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Edmund (son of Needham and Betsey Hatch Whitfield) md 1st Susan Matilda Croom, 2nd Penelope Clinton Holmes. Children of Edmund md Penelope are (1) Needham H. Whitfield md Ann Nicholas Hill, no issue, (2) Owen Holmes Whitfield (Chancelor), (3) Edward Richard Whitfield, (4) Hardy Holmes Whitfield, (5)
James Alexander Whitfield, (6) Mary Ann Holmes Whitfield md William Hardy Holmes.

William Wiltshire, (son of William and Ann Turner Whitfield) md Mary Elizabeth (daughter of Nathan B. and his 1st wife Betsy Whitfield and had issue. (1) Nathan William Whitfield md Laura Eloise (daughter of *Rev. James T. Pickett and wife Elizabeth J. Haughton md grand-daughter of Malachi Haughton and wife Eliza B. Williams Of Edenton, N. C.), issue, (a) Thomas Picket Whitfield (b) Mary Elizabeth Picket Whitfield, (c and d) died.

(2). William Wiltshire Whitfield md Sarah Antoinette Smith, (3) Jessie Bryan Whitfield, (4) Turner Watkins Whitfield,; William Wiltshire Whitfield after the death of his 1st wife, md Sarah Elizabeth (daughter of Edward and Betsey Phillips of Mississippi), issue, Bryan Watkins (son of Nathan Bryan and his 1st wife Betsey Whitfield), md Mary Alice Foscue, issue (1) Allen Wooten died, (2) a son, (3) Bessie Alice md Dr. James Bryan Whitfield, (4) Jessie George md Nellie Clinton Holmes, (5) Augustus Foscue, (6) Bryan Watkins, (7) Nathan Bryan, ( 8) Alice Hall, (9) a son, (10) Hettie Hatch, (11) a son, (12) Mary Elizabeth.

Nathan Bryan Whitfield (son of Nathan Bryan and Betsey Whitfield) md Medora Shackelford of Sumpter Co., Ala.

Edith Tames (daughter of Nathan Bryan and wife Betsey Whitfield) md Gen. Charles Dustan of New York, issue, (1) Edith Louise Dustan, (2) Bessie Dustan.

Col. Francis Eugene (son of Col. Francis Edwin Whitfield and his 2nd wife Demetria Meredith Jones) md Bessie Winnefred (daughter of Gen. Nathan B. Whitfield and wife Betsey), one son by this Union, Edwin Nott Whitfield.

* Rev. James T. Pickett was Principal of the Edenton Academy from 1849 to 1854; the first five years of the school-life of the Editor of the Register was spent under his tutelage While Mr. Pickett was a strict disciplinarian yet he was kind and forbearing; teeing a close observer, every act of his pupils was carefully scrutinized; admonition and correction were administered only when duty required, always patient with those who were dull, and never failed to give credit and approbation when merited. Many of the writers' happiest days were spent under his care at the ``old Edenton Academy," they form a bright oasis in a life that has, in some respects, been a desert. We are glad to know that he is "still in the flesh on this side of the river." He is living near Morganton, N. C., (his host Office address). We give his address, as there are a few of his scholars living who would probably be glad to cheer his heart, in the evening of his life, with a letter expressive of their affection and gratitude. May he be spared, with all his faculties unimpaired for many ears to come. Men of his mild and stamp never cease to be useful in the world.'

Book excerpt from North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, October 1900, J. R .B. Hathaway, Editor and Financial Agent, Edenton, N. C. Pages 567-576. Whitfield Record.

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