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Hatch) issue, (18) Charles died young, (19) infant died (20) Lemuel born July 20th, 1798, md. Ann Sasser (sister of John and Henry Sasser) (21) Benjamin born 1800, md Eliza Hatch, (22) Edward md. Sarah Green (sister of Joseph Green), (23) Lucy born 1803, died 1835, (24) Harriet born 1805, died 1844, md. James F. Kornegay, of Wayne County, N. C., (25) Narcissa died young. (26) John Oliver md. Mary Boon, died leaving six children (27) Lewis died young. (28) Francis Edwin born Ap'l 28th, 1813, md., 1st Margaret Fort, 2nd Demetria Meredith Jones, 3rd Lucy Gray. (29) George Whitfield md. Mary Johnston. (30) William Alexander md. Helen Jones, daughter of Seth Jones of Wake County, N. C. William Whitfield III had forty descendants in the Confederate Army. He lived, died, and was buried at his home Rockford on Neuse River, Wayne County, N. C.

Needham (son of Wm. and Rachel Bryan Whitfield) md 1st, *Lucy Hatch, daughter of Edmond Hatch, had issue (1) Rachel Whitfield born 1781, and John Thomas Bryan and had issue, (2) Lucy born Nov. 18, 1783, md. Allen Wooten.
(3) Sally born 1785 and Benjamin Hatch and died. (4) William born June 15th 1897, and Ann Turner; (5) Needham born June 2 1st, 1789, and Alice Hall nee James; Needham Whitfield I md 2nd Betsey Hatch sister of his first wife Lucy, issue, (6) Hepsibah born 1792, died unmarried, (7) - Edmund born 1793, md 1st. Susan (daughter of Genl. William Croom) died at Aberdeen, Miss., Sept. 13th, 1867, md 2nd Penelope Holmes; Needham Whitfield I md 3rd Sally Watkins (daughter of Levin Watkins and Edith Hilliard of Duplin Co., N. C.) issue (8 and 9) both girls died in infancy, (10) Edith Whitfield born 1799 and Allen Whitfield and died. (11) Betsy born Feb'y 9th, 1801 and her cousin Nathan Bryan Whitfield Feb'y 16, 1819, died Nov. 4th, 1846; William Whitfield I md 4th, Penelope, widow of Col. William Bush and had issue, (12) Gaines born Nov. 15th, 1844, md, Mary Ann Whitfield, (daughter of Bryan Whitfield and Winnefred Bryan), (13) Boaz Whitfield born May 10th, 1806, died unmarried; Needham Whitfield I died April 6th, 1812, and was buried at White Hall, Wayne Co., N. C.

Bryan (son of Wiliam and. Rachel Bryan Whitfield) md 1st Nancy (daughter of Needham and Nancy Smith Bryan) issue, (1) Bryan Whitfield, md Elizabeth Turner, (2.) Needham Whitfield (died ), (3) Rachel md 1st Nathan Bryan, 2nd Wiliam Herring, (4) Nancy md John Cobb, (5) Betsy and Genl. Wm. Croom had issue and died, after the death of Nancy, Bryan Whitfield md 2nd Winnefred (daughter of Col. Nathan and Winnefred Bryan), issue (6) Nathan

* We presume that the name Lucy descended from Lucy Richards of Edenton; who married Edmund Hatch March 15th, 1742-3. (The Hatch family of N. C., descended from Anthony Hatch of Perquimans county, N. C.; they intermarried with the Durants' early in the 18th Century and possibly before 1700.

Book excerpt from North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, October 1900, J. R .B. Hathaway, Editor and Financial Agent, Edenton, N. C. Pages 567-576. Whitfield Record.

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