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Biography of Charles Frederick Minott

CHARLES FREDERICK MINOTT – The Minotts are an old Massachusetts family who, however unlike most of the original New England settlers, are of predominating Dutch and French origin. To mention only the immediate ancestry we know that the grandfather of Mr. C. F. Minott, of Greenfield, was of French origin, while the grandmother was of Dutch descent. Their children were: 1. Henry. 2. Aaron. 3. Charles. 4. William H. 5. Frank. The grandfather was engaged in the time-honored and old-fashioned trade of welldigging. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now William Horatio Minott, father of Charles F. Minott, was a native of Jamestown, New York, born in 1826, and died in Springfield in 1902. As a boy William H. Minott lived in a log cabin with a dirt floor and had to cut logs to bum in the fireplace. As a young man he came to Massachusetts and enlisted in the Civil War in Company F, Twenty-second Connecticut Regiment, for nine months’ service. He drove an eight-mule...

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Biography of Herbert Emerson Holden

HERBERT EMERSON HOLDEN, manufacturer of window frames and house finishings in North Amherst, Massachusetts, was born June 29, 1880, in Shutesbury, Massachusetts. The name he bears, Holden, Holdin, Holding, or Houlding, is of ancient and distinguished quality in England. It was a place name doubtless. Coats-of-arms are borne by various branches of the family. Richard Holden, immigrant ancestor of the family in America, was born in England in 1609, and came to this country in the ship “Francis,” sailing from Ipswich, England, April 30, 1634, and settling first at Ipswich, Massachusetts, where he owned land. Justinian, his brother, born in 1611, crossed the ocean a year later and settled in Watertown, whither Richard removed soon after. A family record in manuscript, written about 1800, says that the immigrants had brothers, named Adam and William; and an uncle, James Holden, “one of the Lords of England,” who secured their release by the sheriff who had arrested them for attending a “dissenting meeting,” on condition that they would not repeat the offense in that country. Richard Holden lived in Cambridge, adjoining Watertown, for a time; and Justinian also settled there. Richard Holden was a proprietor of the adjacent town of Woburn as early as 1658. He sold his property in Watertown in 1655 to J. Sherman. He was admitted a freeman, May 6, 1657; and in that year he removed to...

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Biography of Edward Franklin Warner

EDWARD FRANKLIN WARNER, dealer in farm implements and cultivator of the ancestral farm of three hundred acres, where he passed his days, at Cummington, Massachusetts, was born on the homestead property, November 16, 1844, and died there March 27, 1911. He was the son of Franklin John Marvin and Vesta Wales (Reed) Warner. The Warner family, of ancient English origin, has had many honored representatives in England and America. More than twenty families of the name have coats-of-arms of different designs. Important branches of the name live to-day in the counties of Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk, Warwick, York, England; in Ayrshire, Scotland; and in Ireland. (I) Andrew Warner, immigrant ancestor in America, was born in England about shoo. He came to America in 1632, and was a proprietor of Cambridge in 1633. He was admitted a freeman, May 14, 1634. In 1635 he was living in Cambridge on the northeasterly side of Eliot Street, about midway between the westerly end of Winthrop and Brighton streets. He owned also several other lots in Cambridge, but sold his property there to Captain George Cooke, December 30, 1636, and removed to Hartford, Connecticut. He removed to Hadley, Massachusetts, about 1659, and was one of the first settlers. He died there December 18, 1684. (II) Daniel Warner, son of Andrew Warner, was born about 1640. He married (first) a lady who died September 1g,...

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Biography of Horace Everett Boynton, D.C., Ph. C.

HORACE EVERETT BOYNTON, D. C., Ph. C. – In the younger group of professional men in Hampshire County, Massachusetts, Dr. Horace Everett Boynton is taking a leading position and his activities are reflecting credit not only upon himself but upon the school of healing of which he is a representative. A native of the State of Massachusetts, but for some years a resident of New Hampshire, Mr. Boynton is a member of a family long prominent in New England. He is a son of John Boynton, and a grandson of Joshua Boynton, the family tracing back through many generations of American ancestry to the Boynton family distinguished on the northwest coast of England. John Boynton, father of Horace E. Boynton, married Louise C. Ham, who died in the year 1923; she was a daughter of Reuben Ham, also a prominent citizen of Massachusetts. John and Louise C. (Ham) Boynton were the parents of six children: John Edward; Ernest Wheeler; Frank Agustus; Mable Louise; Horace Everett, of further mention; and Laura Grace. Horace Everett Boynton was born in Lynn, Massachusetts, December 27, 1886. Following his elementary studies, he attended high school at Plymouth, New Hampshire, and as a young man mastered telegraphy. Mr. Boynton’s first experience was in the employ of the White Mountain Telegraph & Telephone Company and he became one of their expert operators. Breaking health compelled him...

