of 1860, the number of inhabitants was 1759. It appears, therefore, that the town sent to the seat of war rather more than one in ten of its entire population, during the four years’ continuance of hostilities. About the same proportion holds good for the state at large, Vermont contributing, out of an aggregate population of 315,116, soldiers to the number of 34,555 for the defense of the Union. Of the 178 men enlisting from Norwich, twenty-seven laid down their young lives in the service of the country. The soil of every southern state, from the Potomac to the Rio Grande, was moistened by the blood or supplied a grave to one or more of these. The town paid the larger part of these men liberal bounties, amounting to about $32,000, in addition to their state and government pay. All calls for men upon the town by the national authorities were promptly and fully met. The patriotic response of our people to the expenses and sacrifices of the war was, in general, hearty and emphatic; and yet candor and the truth of history compels us to confess that...

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1894 Michigan State Census – Eaton County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894 [ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ] Eaton County Bellevue Township. – Elias Stewart, Frank F. Hughes, Edwin J. Wood, Samuel Van Orman, John D. Conklin, Martin V. Moon. Mitchell Drollett, Levi Evans, William Fisher, William E. Pixley, William Henry Luscomb, George Carroll, Collins S. Lewis, David Crowell, Aaron Skeggs, Thomas Bailey, Andrew Day, L. G. Showerman, Hulbert Parmer, Fletcher Campbell, Lorenzo D. Fall, William Farlin, Francis Beecraft, William Caton, Servitus Tucker, William Shipp, Theodore Davis. Village of Bellevue. – William H. Latta, Thomas B. Williams, Hugh McGinn, Samuel Davis, William Reid, Charles B. Wood, Marion J. Willison, Herbert Dilno, Jerry Davidson, Edward Campbell, John Markham, Jason B. Johnson, Josiah A. Birchard, Richard S. Briggs, John Ewing, George Crowell, Henry Legge, James W. Johnston, Luther Tubbs, Oscar Munroe, John W. Manzer, Henry E. Hart, Leander B. Cook, Cyrus L. Higgins, Martin Avery, John M. Anson, Washington Wade, George P. Stevens, James Driscoll, Alexander A. Clark, Antoine Edwards, George Kocher, Charles W. Beers, Lester C. Spaulding, George Martin, Griffen Wilson, Sr., Amos W. Bowen, Josiah G. Stocking, Charles A. Turner, Levi 0. Johnson, Sullivan W. Gibson, Alonzo Chittenden. Benton Township. – Oliver P. Edman, Charles T. Ford, Emanuel Ream, Samuel Bradenberry, Isaac Mosher, Ezra W. Griffith, Joshua Wright, Michael Lynn, Mitchell Chalender, Luther Johnson, George...

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Roll of Company F, 22nd Battalion, Georgia Cavalry

Roll of Company F, 22nd Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards). Mustered into the Confederate service, August 6, 1863, at Hawkinsville, Georgia B. N. Mitchell, captain H. H. Whitfield, first lieutenant W. M. Oliver, second lieutenant L. H. Harrell, third lieutenant E. W. Coney, first sergeant A. C. McPhail, second sergeant R. F. DeLamar, third sergeant H. D. Hendley, fourth sergeant William Miller, fifth sergeant E. D. Fountain, first corporal; Robin Mercer, second corporal John McKinney, third corporal Moses T. Fort, fourth corporal J. B. Mitchell, bugler Privates J. H. Anderson Milton Bozeman G. W. Bowen J. Bowen G. W. Budd C. M. Bozeman, Jr. C. H. Colding C. E. Clark N. W. Collins James Chalker W. W. Culpepper W. A. Chancey D. C. Daniel S. M. Daniel M. W. Daniel R. G. Fulghum W. J. Fountain John Fale Thomas Grace Mather Grace I. B. Hamilton O. C. Horne J. W. Howell N. N. Howell Asa Howell W. L. Howell W. W. Howell A. G. Holt G. W. Jordan W. W. Jennings D. E. Kibbee D. S. Kellam William McKinney S. C. Nicholson J. C. Polhill R. M. Rose Nicholas Rawlings Daniel Rawls R. T. Reeves P. F. Scarborough R. C. Smith David Sapp D. L. Stewart T. M. Stewart James Sewell J. W. Simpson D. H. Tramil S. W. Taylor T. L. Taylor J. W. Trawick E. M. Wood...

