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Robert Savory Family: Second Generation


William Savory, son of Robert, was born September 15, 1659. He married Hannah and died about 1730. He was one of the original members of the church at Groveland, once East Bradford, in 1727. His wife was admitted to the church February 18, 1727-28. He had children as follows:

  1. Hannah, born January 25, 1691.

  2. Robert, born June 10, 1694, probably married Rebecca who died October 24, 1763.

  3. Samuel, born October 6, 1696, married July 24, 1724, Abigail Ordway, and died May 25, 1729, leaving two children, Abigail, born January 2, 1725-26, and Samuel, born November 20, 1727. His widow administered and Nathaniel Ordway was appointed guardian of the children July 7, 1729.

  4. Thomas, born January 23, 1701-02, married Mercy Adams, of Ipswich, Mass. Intentions of marriage were published at Ipswich, August 10, 1723. His will was dated January 28, 1751, and was proved April 23, 1753. He died March 15, 1753. His son, John, was made sole executor by the will, but being under age, administration of the will was granted to the widow during his minority. She was also appointed guardian of children, William and Betty. She died November 10, 1785. He bad the following children: 

    1. Hannah, born September 19, 1724, married November 26, 1744, Eldad Hardy.

    2. Mercy, born October 23, 1728, married December 20, 1748, John Burbank. He was enrolled in the Second Bradford Foot Company and marched with that command on the Alarm of April 19, 1775. He was a farmer, took a prominent part in town affairs. and died September 18, 1802. He had a son, Nathan, who was born August 17, 1757, and married February, 1781, Elizabeth Palmer, daughter of Samuel and Mary Savory Palmer. He was only eighteen years of age, but he did service in the defence of Cape Ann in November, 1775, and died July 17, 1819.

    3. Mary. born November 9, 1730, married January 24, 1749, Samuel Palmer, Jr. He was born March 3, 1727, the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Palmer. He was on the Alarm List of April i9, 1775, and marched to Cambridge in Captain John Savory's company. He died September 3, 1800.

    4. William, born December 13, 1734. Died young. 

    5. John, born May 21, 1736, married Sarah Wood September 11, 1755, and had two sons, Thomas, born February 16, 1756, and John, born November 18, 1757. He died April 5, 1805. His wife died June 4, 1823, and his son, John, died January 1, 1823. His son, Thomas, probably died May 24, 1829. He commanded the Second Foot Company, of Bradford, Mass., Minutemen, and was in command of the company at Cambridge when the troops assembled there after the Battle of Lexington. He afterwards led a detachment of his company to the defence of Cape Ann in November, 1775. Both of his sons and his brother were in the same company, his son Thomas being drummer.

    6. Samuel, born January 30, 1737-38.

    7. Betty, born July 11, 1740, married December 31,
      1761, Solomon Tenney. He was born in East Bradford, now Groveland, June 19, 1737, being the son of Deacon Philip and Jane Hale Tenney. He had two children, Samuel and Savory Tenney. He was first sergeant in the Second Foot Company of Bradford and marched to Cambridge on the Alarm of April 19, 1775, and he also served in the defence of Cape Ann in November, 1775.

    8. William, born December 6, 1743. He married Mary Gage, daughter of Thomas Gage, of Haverhill, in 1764, and died July 22, I800. His widow died December 24 or 29, 1814. He was a sergeant in the Second Foot Company of Bradford, of which his brother, John, was Captain, and went to the defence of Cape Ann in 1775. He had the following children:

      1. Ebenezer, born May z, 1765.

      2. Moses, born October 5, 1766, married Tune 15, 1791, Susannah or Sukey Dutch. He was a merchant in Newburyport. Mass. He had a son, Moses, born September 30, 1792. His widow administered July 8, 1802.

      3. Mary, born June 19, 1768, married August 2, 1788, Jacques Noyes. 

      4. Sarah, born January 9, 1770, died October 8, 1790.

      5. William, born February 15, 1772, died July, 1773

      6. Betsey, born June 24, 1774, married May 5, 1794, Samuel Balch.

      7. Hannah, born March 24, 1777, married February 3, 1801, Wadleigh Noyes.

      8. William (twin of Hannah), died April 12, 1777.

      9. Priscilla, born January 4, 1781, married April 15, 1802, Retire Parker.

      10. Thomas (twin of Priscilla). He married October 10, 1804, Deborah Perley, and had twelve children. ii. Anna, born July 23, 1782, died November 7, 1783

  5. Mary, born September 1, 1704, married July 31, 1722, John Rawlins or Rollins.

  6. Dorkas, spelled Dorkas on original records, baptized August 10, 1712, married March 30, 1730, Seth Petty.





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