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ring md William Watson, (g) Elizabeth Herring never married.

(3). Pherabe (daughter of Constantine and Barbara Williams Whitfield) md James Pearsall. No issue.

(4). Barbara (daughter of Constantine and Barbara W. Whitfield) md 1st Wm. Tooley, 2nd Richard Wooten (brother of John Wooten of Bear Creek), had issue (a) Adam Tooley by 1st marriage, (b) James Wooten, (c) Richard Wooten, (d) Wiliam Wooten, (e) Polly Darden. All moved to Alabama.

(5). Rachel Whitfield (daughter of Constantine and Barbara W. Whitfield md 1st Henry Goodman, 2nd Farquard Campbell. No issue.

(6). James Whitfield, 3rd husband of Rachel (daughter of William and Rachel Bryan Whitfield) had issue, (a) James died young; (b) John Whitfield md Mary Slade and died in 1853 of yellow fever in Mobile, Ala.

(7). John Whitfield (son of Constantine and Barbara W. Whitfield) md Jemima Haywood (sister of State Treasurer John and his brother Sherwood Haywood) and had issue, (a) Betsey Whitfield md 1st John West, 2nd John Hunter, (b) Constance Whitfield md Elizabeth (daughter of Ambrose Jones), (c) Haywood Whitfield md 1st Nancy Herring, 2nd Miss Croom, (d) Sherwood died, (8) Rachel md John Jones, (f) John Whitfield md Caroline Wright of Duplin Co., (g) Mary Whitfield md 1st Charles Hooks, 2nd William Hooks, (h) Jemima md 1st Robert Middleton, 2nd Alex Williams, (i) Keziah Whitfield md 1st Henry Moore, 2nd Jessie Croom, (j) George Whitfield never married.

Luke Whitfield (son of Constantine and Barbara W. Whitfield) md 1st Theresa Fonville and had issue, (a) Jesse, (b) James, (e) Mary, (d) Laura Whitfield who md 1st John Whitfield, 2nd Win. Berry, 3rd Pennington, one daughter by this marriage md Rolling.

Theresa (daughter of Luke and Thomas Whitfield) md McKoy.

Luke Whitfield md 2nd Sally Slade and had two daughters, (a) Mary md Durant Lane, (b) Winnefred md Col. James Shines of Duplin Co., N. C.

Nathan Bryan Whitfield (son of Gen'1 Bryan Whitfield and Winnefred Bryan), born Sept. 19th, 1779 md Betsey Whitfield (daughter of Needham and Sally Watkins Whitfield), had issue, (1) Sarah Watkins died in infancy, (2) Winnefred died in infancy, (3) Nathan Bryan drowned when about 8 years old, (4) Mary Elizabeth died young, (5) Bryan Watkins, (6) Needham George, (7) Edith Winnefred died young, (8) Nathan Bryan, (9) James Bryan, (10) Sarah Elizabeth died young, (11) Edith James md Genl. Dustan, (12) Betsy; Nathan Bryan Whitfield md 2nd Bettie (daughter of


Book excerpt from North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, October 1900, J. R .B. Hathaway, Editor and Financial Agent, Edenton, N. C. Pages 567-576. Whitfield Record.

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