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Pulaski Greys: Company K, 49th Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Company K, 49th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, C. S. A., as compiled by the late A. C. Pipkin. (Fourth Company, from Pulaski County) S. M. Manning, captain. Enlisted March 4, 1862; elected lieutenant-colonel, March 22, 1862; mortally wounded at Cedar Run, Va., August 9, 1862; died, 1862. H. H. Whitfield, first lieutenant. Enlisted March 4, 1862; promoted to captain, March 22, 1862; resigned, June 27, 1863. John H. Pate, second lieutenant. Enlisted March 4, 1862; promoted to first lieutenant, March 22, 1862; promoted to captain, June 27, 1862; elected major, July 28, 1863. E. A. Smith, second lieutenant jr. Enlisted March 4, 1862; wounded at Frasier’s Farm, Va., June 27, 1862; died of wounds, August 7, 1862. W. R. Collins, first sergeant. Enlisted March 4, 1862; served through the war; absent on furlough on date of surrender of Lee’s army. W. R. Sapp, second sergeant. Enlisted March 4, 1862; lost arm at Cedar Run, Va., August 9, 1862, and discharged. A. M. Smith, third sergeant. Enlisted March 4, 1862; elected first lieutenant, August 28, 1863; absent without leave, February 3, 1865. J. H. Anderson, fourth sergeant. Enlisted March 4, 1862; discharged August 1, 1862, furnishing Nathaniel Lynch as substitute. Bart H. Harrell, fifth sergeant. Enlisted March 4, 1862; discharged on account of disability, 1862. A. C. Pipkin, first corporal. Enlisted March 4, 1862; wounded at Wilderness,...

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Roster of Pulaski County Georgia Volunteers

Company G, Eighth Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Infantry, C. S. A., First company to leave Pulaski County. Compiled by the late D. G. Fleming: T. D. L. Ryan, captain. Enlisted May 23, 1861; resigned March 2, 1863. Geo. W. Carruthers, first lieutenant. Enlisted May 23, 1861; resigned January 1862. S. W. Taylor, Jr., second lieutenant. Enlisted May 23, 1861; resigned January 1863. John A. Young, first sergeant. Enlisted May 23, 1861; transferred to Regimental Band of Musicians, June 25, 1861; elected first lieutenant, February, 1862; promoted to captain, March 5, 1863, killed at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. Daniel H. Mason, second sergeant. Enlisted May 23, 1861; lost arm First Manassas, July 21, 1861; died of wound, October 1861. John W. Laidler, third sergeant. Enlisted May 23, 1861; died in camp near Manassas, September 1861. Moses Daniel, fourth sergeant. Enlisted May 23, 1861; died in hospital at Richmond of disease, September 1861. Daniel M. Blue, fifth sergeant. Enlisted May 23. 1861; promoted to first sergeant September 15, 1861; killed at Spotsylvania, Va., May 10, 1864. Alexander Pipkin, first corporal. Enlisted May 23, 1861; elected second lieutenant jr., December 1861; died May 10. 1862, at Richmond. T. J. Spivey, second corporal. Enlisted May 23, 1861; died in same hospital near Manassas, September 1861. Geo. W. Folds, third corporal. Enlisted May 23, 1861; mortally wounded at Fort London. Knoxville. Tenn., November 19, 1863;...

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Regimental Band of Musicians, Eighth Georgia

Roster of soldiers who served in the Regimental Band of Musicians, Eighth Georgia. These men were primarily from Pulaski County, GA. A. H. Affleck-(Detailed from Co. G) June 1, 1861 (see roster Co. G). A. A. Marck-Co. A, June 1, 1861; succeeded Affleck as leader, January, 1862 (see Co. A). A. Starowski-Co. G, June 1, 1861 (see Co. G). John A. Young-Co. G, June 1, 1861; elected lieutenant, afterwards captain (see Co. G). John H. Lowery-Co. G, June 1, 1861; killed at First Manassas (see Co. G). F. Schwab-June 1, 1861 (see Co. C). Chas. Henry Speer-June 1, 1861 (see Co. F). J. M. Harris-June 1, 1861 (see Co. *). Felix A. Williams-June 1, 1861; surrendered April 9, 1865 (see Co. C). “Bill” Parish-June 1, 1861 (see Co.). W. E. Connally-June 1, 1861 (see Co. F). M. M. Dupree, March 23, 1862 (see Co. *) P. J. Wray, July 16, 1862 (see Co. K). J. R. West-September 12, 1862 (see Co. *). W. C. Edwards-November 2, 1864 (see Co. *). John H. Holmes-Died June 1864. P. Kreuger-Deserted to enemy and took oath of allegiance, July...

