Tennasie River one mile & half nov. from Tamathle
The proper work for the following Men for the 5thOctb 1756

The Two Miners wuz Michael Brennan and William Campbell are requisite to make a tryal in quarying of Stone on this point of the Hill which leyes to the nor of the camp on the River. The Carpenters’ are to be employed to make handles for falling and broad axes wuz for Spades Grubing and other Hoe’s and pick Axes&c. The Sawyers are to put the whip & crofs out Saw’s in order and the Facine maker and seven Afsistants and four able men to afsist in laying out the Square for camp.

Wm DeBrahm

To Capt Raymond Demere
Comanding his Majaty’s Troops
In the Cherokees.