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Biographical Sketch of Walter A. Swift

WALTER A. SWIFT – To interpret the law for his fellow-men, to help them out of their tangles, to offer constructive suggestions to them in initiating new enterprises, to do this well keeps a man busy and brings him rewards over and above material success. With a keen mind, ambitious, and having the opportunity to prepare himself well for such a career, Walter A. Swift chose the profession of law in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was born in that town, August 16, 1897, the son of John A. and Margaret A. (Coyle) Swift. His father, born in Ireland, serves the city in the capacity of sergeant in the police department. His mother was born in Middlefield, Massachusetts. After learning eagerly all that he could in the excellent public schools of Springfield, Walter A. Swift graduated from the Central High School there in the class of 1916. He took his legal training at Georgetown University, securing his degree of Bachelor of the Law with the class of 1923. In 1924 he was admitted to the Massachusetts bar. The same year he began practice in his own office at No. 31 Elm Street, Springfield, Massachusetts, and the following year moved to No. 289 Main Street, where he obtained larger quarters., and is building up an admirable clientele. Those whom he has served think highly of his ability and he is generally looked...

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Biography of Arthur Burdette Daniels

ARTHUR BURDETTE DANIELS, the distinguished president of the L. L. Brown Paper Company of Adams, stands among the leaders in his field of industrial progress in New England, and as a leading business executive of Western Massachusetts is affiliated with numerous important interests. He has reached his present outstanding position by the force of his own initiative and devotion to worthy purpose. Mr. Daniels is a son of Amos Dixon and Helen Lucretia (Cross) Daniels, his father was for many years a hotel proprietor and, during the later period of his life, active in association with the New Home Sewing Machine Company, of Orange, Massachusetts, in the capacity of general agent. Arthur Burdette Daniels was born in Ashfield, Massachusetts, October 21, 1861. Receiving his early education in the local public schools he gained only the advantages of the high school course, then entered the employ of the L. L. Brown Paper Company, of Adams, of which he is now president. The faithful and steadfast purpose which has carried him to this high level of industrial progress is one of the commendable instances of high achievement which it is the privilege of the biographer to record on these pages. Mr. Daniels served first as bookkeeper, entering the organization in 1878, and fourteen years later he was elected treasurer and general manager of the company. He continued active in these responsible...

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Biography of John Wesley Riddell

JOHN WESLEY RIDDELL, whose death occurred on April 27, 1910, took from the community of Greenfield a worthy citizen and one who had contributed much towards its development and upbuilding. He was born in Charlemont, Massachusetts, a nineteenth century representative of a family of prominence. The Riddell family is of Scotch origin, the name having been variously spelled as Ridel, Riddle, Riddel, Riddell, Ridley, and Ridlum, but all of the names were derived from the same source, the dale or valley of the River Rye, or Ryedale, whence the family first took their name, that being the place of residence of the stock at the time the name was assumed as a surname. A picture of the ancient Riddell Castle, which was located at Ryedale, is all that is now extant. A branch of this original Scotch family settled in the North of Ireland. About the year 1704 four brothers of the name of Riddel came to America from Edinburgh, Scotland, and settled in Charlemont, Massachusetts, where their burial place is shown. (I) Captain Samuel Riddell, a descendant of one of these brothers, served in the Revolutionary War. He married, the Christian name of his wife being Gene, and they were the parents of seven children: William, of whom further; Curtis, Cordelia, Fannie, Park, Samuel, and Thomas. All of these children, with the exception of Samuel, went West, locating...

