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Company H, Eighth Tennessee Confederate States Army

The following named persons enlisted from what is now Moore County:

Killed in the service

Benjamin Morgan
Frank Johnson
Lieut. J. G. Call
W. L. Davidson
W. H. Martin
Joseph Stacy
P. Y. Mitchell
Alexander Brady
John Reese


L. A. Farrer
W. J. Taylor
Nat. S. Forrester
Lieutenant John Sullivan
Berry Leftwich
Brittain Carragan
P. A. Raby
Lieutenant John D. Tolley
H. L. W. Boon
Alex. Crane
Stephen Johnson
M. M. Dean
Wilson Call
John Raby

Died in the service

James Morehead
Rufus Morehead

Served to the close of the war

Albert H. Boon
Joseph Broughton
Wiley H. Carrigan
John S. Carrigan
Jas. H. C. Duff
John Eslick
Isaac V. Forrester
Enoch Glidewell
Geo. C. Logan
H. D. Lipscomb
W. M. Montgomery
Geo. F. Miller
E. M. Ousley
B. H. Rives
John C. Raney
John B. Steagall
Robt. F. Steagall
John B. Thomasson
Daniel J. Waggoner
George A. Waggoner
Geo. W., Sr. Waggoner
Geo. W., Jr. Waggoner
Felix M. Waggoner
Daniel N. Waggoner
George H. Waggoner
Felix Waggoner
Henry A. Waggoner
Riky Waggoner
Edward D. Whitman
James W. Whitman
Wm. A. Woodard
Elijah W. Yates
Benjamin Broughton
Green B. Ashby
W. N. Bonner
Isaac Evans
W. R. Evans
Geo. W. Gattis, Sr.
J. H. Leftwich
Jacob C. Morgan
Jas. F. Massey
J. F. M. Mills
Ellis Mills
F. M. Moyers
Jas. W. Mitchell
Jas. Marr
Jas. M. Major
William Norvall
John Owens
E. B. Raby
Jos. M. Sebastian
Stephen P. Wiles
John C. Waid
W. H. Webb

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