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The Essex County Branch of the Savory Family


Robert Savory, of Newbury, is thought to have been a son of the William Savory mentioned previously. If he was, he probably was born in England. He married Mary, widow of William Mitchell, on December 8, 1656. Her first husband had died July 16, 1654. If Robert was born in England it is probable that he was born in the Parish of Hannington, in the vicinity of which was the English home of the Rev. Thomas Parker, who became the first minister of Newbury. Old Newbury, which contained the present towns of Newbury, West Newbury and Newburyport, was founded by a band of twenty-three persons from Ipswich in the spring of 1635. The Rev. Mr. Parker removed from Ipswich shortly afterward to continue his connection with the Wiltshire friends who had preceded him, while still more followed him there.

Robert Savory removed from Newbury to Bradford, Mass., about 1670, and was one of the original members of the church there. He died in 1690 while returning from Canada. He was probably serving in the expedition against Quebec commanded by Sir William Phipps. An examination of all company returns and lists as are preserved in the 'Massachusetts State Archives does not show any reference to the name Robert Savory. It does appear, however, among a list of proprietors of a township west of the Merrimack river and adjoining Contoocook, granted in 1739 to officers and soldiers who served in the Phipps expedition of 1690 under the command of Captains March, Greenleaf and Nelson. His widow administered March 29, 1692. She died December 13, 1704, and his eldest son, William, was appointed co-administrator March 5, 1704-5.


Robert Savory married Mary Mitchell and had the following children

  1. Sarah, born November 12, 1658.

  2. William, born September 15, 1659.

  3. Samuel, born March S, 1662. He may have been the father of the Benjamin Savory who " owned the covenant " at Bradford. December 25, 1709, married Lydia Parker December 8, 1715, and died September 28, 1747, having had two children, Martha, born March 4, 1717-18, and Benjamin, born November 26, 1721.

  4. Rebecca, born January 20, 1663, married Robert Mullican, December 15, 1687.

  5. Robert, born August 8, 1666, died April 9, 1685.




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