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Company E, of the First Tennessee Confederate Infantry


Dr. E. Y. Salmon, captain
T. H. Mann, first lieutenant
C. W. Lucas, second lieutenant
W. F. Taylor, third lieutenant
W. P. Tolley, first sergeant
J. P. Edde, second sergeants
T. H. Parks, third sergeant
J. N. Taylor, fourth sergeant
M. C. Parks, first corporal
J. H. Silvertooth, second corporal
A. W. Womack, third corporal
F. W. Motlow, fourth corporal
W. B. Taylor, ensign


Lieutenant T. H. Mann
Sergeant J. P. Edde
Corp. J. H. Silvertooth


William T. K. Green
B. W. Shaw
B. R. Bobo
T. E. Brown
J. J. Lucas
J. W. Stockstill
John McCulley
W. M. Jones
W. A. Dillingliam
J. F Metcalf
J. T Hunter
C. M. Wade
William F. Morris
F. G. Motlow
Clay Hoskins
J. S. Green


Lieutenant W. F. Taylor
Sergeant. W. P. Tolley
Sergeant J. N. Taylor


M. L. Parks
A. F. Eaton
B. H. Berry
R. H. Crawford
O. J. Bailey
S. W. Edens,
W.H. Hutchenson
George Jones
T. C. Spencer
T. D. Gregory,
B. A. W. I, Norton
J. H. Brandon
M. A. L. Enochs
John Gray
Alex. Bailey
Ensign W. B. Taylor
Private M. V. Hawkins, lost an arm
Private Joseph S. Hobbs, lost a leg.

Those who Died

Corporal A. W. Womack


John W. Brown
W. C. Kirtland
W. H. Waggoner
David Roberson
W. A. Strawn
J. C. C. Felps
John R. Cates
F. D. Bedford
J. C. Jenkins
William F. Scivally
John D. Hinkle
F. A. Thurman
Olla Overby

Passed through the war without being Wounded

Captain E. Y. Salmon
Lieutenant C. W. Lucas
Lieutenant A. F. Eaton
Sergeant. T. H. Parks


M. C. Parks
F. W. Motlow
T. J. Allison
M. L. Parks, Jr.
T. J. Eaton
C. D. Williams
J. K. Bobo
Anderson Edens
A. H. Parks
S. E. H. Dance
C. W. Felps
T. A. Chapman
J. M. Rhoton
F. P. Brown
W. C. Jones
J. R. Strawn
J. S. Hubbard
W. M. Miles
W. A. Parks
J. W. Robinson
J. P. Rives
J. S. Kirtland
Joseph Miles
J. R. Mullins
Jacob Mullins
William M. Cowan
M. R. Cobbs
J. M. Shaw
W. M. Pearce
S. C. Tucker
James H. Holman
W. B. Daniel
F. Motlow
William M. Banks
Frank Edens
Sanford Stewart

Officers after reorganization were

W. P. Tolley, captain
T. H. Mann, first lieutenant
O. J. Bailey, second lieutenant
A. F. Eaton, third lieutenant

Captain Tolley was wounded and retired, and Lieutenant Mann was promoted to the captaincy, and at his death Lieutenant Bailey was promoted to the captaincy and held it to the close of the war. Lieutenant Lucas resigned during the first year of the war, and his place was filled by the election of Private A. H. Parks.

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- Last updated on Mar 16th, 2013

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