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Bryan Whitfield born Sept. 19th, 1799, and Feb'y 16th 1819, his cousin Betsey (daughter of Needham and Sally Watkins Whitfield), issue, Nathan Bryan Whitfield md 2nd Bettie (daughter of John and Mary Slade Whitfield), he died in 1865. (7) Lewis Whitfield, died young. (8) George Whitfield born June, 1804, and Louisa Blackledge (daughter of Genl. Wiliam Blackledge of Newberne N.C.), after her Death he married Miss Mary Brown and 3rd Mrs. Winnie Higgs. (J) James Bryan Whitfield born May 23rd, 1809, died 1841, md Sallie Wooten (daughter of Lucy Whitfield and Allen Wooten) they had issue, (10) Winnefred Bryan Whitfield, born Oct 17th, 1812, md her cousin Richard Croom, had issue, died Oct. 1st, 1848. (11) Mary Ann born Sept. 21st, 1817 md her cousin Gaines. Whitfield July 15th, 1834, had issue, Bryan Whitfield died June 23rd.

Lewis Whitfield (son of William and Rachel Bryan Whitfield) md Oct. 27th, 1782, Charlotte (daughter of Needham Bryan and his 2nd wife Charlotte Moore) had issue, (1) Rachel Whitfield md William Wright, had issue and died, (2) William Whitfield md ---- Wimberly, had one son Geo. William Wimberly md Catharine Hart, (3) Allen Whitfield md 1st Edith Whitfield, no issue; 2nd Mary Sloan, issue (4) Janet Whitfield md Col. Alex Moseley, issue; (5) Harriet Whitfield md 1st Samuel Wiggins, 2nd Snowed B. Carraway ; Lewis Whitfield md 2nd Tabitha Atkinson and had issue ; (6) Tabitha Whitfield died young.(7) Julia Whitfield md William R. Beck, (8) Lewis Whitfield md Ann Glascow - Lewis Whitfield md 3rd Patsy, widow of Col. John Bryan, (daughter of Col. James Hinton) had one son Hazard who died young. Lewis had seventeen children.

Elizabeth (daughter of Wiliam and Rachel Bryan Whitfield) and Alex Smith (1st son of John Smith and brother of Elizabeth and Nancy Smith Bryan) issue (1) John Smith and Isabella (daughter of Farquhard Campbell and his 1st wife Isabella McAlister, (2) Rachel Smith and Isaac Williams, (3) Mary Smith and 1st John Turner, 2nd George Elliott, (4) Nancy Smith and William (son of Needham and Lucy Hatch Whitfield) after the death of Alex Smith, his wife Elizabeth W. Smith and Farquhard Campbell, issue, (1) Robert Campbell md Flora Rogers, (2) James Campbell md Winnefred Turner, (3) Elizabeth Campbell md John C. Smith.

Sarah (daughter of William and Rachel Bryan Whitfield md Col. Joseph Green, issue, (1) John Green md Miss Croom (2) James Green md Betsey Oliver (daughter of Joseph and Susanna Moore Oliver, of Newberne) had issue (1) Susan Green md James, Griswold, (2)----, (3) William Green md 1st, md 2nd Misses Jeffries of Franklin, Tenn., (4) Joseph Green and Susan Kenan (daughter of Genl. James and Susan Kenan of Duplin Co., N. C.),


Book excerpt from North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, October 1900, J. R .B. Hathaway, Editor and Financial Agent, Edenton, N. C. Pages 567-576. Whitfield Record.

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