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Biography of Dr. John Baptiste Philip Sainte-Marie

City physician of Pittsfield, who was reelected to that office in 1924, he is a native of Chicago, Illinois, son of Elie Andrew and Rose Anna (Cyr) Sainte-Marie. When John Baptist Philip was two and one-half years old, the family moved to the city of Montreal, Canada. He was given a finished classical education at the Jesuits’ College of Quebec, and then entered the medical department of La Val University, from which he was graduated in the class of 1896 with the degree of M. D. Dr. Sainte-Marie was appointed house physician, at different times, of three hospitals in Montreal. He entered upon the practice of medicine in Montreal and had an active career in that city. He was president for five years of the St. John the Baptist Society of Montreal, Western Division; was vice-president of the Montreal Literary Society; vice-president of the Union Catholic Society, founder of a branch of the Artisans of Francois Society of Montreal. Dr. Sainte-Marie moved, in 1916, from Montreal to Taunton, Massachusetts, where he practiced his profession until December, 1921, when he moved to Pittsfield. In 1923 he was elected city physician, and reelected in February of the current year, 1924. He is also a member of Hillcrest Hospital staff. Dr. Sainte-Marie is a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society, the St. John the Baptist Society, of which he is the medical...

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Biography of Hon. Orlando Curtis Bidwell

In the exacting and wide-reaching profession of the law, Hon. Orlando Curtis Bidwell, of Great Barrington, stands among the leaders in Berkshire County. His large natural ability was supplemented by careful preparation and his entire career has been guided by a lofty idealism, which marks his every step of progress. As a servant of the people, as well as in his professional capacity, Mr. Bidwell has made an honorable and admirable record, while his affiliations with organized movements bear definite and constructive results. He is a son of Marshall S. and Sophia L. (Bidwell) Bidwell, his father a merchant and farmer throughout his active lifetime, died in 1902, and the mother also died in 1902. Orlando Curtis Bidwell was born in Monterey, Massachusetts, March 17, 1862. He attended the public schools and is a graduate of Lee High School, class of 1882, and his graduation from Williams College occurred in 1886, with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Taking up the study of law under capable preceptors, Mr. Bidwell began his professional career in Elmira, New York, in 1889. About one year later he was admitted to the bar of Massachusetts, as well as the New York State and Federal courts, and locating in Great Barrington in 189o, he has practiced here ever since. Mr. Bidwell has gone forward along general lines of activity from the beginning and large...

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Biography of Albion Brainard Allen

For more than three decades a resident of Amherst, Hampshire County, and one of this town’s most active and substantial business men, Mr. Allen’s operations as a builder have contributed very materially not only to the development of his own community, but to that of numerous other New England towns. On his father’s side he is a member of an old family whose name is very frequently met throughout the United States, where it is represented by many distinct and separate families. Its use arises from the Christian name Allen or Alan, which is very ancient and has many variations in spelling, a characteristic which the family name also possesses. There are no less than fifty-two coats-of-arms of separate and distinct families of Allen in the United Kingdom, besides twenty others of different spellings. There were more than a score of emigrants of this surname from almost as many different families who left England before 1650 to settle in New England and many of their early descendants have been identified with the formative period of New York history, from which region many able and worthy representatives of the family have come to many parts of the United States. Albion Brainard Allen is a representative of the eighth generation in descent from one William Allen, through the latter’s son William, the second William’s son John, and John’s son William. This...

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Biography of James Hale Newton

When a man’s manifold activities in the field of banking, building, and general business win for him the title of “Grand Old Man,” his place as leader is firmly established. Thus was James Hale Newton regarded in Holyoke, Massachusetts. He was of a long-established New England family, which originated in England. The pioneer ancestor was Richard Newton, who settled in Massachusetts in 1638, and afterward was admitted as freeman of the colony. For many years he lived in Sudbury, then settled in Marlborough, where with eight others he founded the township, and died’ there when nearly a hundred years old, August 24, 1701. By his wife, Anna (or Hannah) Newton, he was the father of nine children, among whom was Moses, born March 26, 1646, who became an active defender of Marlborough against the Indian attacks of King Philip’s War. He married (first), October 27, 1667, Joanna Larkin, by whom he had eleven children, including James Newton, born in Marlborough, January 15, 1683, who died in Southborough, November 29, 1762, having married, as his second wife, Rachel Greeley, who gave birth to Joseph Newton, July 15, 1728. Joseph Newton moved with his family to Hubbardstown, where he died, having married Experience Drury, of whom a son was born named Ebenezer Newton, in Southborough, December 8, 1770. He moved to Greenfield, where he was an honored and successful citizen, who...

