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Fernifold Green md Miss Jeffries, of Franklin, Tenn., (6) Elizabeth Green md 1st Lovard Bryan, 2nd Probast Collier; (7) Sarah Green md Uriah Bass. Sarah Whitfield Green died Jan'y 22nd, 1780.
Elizabeth (daughter of Joseph and Sarah Green) md 1st Lovard Bryan and had issue; Needham md Nancy Bryan; Needham never married, is buried near Smithfield, N. C. Elizabeth md 2nd Probast Collier a grand-son of Cornelius Collier and son of Leah Lane Probast, widow of Yelverton Payton Probast of the British Navy, who md Leah Lane of Snow Hill, Md.; their daughter Leah Probast md ---- Franks of Jones Co., 1st and 2nd Waightstel Avery.

The children of Elizabeth G. and Probast Collier are (1) Sarah Maria, (2) Joseph, (3) Probast, (4) Peoli, (5) Eliza, (6) John, (7) Ann, (8) George W. Collier.

Charity (daughter of William md Rachel Bryan Whitfield md Dec. 13th, 1771, Col. David Smith. Issue (1) Edith Smith md Clement Bryan (son. of Needham and Sally Hinton Bryan, (2) Samuel Smith md Barbara Herring (daughter of Edward Matchett Herring and Elizabeth Whitfield), (3) William Smith md Mrs. McNeill of the Bluff, issue, Flora Ann Smith, Wiliam Smith md 2nd Sallie Robertson and had issue, Margaret B. Smith, (4) Rachel Smith md Alexander McAlister, (5) Mary Smith never married, (6) David Smith, (7) Jonathan Smith md Miss Banks of Wake Co., N. C., issue, (a) Charity Smith md Dr. John Jones of Wake Co., (b) Gerard Smith went South and wed Miss Fields of Alabama, (8) Whitfield Smith died young, (9) Charity Smith md Alexander Williams of Cumberland Co., (10) Elizabeth Smith died in infancy, (11) Needham Smith md Sarah Rogers of South Carolina, (12) Lewis Smith died young.

Rachel (daughter of William and Rachel Bryan Whitfield) md 1st Capt. John Heritage, 2nd ---- Bryan, 3rd James McCabe, Issue.

Mary (daughter of William md Rachel Bryan Whitfield) md
Kedar Bryan md had issue, (1) Rachel Bryan md Gibson Slade and had one daughter who md Allen (son of Lewis Whitfield).

The children of Constantine and Barbara W. Whitfield are:

(1). Winnefred Whitfield md Stephen Miller of Duplin Co., issue (a) Stephen Miller md Lucinda Clark, no issue, (b) Richard Miller md Mary Ann Shaw, (c) John Miller md Sarah E. Houston, no issue, (d) Jas. Miller died young, (e) George Miller died young, (f) Barbara Miller md 1st Ezekiel Lane, 2nd Simmons Isler, g) William W. Miller md Rachel Herring, (h) Sarah Eliza Miller md James Hicks, (i) Rachel Miller md Rev. Alex McIver.

(2). Elizabeth Whitfield md Edward Matchett Herring, issue (a) William Herring md Rachel widow of Nathan Bryan, (b) Henry Herring md Bathsheba Garland, (c) Joshua Herring md Tempe Grice, (d) Barbara Herring md 1st Samuel Smith, 2nd Wiliam McKinnie, (e) Nancy Herring md Haywood Whitfield, (f) Rachel Her-


Book excerpt from North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, October 1900, J. R .B. Hathaway, Editor and Financial Agent, Edenton, N. C. Pages 567-576. Whitfield Record.

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