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Caddo Standards of Decency

Adultery in American law is a good cause for divorce; but divorce for adultery as far as it might be a public display of jealousy runs counter to Caddo standards of decency. People would think it “an awful disgrace”...

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Caddo Witchcraft

Sickness may be caused by a witch 1neiidi’ (White Moon); naite (Ingkanish). who has sent something into your body-horse hair, an insect, a bit of cloth, an arrow. Your doctor (konah’) would draw out...

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The Caddo Doctors

The Beaver (t’ao) doctor is the “strongest” (i.e. most powerful) (Ingkanish). He is a daitino (mescal-bean) doctor. He held a medicine dance in early spring. He would throw fire up onto the “grass...

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Burial Customs of the Caddo Tribe

Before the corpse is taken out from the house, those present pass their hands over it, from head to feet, and then over their own person. Messages are sent through the deceased to other dead relatives. 1Shawnee funeral guests...

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Caddo Age Class Terms

Age-Class Terms gayotsi baby sihyat’iti} boy under ten tat’iti} nutyit’it’i} sihnuti} girl under ten nutyit’it’i} tishiyatsi boy, about ten and over tinuti girl, about ten and over shiyatsi...

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Caddo Naming Traditions

To an infant a name is given in the family, by any relative, maternal or paternal. 1Cp. Dorsey 2: 39. White Moon (R. NichaGaiyu’) does not know the relative who gave him this name. The infant name may continue in use or it...

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Caddo Instructions of Youth

Boys were sent every morning to bathe in the river, even through the ice. 1Like Shawnee, the Delaware sent their children, boys and girls, from eight years upwards, into the brush to get a supernatural partner. Of his daily...

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Caddo Genealogy Tables

ka’inchi, grandchild, w. sp. Gen. III, 3 > Gen. III, 24 son’s son, w. sp. iba`, mother’s brother Gen. II, 57 > Gen. II, 30 mother’s brother Gen. III, 44 > Gen. III, 12 mother’s brother Gen....

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Notes on the Caddo

The following data were recorded in New York City in the winter of 1921-22 with the cooperation of White Moon, a recent Caddo graduate of Carlisle who in New York shrewdly called himself Chief Silver Moon. In Oklahoma he was...

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