Buster’s company
Hockstaff, William
A. C. Ridge
Major McQueen
Thomas Ransom
Gabriel Smith
Van Harm
Dr. Watson
Warren Wilkinson

Cameron’s Company
John Canty
Donnall, Ernest
William Ward
A. J. Yates

Eastland Company
Geo. W. Alley
M. Ambrose
Theo. Bissell
Oliver Buckner
W. S. Holton
Davis Hudson
Edward Marlow
E. A. Vincent

Ryon’s Company
Edward Brown
J. Buchanan
William E. Dresser
Ralph Gilpin
Moses Kuykendall*
Z. Lucas
one not remembered

Reese’s Company
Sidney Calender
F. Hancock
Virgil A. Phelps
George Walton
Thomas Warren
Guilford West

Pierson’s Company
Thomas Oldham
George Smith
George W. Bonnell, was captured and killed after he escaped from the river.

List Of Other Mier Prisoners
Alfred Alle
John R. Alexander
Peter Ackerman
A. M. Alexander

*Fort Bend County man