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Biography of Richard C. Everett

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Richard C. Everett, an extensive land owner and farmer of Lake County, is the son of William and Christine (McDaniel) Everett. His father was born in North Carolina in 1785; his mother in Scotland in 1795, her parents moving to America, and locating in North Carolina, when she was very small. She married there, and in 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Everett moved to Fulton, Kentucky In 1846 they moved to Madrid Bend. They have six boys and four girls; only three living now. Both were Methodists. Mr. Everett was on extensive farmer, but lost heavily by security debts; he was a democrat and died in 1852; Mrs. Everett in 1879.

Our subject, Richard Everett, inherits English, Welsh and Scotch blood. He was born May 4, 1835 in Fulton County, Kentucky, and was raised on the farm, receiving very little education; could scarcely read when married, but afterward acquired a practical education in business affairs. When only eighteen he commenced farming on his own responsibility, and in 1855 he married Margaret Cross, born October 10, 1833, in middle Tennessee. She was the daughter of John and Cynthia (McDaniel) Cross. Her mother was born in Scotland in 1805. Her parents moved to North Carolina, and then to Coffee County, Tennessee, where she met and married Mr. Cross, who was born in 1800. In 1854 they came to Madrid Bend, and he died the following year. Mrs. Cross died in 1858. Mr. Cross was a Methodist. Mrs. Cross is a Cumberland Presbyterian. Of twelve children born to them three are living. Mr. and Mrs. Everett have had seven children, four now living: Margaret C., Cynthia B., Mary and James R. Mr. Everett has, besides his own children, raised four orphans, and three more are now living with him.

He is a democrat, and has been a Mason for twenty three years, and had been constable in his district for eight years, and was deputy clerk of the county court in Fulton County, Kentucky, for eight years. Mrs. Everett is a Methodist. He has been a resident of the board for forty years, and now owns over 1,400 acres of land which he has acquired by his own efforts.

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