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Goodman), and Miss Warren (of the Pee Dee section) had issue one daughter Betsy, md. Aaron Daniel. Matthew moved from Wayne County, N. C., to Warren District, S.C. and thence to ---.

(4) Luke Whitfield (son of Wiliam Whitfield I and. Elizabeth Goodman), also md. a Miss Warren.

(5) Constantine Whitfield (4th son of William Whitfield I and Elizabeth Goodman), born Mch 6th, 1728, died 1798, md. Barbara Williams, who came from Bertie County, N. C., with Rachel Bryan when she married William Whitfield.

Mary Whitfield (6th child of William Whitfield I and Elizabeth Goodman), and . John Grady, had a large family, among them, John, Alexander, Frederick, and Mary Grady.

(G) Patience (daughter of William Whitfield I and Elizabeth Goodman), md. Edward Outlaw, issue Alexander, James and Edward Outlaw.

(7) Margaret (daughter of William Whitfield I and Elizabeth Goodman), md. Barefield, after his death, she went South and married - Winkfield.

(8) Elizabeth, daughter of William Whitfield and Elizabeth Goodman), md. 1st, Jonathan Taylor and had one son Jonathan Taylor, after his death she md. John Beck and had issue (1) William Beck (2) John Beck (3) Stephen Beck (4) Patsy Beck, md. Exum, (5) Charity and James Whitfield, (6) Sally Beck md. Jernegan, (7) Ann Beck md. Samuel Stocumb, (8) Mary Beck md. Wm. Whifield, (9) Nancy Beck md. Joseph Kornegay.

(9) Sarah (daughter of William Whitfield I and Elizabeth Goodman), md. Daniel Herring, and had issue.

(10) Charity (daughter of Wm., Whitfield and Elizabeth Goodman), md. Frederick O'Daniel and had issue (a) Owen, (b) Willam, (c) Alexander, (d) Elizabeth O'Daniel. md. William Winkfield and went South, when Mr. O'Daniel died, Charity O'Daniel married Daniel Herring the husband of her sister Sarah died and had issue (e) Bernjamin, (f) Whitfield Herring.

William Whitfield III (son of William and Rachel Whitfield and 1st, Nester Williams, daughter of Joseph Williams of Duplin Co., and had issue, (1) William Whitfield IV, md. Mary Beck, (2) Mary md. Bilckner Killebrew, (3) Bryan md., 1st, Miss Miller, 2nd Miss Grady, (4) Joseph md. Miss Grady, (5) Needham md. Miss Nevill, (6) Lewis md. Miss Wimberly, (7) Betsy md. John Keatly, (8) Rachel md., 1st, John Hurst, 2nd, Joseph Miller, (9) Sallie md. 1st, Thomas Collier (brother of Probast Collier), 2nd Mr. St. George (10, 11, 12 and 13) died in infancy; Wm. Whitfield III md., 2nd, Mrs. Sallie Hurst (daughter of Sallie Oliver) and had issue (14, 15 and 16) died in infancy; William Whitfield III md., 3rd, Hepsibah Hatch issue (17) Hatch Whitfield md. his cousin Hepsibah (daughter of Needham and Betsy Hatch Whitfield; (17) a son; William Whitfield III md., 4th, Sallie Hatch (daughter of Lemuel


Book excerpt from North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, October 1900, J. R .B. Hathaway, Editor and Financial Agent, Edenton, N. C. Pages 567-576. Whitfield Record.

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