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Origin of Savory


The most rational etymology of the name is that given by Ferguson in his work on English surnames. He makes it a compound of a word in the ancient Teutonic languages, Baba or Babas, a sword (from which we get our modern sabre), and the old German termination, rih or rich, meaning rule or dominion, and generally rendered prince, thus making the meaning of the name, Prince of the Sword or Rule of the Sword.

There was a Gothic bishop in the fifth century by the name of Sabas. He was mentioned in Gibbons' " Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." The name or some compound of it existed in England before the Norman Conquest.

One of the earliest notices of the name in this country is among the passengers of the ship Mary an John. They took the oaths of allegiance and supremacy enacted before leaving England on the 24th day of March, 1633. In old style this would be the last day of the year. Thomas Savory's name is the twelfth on the list and William Savory's is the twentieth. William T. Davis, in his work, " Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth," states that Thomas and William were brothers. There is no record of children born to William, who came with Thomas on the Mary and john, from Wilts, or Wiltshire, in the southwest of England. This vessel arrived at Ipswich, Mass., on the first Of May, 1634, after a passage of five or six weeks.

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