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Biography of John Henry Caldwell

The members of the Henry-Caldwell family are descended from ancient families of England, France, and Ireland. Judge John Henry, head of the Henry-Caldwell family in Hawkinsville, was born June 12, in Belfast, Ireland. At the age of five years he came with his parents to this country, locating at Westfield, New York, and coming to Georgia as a very young man. For several years he lived at Hayneville, in Houston County, where he married Miss Civility Coates Kendrick, a descendant of some of the first families of Virginia, who served with distinction during the Colonial and Revolutionary periods. Just after the War Between the States, Judge and Mrs. Henry, with their two children, Edwin and Amanda, moved to Hawkinsville. Judge Henry was a man of broad vision, clear insight, and shrewd judgment in business. By his intelligence, thrift, and sound judgment, he acquired large holdings in farm lands, city property, stock in many business enterprises, and was one of the wealthiest. men in Pulaski County. He was one of the four men who organized the Hawkinsville Bank & Trust Company, one of the first banks in this section, which he served as vice president and director. He was one of the largest stockholders and depositors until his death on December 12, 1898. He served many years as county judge, during which time the present courthouse building was erected. In...

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Biography of Alexander Caldwell

Alexander Caldwell. Among the notable men in the history of Kansas, few are more deserving of perpetuation in its annals than is Alexander Caldwell. From the time when he came to Leavenworth, in the spring of 1861, until his recent retirement from the cares of active life, he was identified with events and movements that made Kansas history in numerous and diversified directions. A pioneer in the work of transporting military supplies to the army posts west of the Missouri River, with the coming of the railroads he turned his attention to railroad construction and management; as a manufacturer he became one of the prominent figures in Fort Leavenworth’s industrial life; as a financier he was the directing head of what became one of the leading financial institutions of the state; and in public life he held positions of high honor and trust. He was the father of the Soldiers’ Home at Leavenworth, and was also instrumental in the securing of an appropriation for the establishment of the United States Military Prison (now the Federal Penitentiary) at this point. His entire career had been one which had reflected honor and credit upon his splendid abilities, his absolute integrity and his devotion to high ideals of citizenship. Alexander Caldwell comes of notable ancestry. Born in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, March 1, 1830, he is a son of James Caldwell and a...

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