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Topic: Algonquian Language

Algonquian Language

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Algonquian Words 1. Substantives Spiritual and Human Existence: Terms of Consanguinity: Names of Parts of the Human Frame. 1. God Manitoo Gen. xxiv. 26 2. Devil Mannitoosh  Job i. 7.  Chepian. Life of Eliot, p. 97 3.Angel English employed. 4. Man Wosketomp 5. Woman Mittomwossis Gen. xxiv. 8. Job xxi. 9. 6. Boy Mukkutchouks Job iii. 5 7. Girl, or maid Nunksqua Gen. xvi. 24. Luke viii. 54. Ps. clviii. 12 8. Virgin 1It must be evident, that if there be no equivalent for this word as contradistinguished from No. 7, there ran be no translation of Mat. i. 18, and the parallel passages of Luke, &c., which will convey to the Indian mind the doctrine of the mystery of the incarnation. Penomp Gen. xxiv. 16. Job xxxiii. 4. Isa. vii. 14. Mat. i. 23 9. Infant, or child Mukkie Gen. xxv. 22. Job xxxiii. 25 10. Father, my Noosh Gen. xxii. 7. Luke x. 21 11. Mother Nokas Song of Sol. iii. 4 12. Husband Munumayenok Gen. xxx. 15 13. Wife Nunaumonittumwos Job xxxi. 10 14. Son Nunaumon Gen. xxiv. 6 15. Daughter Nuttanis Mat. ix. 22 16. Brother Nemetat Song of Sol. xiii. 1 17. Sister Nummissis. Netompas Song of Sol. iv. 9 18. An Indian 19. A white man 20. Head Uppuhkuk Mark...

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