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Pulaski Blues: Company F, 27th and 31st Georgia Infantry

Roster of soldiers who served in Company F, 27th and 31st Georgia Infantry. These men were primarily from Pulaski County, GA and were known as the Pulaski Blues. Warren D. Wood, captain Isaac Woodard, first lieutenant William D. Brunson, second lieutenant Joel D. Wilson, second lieutenant Thomas J. Mills, captain Henry M. Bozeman, first lieutenant John A. Harrell, first lieutenant, promoted to captain W. O. Gwyn, first lieutenant George H. Camble, second lieutenant Joseph Miller, second sergeant, promoted to first sergeant William E. Hanner, fourth sergeant Charles J. Bradshaw, first corporal and regular drummer William R. Taylor, second corporal Hamilton A. Laidler, third corporal, promoted to fourth sergeant John H. Singletary, fourth corporal Lawrence C. Bryan,...

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Officers of the 14th Military District

Following is a list of officers of the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Companies, 14th Military District First Company-Benjamin Harrell, captain T. J. Baker, first lieutenant S. C. Nicholson, second lieutenant Willis Harrell, third lieutenant I. B. Hamilton, fourth lieutenant Second Company I. E. Booth, captain Seaborn Jones, first lieutenant P. H. Purser, second lieutenant I. T. Ard, third lieutenant W. A. Rouse, fourth lieutenant Third Company D. Sapp, captain J. M. Stokas, first lieutenant W. W. Dishgo, second lieutenant J. H. Anderson, second lieutenant Ed. Pipkin, third lieutenant John W. Simpson, fourth lieutenant. Fourth Company A. C. McPhail, captain N. Y. Powell, first lieutenant J. D. Eubanks, second lieutenant J. D. Mitchell, fourth lieutenant Fifth Company R. G. Fulghum, captain William McKinney, first lieutenant D. H. Hendly, second lieutenant James Chalker, third lieutenant R. Mercer, fourth lieutenant John J. Lee, major (from Pulaski County) James Cowart, adjutant, 14th Military District, from Pulaski County Joseph B. Mitchell, major, 36th Regiment, Georgia Militia R. M. Rose, captain, 542d District, 36th Reg,t.. Ga. M. Seaborn E. Jones, captain, 387th District, 36th Regt., Ga. M. B. H. Harrell, captain; 364th District. 36th Regt., Ga. M. Joseph Jackson, captain, 511th District, 36th Reg,t., Ga. M. John C. Walker, captain, 317th District, 36th Regt., Ga. M. R. G. Fulghum. captain, 764th District, 36th Regt., Ga. M. Thomas F. Walker, captain, 350th District, 36th...

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Muster Roll of Georgia Militia – New District

Muster Roll of Georgia Militia, Pulaski County, Georgia, March 4, 1862 – New District W. M. Oliver, captain E. F. Way M. Scarborough Pleasant Willson E. H. Coney E. B. Royal T. H. Wooten, first lieutenant W. W. Culpepper, second lieutenant R. C. Smith, third lieutenant W. H. Chancey John McKenney Jas. Bynam R. Marchman Joseph Andrews P. Partin T. T. Malden Joseph Graham Joseph Bynam Jefferson Bynam Jas. Williams W. D. Conner C. M. Bozeman,...

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Muster Roll of Georgia Militia – District 542-R

Muster Roll of Georgia Militia, Pulaski County, Georgia, March 4, 1862 – District 542-R M. Rose, captain Milton Bozeman, first lieutenant Thos. B. Puckett, second lieutenant Thos. Grace, third lieutenant R. H. Brown J. D. Andrews Wm. Andrews M. T. Fort, J. S Leith, Jesse Lee Frank Wynne Millar Scarborough Eli King M. Rothschild M. Levi J. J. Watkins Curtis Daniel E. S. Mann J. L. Brown Sam Nobles Josephus Carruthers Joel Darcey D. S. Kellam C. T. Lathrop Jacob Pearce Holt, J. A. Holder, J.  H. Lockwood, G. R. Coley, E. W. Lock, David Mathews Edmund Hare Thos. Wheeler Lewis Nobles Jas. Chambers J. B. Mitchell F. J. B. Brown John Jones Oliver Jones Murdock Pipkin Robert S. Anderson A. T. Carrol John Sullivan John Fale Thos. L. Taylor Seaborn Dickson Vincent Bowen John C. Polhill W. W. Jennings Fred Fields Henry Rothschild Geo. Peke Henry G. Girtman S. V. Sessions Pat O’Brian John Marchman John H. Budd Rufus Malden Nathaniel Lynch Frank Lynch Abner Tippet John Tippet E. H. Tippet Charles Jordan Robt. Williams Matthias McCormack, Jr. E. O. Buff G. W. Carruthers S. W. Brown John Argo Henry Kale L. H. Harrell B. N. Mitchell J. W. Brown J. N. Oakley Geo. Hutchings Michall O’Brian Nathan Powell Wm. M. White C. H. Colding John Scarborough R. H. Pate Henry Waterman Robt Wallace Jackson Rittenberry Wm. Matthews...

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