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112 913 Feb 1828 Miller Francis, Treas. Of East Tenn., to pay John Miller of the Cherokee Nation of Indians for his reservation; land in Rhea Co.

133 97 Nov 1820 John Bunch of Grainger Co. purchases land in McMinn Co.; 5 May 1821 he assigns entry

184 30 July 1824 John and William Goddard enter land n McMinn Co. as occupant 9enterer 6 Nov 1830 William Goddard and John Campbell, Adms. Of John 9Goddard dec’d assign the entry.

193 93 May 1831 Cause heard in Chancery Court. James, Benjamin, William, John, Joseph, Rolla, and Polly Hawkins, David Newman and wife, Sally, formerly Hawkins, john Campbell and wife Blanche late Hawkins, Greenville, William, Nancy and Polly Templeton, children of John Templeton and wife Nancy, late, Hawkins are complainants and heirs of Benjamin Hawkins for land in McMinn Co.

388 924 Aug 1825 24 Aug 1825 James Kennedy Sr. and Seaborn J. Saffold enter land in McMinn Co.; 13 June 1836 S.J. Saffold relinquishes his interest to Mrs. Nancy Kennedy; 10 August 1836 Pryor Lea, Exec. Of James Kennedy Sr. dec’d, according to provisions of the Will, assigns entry to Mrs. Nancy Kennedy.