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John Whitfield and Mary Slade) and had one daughter Nathalie Ashe born Nov. 24th, 1843.

George Whitfield (son of Genl. Bryan and Winnefred Bryan Whitfield) born June 1804, md 1st Louisa (daughter of Genl. William Blackledge of Newberne, N.C., issue (1) An infant, (2) Alice Wharton md Chancellor Wade Keys of Fla., (3) Wm. died young, (4) George Whitfield, (5) Bryan Whitfield md Mrs. Parula Blivins Cook of Selma, Ala., (6) Louisa B., (7) Winnefred Bryan died in infancy, (8) William killed in battle of "Seven Pines", (9) Elizabeth Ryder Whitfield, (10) Richard Whitfield.

James Bryan Whitfield. (son of Bryan and Winnefred Bryan Whitfield) md Sally Wooten (daughter of Allen Wooten and Lucy Whitfield). Issue, (1) Winnefred Bryan Whitfield md Dr. Heritage Blount (half brother of John H. Bryan of Raleigh, N. C., (2) Richard Allen Whitfield md Mary Ann Croom, (3) Lucy Wooten Whitfield md Needham James Whitfield, (4) Nathan Bryan Whitfield md Bettie Green Cobb, (5) Sarah Eliza Whitfield md Col. John P. Cobb, (6) James George Whitfield md Susan Matilda Croom, sister to Richard Allen. Whitfield's wife md daughter of Richard md Winnefred Whitfield Croom, (7) Bryan Whitfield md Ellen White of Ridgeway, N. C.

Winnefred (daughter of Bryan and Winnefred Bryan Whitfield) md her cousin Richard Croom, and had issue, (1) Winnefred Bryan Croom md Gen. W. Sappington, had one son; she died in Atlanta, Ga., one year after, (2) Nicholas P. Croom never married, (3) Mary Whitfield Croom md her cousin Richard A. Whitfield, (4) Bryan Croom md Miss A. F. M. Marshall, no issue, (5) Susan Matilda Croom md James George Whitfield her cousin, issue, (a) Mary Croom Whitfield, (b) Susan Eveline Whitfield, and others, Richard Croom and wife Winnefred had other children, but they died in infancy.

Mary Ann (daughter of Genl. Bryan and Winnefred Whitfield) md Gaines Whitfield (son of Needham and Penelope Lane Bush Whitfield), issue, (1) Gaines Whitfield, (2) Charles Boaz Whitfield md Mary Whitfield Keys (daughter of Chancellor Wade Keys), issue, (a) Gains Whitfield, (b) Wade Keys Whitfield, (c) Needham Bryan Whitfield, (d) James Bryan Whitfield md Bessie Alice Whitfield.

William (son of Needham and Lucy Hatch Whitfield) md Ann Turner. (daughter of John and Mary Smith Turner) and had issue, (1) Mary Whitfield, (2) Lucy Ann Whitfield.

Needham (son of Needham and Lucy Hatch Whitfield) md Mrs. Alice Hall who was a Miss James, and had issue, (1) Lucy Amelia Whitfield md her cousin Dr. Benjamin Hatch (son of Benjamin Hatch.)


Book excerpt from North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, October 1900, J. R .B. Hathaway, Editor and Financial Agent, Edenton, N. C. Pages 567-576. Whitfield Record.

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