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Biography of John Henry Woodward

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now John Henry Woodward was born at Peach Orchard in the. town of Tompkins (now Hector), Schuyler County, New York, February 9, 1836, and is the eldest son of John Woodward, who, with his father’s family came to America from London, England, in 1824, settling on a large farm in what was then comparatively a wilderness on the banks of Seneca Lake, New York, where members of the family still reside. Mr. Woodward received his primary education at the county district school. Later on he attended an academy at Peach Orchard under the management of John A. Gillette and was finally prepared for college at the Ithaca Academy, Ithaca, New York, having as classmates Eugene Schuyler, Wm. L. Bostwick, and others who have since become men of note. During his school days young Wood-ward was a leader in athletic and outdoor sports, and is still remembered by his schoolmates for his proficiency in feats requiring muscle and physical endurance. The rugged health he still enjoys, the elasticity of movement and splendid physical condition which now belie the years he has lived may be largely ascribed to his youthful love for physical exercise. After completing his preparations for a collegiate course he commenced the study of law in the office of Douglas Boardman, since Judge of the Supreme...

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Biography of Marion Francis Mulkey

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Marion Francis Mulkey was born in Johnson county, Missouri, November 14, 1836, and was a son of Johnson Mulkey. At the age of ten years he accompanied his parents across the plains to Oregon. The family settled on a donation claim in Benton county and here amid the scenes of the frontier the boyhood of our subject was passed. From his parents was instilled in him a desire for an education and after a brief experience in the log school house, under the tuition of such men as Senator J. H. Slater and Hon. Philip Ritz, he pursued higher studies at Forest Grove, under the guidance of the late Doctor S. H. Marsh. This assistance he supplemented by labors of his own, teaching school during vacations. It was while at school that the Indian war of 1856 broke out; and although then but a boy of eighteen he joined one of the military companies and remained in service until the Indians were subdued and peace was secured. In 1858, he entered Yale College, having as a companion J. W. Johnson, now president of the University of Oregon. Graduating in 1862, he returned to Portland and commenced the study of law with Judge E. D. Shattuck. While pursuing his legal studies, in 1863, he acted as assistant...

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Biography of Frank Dekum

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now For many years the subject of this sketch has occupied a commanding position in the commercial and financial history of Portland. His career and achievements forcibly illustrate what may be accomplished by one who pursues earnest purposes and makes right use of his opportunities. Coming to Portland before it had outgrown the limits of an insignificant hamlet, he has grown with its growth until to-day he is one of the leading men of finance in the metropolis of Oregon. He was born in Bavaria, Germany, November 5, 1829. At the age of eight years he accompanied his parents to America, the family consisting of seven children. They settled on a farm in St. Clair county, Illinois. Here the boyhood of young Dekum was passed, and during this period, owing to the humble circumstances of his parents, he can hardly be said to have received any educational advantages, as but one winter in a log school house completed his opportunities in this direction. What he has since acquired in the way of an education has been gained by self application and in the great school of experience. He remained with his father assisting him in the management of the farm until he reached the age of sixteen, when desiring to engage in some work which offered greater...

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