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Topic: Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw

Choctaw Indian Research

Choctaw (possibly a corruption of the Spanish chcdu, ‘flat’ or ‘flattened,’ alluding to the custom of these Indians of flattening the head). An important tribe of the Muskhogean stock, formerly occupying middle and south Mississippi, their territory extending, in their most flourishing days, for some distance east of Tombigbee River, probably as far as Dallas County, Ga. Ethnically they belong to the Choctaw branch of the Muskhogean family, which included the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Hunt and their allies, and some small tribes which formerly lived along Yazoo River. Archives, Libraries and Genealogy Societies Societies Oklahoma Historical Society Indian Archives Holdings Summary Oklahoma Genealogical Society United States Court – Indian Territory 1890 Census – Indian Territory, Old Towson County, Choctaw Nation Choctaw Indian Biography Choctaw Chiefs Pushmataha – Tribal Chief (Push-ma-ta-ha) Peter P. Pitchlynn Allen Wright (hosted at Native American Resources) Mushalatubee(hosted at Native American Resources) Peter Perkins Pitchlynn(hosted at Native American Resources) Choctaw Chiefs (hosted at Choctaw Nation) The Life of Okah Tubbee Bureau of Indian Affairs A Guide to Tracing your Indian Ancestry(PDF) Tribal Leaders Directory Recognized Indian Entities, 10/2010 Update (PDF) Choctaw Indian Cemeteries Mount Tabor Indian Cemetery -Texas (hosted at Paul and Dottie Ridenour’s Home Page) Indian Cemeteries (hosted at Accessgenealogy) Choctaw Indian Census 1860 Federal Census Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory (hosted at Indian Nations, OKGenWeb Archives) Choctaw, Part 1 Choctaw, Part 2 1885 Choctaw Census (Original...

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