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Biography of Charles Henry Tower

Famous in the annals of American history is the long-established family of Charles Henry Tower, for its representatives helped establish and build up the New England colonies, were always ready to fight for freedom and justice, and participated in the early French, the Revolutionary, and the Civil Wars. Moreover, these men of fine old stock, sturdy and hardworking, were in the habit of using their hands in some trade or occupation of immediate benefit to the community. These traits came down from his forebears to Charles Henry Tower, who in his eighty-nine years and until retirement, was in some way connected with the tinning and plubing trade. The Tower family in America was established by John Tower, born in Hingham, England, in 1609, who came to this country in 1637, and settled in Hingham, Massachusetts, where he died February 13, 1701-02, at the age of ninety-two years and nine months. He married Margaret Brook, February 13, 1638-39, in Charlestown, Massachusetts. The great-grandfather of Charles Henry Tower, Cornelius Tower, was born February 5, 1701-02. He served in the old French war in the regiment of Colonel Thomas Clapp, and in Captain Josiah Thatcher’s company. In 1759 he was in Halifa1. Cornelius Tower married Hannah Higgins, publishing his intentions April 1, 1732. Their son, Isaac Tower, grandfather of the subject of this record, was born in Cohasset. Massachusetts, May 20, 1744,...

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Biographical Sketch of James Albion Perkins

Treasurer of the Perkins Appliance Company, Inc., of Springfield, Massachusetts, and one of Springfield’s representative business men, he is a brother of Julian L. Perkins. James Albion Perkins engaged in the lumbering business when his school days were over, and operated sawmills in Blanford, Williamsburg, and Goshen, Massachusetts. When he attained his majority, however, James Albion decided to make a change and went to Hartford, Connecticut, where for a time he was engaged in photo-engraving. He came to Springfield and entered the employ of the Springfield Photo-Engraving Company; but after a time he transferred his association to the Phelps Publishing Company. In the meantime his brother. Julian Lee Perkins, had organized the Perkins Manufacturing Company, Inc., which was engaged successfully in the production of gears. The concern had grown by 1911 and fully demonstrated its possibilities of future success and it was incorporated as the Perkins Appliance Company, Inc., manufacturers of special machinery and gears. Julian Lee Perkins is president and James Albion Perkins treasurer. The company in 1925 employed more than one hundred men and its gears and machinery are sent to all parts of the world, where they are used successfully. Mr. Perkins is a member of the Chamber of Commerce; of Esoteric Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons; of Morning Star Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; of Springfield Lodge, No. 61, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks; and...

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Biography of George S. Wickham, M.D.

GEORGE S. WICKHAM, M. D. – Bringing to his profession a large ability, supplemented by a tireless energy and directed by his splendid preparation, Dr. George S. Wickham, of Lee, stands among the noteworthy physicians of Berkshire County. Active in practice only since the recent war, Dr. Wickham has established his name in this section as that of a thoroughly able and forward looking professional man, and in his future his friends are confident that the community will be greatly benefited. Dr. Wickham is a son of Nicholas and Ellen (Smallwood) Wickham, his father died in February, 1g09, but his mother is still living. They were the parents of five children: John, now pastor of St. Brendan’s Church in New York City; Joseph, professor of English at New York City College; Thomas, a noted surgeon of Boston; Helena, wife of Dr. Thomas Hennelly, of Pittsfield; and George S., of further mention. George S. Wickham was born in Lee, January 25, 1893 Receiving his early education in the public schools of his birthplace, he graduated from the Lee High School in 1909, from Holy Cross College in 1914, and from Harvard Medical College in 1918 Dr. Wickham gained his institutional experience at the Boston City Hospital, serving his internship during the years 1918 and 1919. During this time he was a member of the Medical Reserve Corps, and in October...

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Biography of Frederic H. Rhodes

FREDERIC H. RHODES – From junior clerk to president of a large insurance concern, and owing his promotion to nothing else but inherent capacity and gifts of an exceptionally high kind coupled with energy, perseverance and tenacity in following a certain guiding line, such is in brief the career of Frederic H. Rhodes, president of the Berkshire Life Insurance Company of No. 7 North Street, Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Frederic H. Rhodes is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he was born July 14, 1878, a son of Robert M. and Mary S. (Witherspoon) Rhodes. He received his education in the public schools of his native town, and in the Pittsfield Business College. After leaving school he started to work for the Berkshire Life Insurance Company on December 19, 1892, as a junior clerk, and in 1905 was promoted to the rank of manager of an office. In 1910 he again received a promotion to the post of general agent for the company in New York and New Jersey, where he continued until August, 1923, when he went to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, as vice-president of the concern, and was elected president January 21, 1925. In politics Mr. Rhodes is a member of the Republican party, and in religion a member of the Congregational Church. His fraternal and other associations include membership in the Pittsfield Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons; the Ancient Accepted...

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