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Rogers and had six sons and ten daughters, two of his sons Robert McGregor and John Campbell were captains in the Confederate Army. No braver man than Robert McGregor Campbell ever lived and none more gentle. Farquard Campbell came to North Carolina with Flora McDonald when a youth. At the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge the Tories were 4,000 strong and the Whigs 1,000. Captains John Cobb, John Garland and George Miller were Captains of the "Minute Men" and in front of the battle. William and Needham Whitfield were in Col. John Miller's Co., after the battle all was quiet, until Cornwallis came from Guilford Court House and went to Wilmington to recruit, thence he proceeded to Hurt's Bridge and Spring Bank. Craig was left in Wilmington. Cornwallis came up to Cox's Ferry on the Neuse and burned the house of Longfield Cox, also that of Genl. William Bryan, and other houses at Fort Barnwell. They stole Col. Nathan Bryan's Negroes and he had a narrow escape from capture. Genl. William Casswell and a few men undertook to stop them at Tuckahoe and Trent, but were put to flight. Genl. Casswell, Jessie Cobb, Col. John Heritage and James Glascow fled to the mountains. Such was the consternation of the Whigs, they embedded themselves at Greenfield, opposite White Hall. Greenfield was the residence of Col. Joseph Green who married Sarah (daughter of William and Rachel Bryan Whitfield). Craig came up to Cox's Ferry in 1782. William Whitfield was Commissary in the State Regiment; Bryan Whitfield was Captain in his brother Needham's Regiment; Blake Bryan was Ensign in the same Co. Col. John Heritage was Commander. William Whitfield the 2nd was a member of Gov. Casswell's Council 1779, appointed by the Council held in Newberne 1775, J.P. for Johnston County, member from Dobbs to the Assembly held in Wilmington 1761 and 1762. (Colonial Records.)

William Whitfield was originally a member of the Church of England, but became a Methodist, his son Lewis Joined the Baptists in 1789 and became a Minister, his father was himself baptized, by Francis Oliver, at the Monthly Meeting at Pleasant Plains, William and Needham Whitfield also joined the Baptist Church.


Book excerpt from North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, October 1900, J. R .B. Hathaway, Editor and Financial Agent, Edenton, N. C. Pages 567-576. Whitfield Record.

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